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It's finally that time! The Dragons of Tarkir nicknames podcast. Bring on the Skyhorses!

Vital Statistics

Date: May 26, 2015

Appearing: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, Alex Steacy, Paul Saunders

Runtime: 65:12

Broadcasting live from: Haven of the Spirit Dragon on the plane of Tarkir

Nicknames list

Card Name Nickname Alternative Nicknames
Acid-Spewer Dragon Barfy Skyhorse -
Aerie Bowmasters Aim For The Butt! -
Ainok Artillerist 900 Gold, 300 Wood -
Ainok Survivalist Ainok Naturalist Nature Boy
Ambuscade Shaman Ambushman -
Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit Ghost Mom Anafenza, The Ghost Most
Ancestral Statue Bounce Golem -
Ancient Carp Magikarp -
Anticipate Resist The Impulse -
Arashin Foremost Goat Rider -
Arashin Sovereign Scrying Skyhorse Scryhorse or Watch The Scryes
Artful Maneuver Evasive Encore -
Assault Formation Ass Form -
Atarka Beastbreaker Formida-bear -
Atarka Efreet Secret Scorch -
Atarka Monument Public Art: Park -
Atarka Pummeler Log Jam -
Atarka's Command The Atark-Army Knife -
Avatar of the Resolute The Counter Collector -
Aven Sunstriker Caw Blade Returns -
Aven Tactician Corporal Cormarind -
Battle Mastery Hits On The Back Swing -
Belltoll Dragon Emergency Skyhorse -
Berserkers' Onslaught Two Weapons Each -
Blessed Reincarnation Once More, With Feeling -
Blood-Chin Fanatic Blood Drain Messy Eater
Blood-Chin Rager Andrew W.K. -
Boltwing Marauder Teetering Skyhorse -
Butcher's Glee Going Ham -
Center Soul Daily Meditation -
Champion of Arashin Best In Show -
Circle of Elders Bridge Club -
Clone Legion Mirror Universe Episode -
Coat with Venom Bless With Barf -
Collected Company Team Coco -
Colossodon Yearling And Then I Ate The Bowl! -
Commune with Lava Unclog The Drain -
Conifer Strider Should Have Been A Treefolk -
Contradict Talk To The Claw Deal With It
Corpseweft Frankenstein-esque -
Crater Elemental Venti Lava Latte The Beverage You Are About To Enjoy May Be Very Hot
Cunning Breezedancer Fancy Skyhorse -
Custodian of the Trove Witness Of The Wages -
Damnable Pact Drawball Darkball
Dance of the Skywise Instant Dragon (Just Add Water) -
Deadly Wanderings The Power Of One -
Death Wind Severe Pollution -
Deathbringer Regent Duneblast Dragon -
Deathmist Raptor Clever Girl -
Defeat I Take Your Feet! -
Den Protector Maternal Witness -
Descent of the Dragons Hour Of Feed -
Dirgur Nemesis Secret Snake [with lisped voice] -
Display of Dominance *incoherent gibberish* -
Draconic Roar Yol Toor Shul -
Dragon Fodder Dragon Snacks Two Bite Goblins
Dragon Hunter Dragon Pro
Dragon Tempest Dragonstorm, But Not Actual Dragonstorm
Dragon Whisperer Hey Girl, Let Me Whisper In Your Ear. Tell You About Abilities That You Like To Hear. Flying, Firebreathing, Yeah I Cast For Two. And For A Few Mana More I Make Dragons Too. -
Dragonloft Idol Skyhorse Fanboy -
Dragonlord Atarka Lord Of The Flample -
Dragonlord Dromoka Dromoka Magicka -
Dragonlord Kolaghan Kolaghan't Do That -
Dragonlord Ojutai Dragonlord Anticipate -
Dragonlord Silumgar Silumgar Millionaire -
Dragonlord's Prerogative Veto Power -
Dragonlord's Servant Cheapening The Top End Dinner Is Served
Dragon's Eye Sentry Wall Of Brass -
Dragon-Scarred Bear The Bear Who Lived -
Dromoka Captain Bolster Boss Plus 1 Propagator
Dromoka Dunecaster Lock The Ground -
Dromoka Monument Public Art: Suburbs -
Dromoka Warrior Dromoka Swiftclaw
Dromoka's Command Instant Speed Hunt The Weak, Featuring: Other Modes -
Dromoka's Gift Scale Slough -
Duress Feedback From Upper Management -
Dutiful Attendant The Human Serving Bowl -
Echoes of the Kin Tree The Bolster Buffet -
Elusive Spellfist Tickle Tickle -
Encase in Ice Dragonsicle -
Enduring Scalelord Scabby Skyhorse -
Enduring Victory The US Army Presents: Operation Enduring Victory -
Epic Confrontation Dragon Punch Uppercut or Shoryuken
Evolving Wilds Sweet Fixing -
Explosive Vegetation Flampant Growth -
Fate Forgotten Yard Sale -
Flatten Deadmist Raptor JK, Flatten
Foe-Razer Regent Reggie Faze -
Foul Renewal Raise And Flatten -
Foul-Tongue Invocation Draconic Edict -
Foul-Tongue Shriek Stank Breath -
Gate Smasher Big Boy Pants -
Glade Watcher The Fresh Scent Of Defense (Try Glade: Home Elemental Plug-ins) -
Glaring Aegis Shiny Shield -
Gleam of Authority The Golden Soapbox -
Glint Bling Bling -
Graceblade Artisan An Aura Of Power -
Gravepurge Everybody Go Home! -
Great Teacher's Decree Parent-Teacher Meeting -
Guardian Shield-Bearer Hold This Shield -
Gudul Lurker Gudulker Slippery Salamander
Gurmag Drowner Gurmag Alchemy Death And Draw
Hand of Silumgar Dead Man's Hand -
Harbinger of the Hunt Duck Season AND Rabbit Season -
Hardened Berserker Curve Cutter -
Haven of the Spirit Dragon Who's House? Ugin's House -
Hedonist's Trove Scrooge McDragon's Money Bin -
Herald of Dromoka Horny Harold -
Herdchaser Dragon Hungry Skyhorse -
Hidden Dragonslayer Chow Yun-Fat -
Icefall Regent Reggie Frosterman -
Illusory Gains Temp Job -
Impact Tremors Upstairs Neighbours -
Inspiring Call Nice Speech -
Ire Shaman Madcap Advantage -
Keeper of the Lens Ball Handler -
Kindled Fury Fire Antlers -
Kolaghan Aspirant Ashmouth Warrior -
Kolaghan Forerunners Everyone Follow Me! -
Kolaghan Monument Public Art: Scenic Peak -
Kolaghan Skirmisher I Forgot My Fork! -
Kolaghan Stormsinger Electric Bard -
Kolaghan's Command Well, It's No Blightning -
Learn from the Past Draw The Yard -
Lightning Berserker Lightning Breather -
Lightwalker Tripp -
Living Lore Keep On Scrollin' Tmblweed
Lose Calm Temper Tantrum -
Lurking Arynx Luring Kitty -
Magmatic Chasm Parting The Red (That Time Of The Month) -
Marang River Skeleton Too Long In The Bath -
Marsh Hulk Marsh Hulk Sutcliffe -
Mind Rot Brain Bite -
Minister of Pain Death And Debuffs -
Mirror Mockery This Is You! This Is What You Look Like! Myeh-myeh-myeh-myeh-myeh
Misthoof Kirin Rocket Goat -
Monastery Loremaster Book Return -
Mystic Meditation Thirst For Creatures -
Myth Realized Never Meet Your Heroes -
Narset Transcendent Narset Prime 5 Tickets
Naturalize Decannonize -
Necromaster Dragon I Believe It's Necromaster [emphasis on 'cro'] -
Negate Could You Not? -
Obscuring Aether Smoke Bomb -
Ojutai Exemplars Tai Chi Tappers -
Ojutai Interceptor Originally Printed In Portal; Now Oracled To Ojutai Blocker -
Ojutai Monument Public Art: Financial District -
Ojutai's Breath Hiccups -
Ojutai's Command Selfie Squad -
Ojutai's Summons Repeat Performance -
Orator of Ojutai Dicta-Bird -
Pacifism Non-Agression Pact -
Palace Familiar Chump-Bird The Amazing Flying Cantrip
Pinion Feast Winner Winner Chicken Dinner -
Pitiless Horde The 2015 MTG Winner For: Best Metal Album Cover -
Press the Advantage Overjog -
Pristine Skywise The Fanciest Skyhorse In All The Land -
Profaner of the Dead Eww Gross, A Head! Is This Yours? or Look What I Found
Profound Journey There And Back Again -
Qal Sisma Behemoth Self Policing Muscle -
Qarsi Deceiver Snake Of Secrets -
Qarsi Sadist You May Feel A Sharp Pain Death And Drain
Radiant Purge I've Been Really Into The Dromoka Cleanse -
Rakshasa Gravecaller Teeny Titan -
Reckless Imp Reckless Aggression -
Reduce in Stature Ensmallen -
Rending Volley (#)Get Rent -
Resupply Scalelord's Revelation -
Revealing Wind Morphog -
Risen Executioner Excuse Me, Which Way To Innistrad? -
Roast Crispy Fried Naga -
Ruthless Deathfang I Sac You Sac -
Sabertooth Outrider Kitty Cavalry -
Salt Road Ambushers Trap Door Secrets -
Salt Road Quartermasters Counter Salesman -
Sandcrafter Mage Bolster Bro -
Sandsteppe Scavenger Who Wants Leg? -
Sandstorm Charger Megahorns -
Sarkhan Unbroken Sarkhan The Broken Sarkhan The Pretty Calm
Sarkhan's Rage Hot Hands! -
Sarkhan's Triumph Draconic Tutor -
Savage Ventmaw Mana Burner -
Scale Blessing I Knight Thee, Sir Scale -
Scaleguard Sentinels Skyhorse's Chosen -
Scion of Ugin Ugin Junior -
Screamreach Brawler Lightning Todd -
Secure the Wastes Save The Sand -
Segmented Krotiq Gazillopede -
Seismic Rupture Morphageddan -
Self-Inflicted Wound Why Are You Stabbing Yourself? -
Servant of the Scale Counter Collaborater -
Shaman of Forgotten Ways Biorhythmic Rick -
Shambling Goblin Doctor Shambles -
Shape the Sands Fill Your Pants With Sand -
Sheltered Aerie It's Not Market Festival -
Shieldhide Dragon Thickskin Skyhorse -
Shorecrasher Elemental Megamorphling -
Sibsig Icebreakers CCGS Sibsig -
Sidisi, Undead Vizier Death And Demonic -
Sidisi's Faithful Bouncy Snake -
Sight Beyond Sight Double Take -
Sight of the Scalelords Mouth Light -
Silkwrap Oblivion Silk So Smooth...
Silumgar Assassin The Secret Stabbist -
Silumgar Butcher Snacrifice Death And Death
Silumgar Monument Public Art: (Inexplicably) Sewers -
Silumgar Sorcerer Counter Quickling -
Silumgar Spell-Eater Naga Leak -
Silumgar's Command You Can't Spell Extemporary Without Tempo -
Silumgar's Scorn Conditional Counterspell, Episode 7: Dragons -
Skywise Teachings Prowess 101 -
Spidersilk Net Are Nets Played Or Cast? -
Sprinting Warbrute The 100 Meter Dash -
Stampeding Elk Herd Elmers Everywhere -
Stormcrag Elemental Aggro Crag -
Stormrider Rig Lightning Pauldrons -
Stormwing Dragon Sparky Skyhorse -
Stratus Dancer Trish -
Strongarm Monk Prowess Anthem -
Student of Ojutai Freshman Philosopher -
Summit Prowler Borderland Yet Again -
Sunbringer's Touch Bolsterrun -
Sunscorch Regent Reggie Sunburn -
Surge of Righteousness Objectively Correct -
Surrak, the Hunt Caller Surrak Dragon Punch -
Swift Warkite R3D (Raise Dead Dash Dragon) -
Taigam's Strike One Two Punch -
Tail Slash Fall Of The Tail -
Tapestry of the Ages Really Pulls The Room Together -
Territorial Roc Cranky Roc -
Thunderbreak Regent Reggie Bolt -
Tormenting Voice Shut Up, I Still Can't Think! -
Tread Upon Elmer Attacks -
Twin Bolt Two-Fer -
Ukud Cobra Fat Snake -
Ultimate Price One Easy Payment -
Updraft Elemental What's Up Draft Elemental? -
Vandalize Frat Party -
Vial of Dragonfire Bottleshock -
Virulent Plague Bioengineering -
Void Squall Trampoline -
Volcanic Rush Atarka Theme Parks -
Volcanic Vision Vision Of Confluence Yes I Know It's Good, But Only In The Right Deck or We All See The Volcano
Vulturous Aven Aven Blood -
Wandering Tombshell Sad The Enduring Durdle Turtle
Warbringer Orc's Gon Give It To Ya -
Youthful Scholar Draw Two Like One Of Your French Girls -
Zephyr Scribe Monkfolk Looter -
Zurgo Bellstriker Bell Hop -
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