TTC 210 - Our Masters 25 Part 1

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With the upcoming release of Masters 25 we thought we'd take a few episodes to discuss our own picks from each set in Magics 25 year history.

Vital Statistics

Date: March 12, 2018

Appearing: Alex Steacy, Cameron Lauder, Nelson Salahub, Paul Saunders

Runtime: 01:15:41

Broadcasting live from: the Underground Sea on the plane of Dominaria.


Set Cam's Pick Alex's Pick Nelson's Pick
Alpha, Beta, Unlimited Lord of Atlantis Word of Command Granite Gargoyle
Arabian Nights Library of Alexandria, Serendib Efreet Bazaar of Baghdad, Flying Men, Mountain Khabál Ghoul, Serendib Djinn
Antiquities Candelabra of Tawnos, Clockwork Avian, Yotian Soldier Mishra's Factory with four seasons art Strip Mine
Legends Fallen Angel, Zephyr Falcon Mana Drain, Chain Lightning, Pendelhaven Takklemaggot
The Dark Dark Heart of the Wood, Elves of Deep Shadow Ball Lightning, Maze of Ith Safe Haven
Fallen Empires Order of Leitbur, Thrull Champion, Icatian Javelineers Order of the Ebon Hand Mindstab Thrull
Ice Age Brainstorm, Kjeldoran Skyknight Fire Covenant Shambling Strider, Pyknite
Homelands Memory Lapse Merchant Scroll Serrated Arrows, Eron the Relentless
Alliances - Varchild's War-Riders Kjeldoran Outpost
Mirage Unfulfilled Desires Enlightened Tutor Drain Life (for the art)
Visions Tithe - Nekrataal
Portal - Fire Imp, Man-o'-War (best art), Symbol of Unsummoning (also best art) Mystic Denial
Weatherlight - Mind Stone Dwarven Berserker
Tempest Intuition - Wasteland
Stronghold Tortured Existence Mox Diamond Volrath's Stronghold
Exodus Survival of the Fittest Carnophage Hatred
Portal Second Age - Ancient Craving, Lurking Nightstalker, Predatory Nightstalker Alaborn Musketeer
Unglued Island - -
Urza's Saga Yawgmoth's Will, Smokestack Gaea's Cradle Goblin War Buggy
Urza's Legacy Frantic Search Palinchron, Grim Monolith Memory Jar
Urza's Destiny Opposition Academy Rector -
Portal Three Kingdoms Strategic Planning Riding the Dilu Horse Three Visits
Starter 1999 - Goblin Settler, Goblin Hero (misprint) Vizzerdrix
Mercadian Masques - Unmask, Food Chain Rishadan Port, Bribery, Gush
Nemesis Tangle Wire Kor Haven -
Prophecy Latulla, Keldon Overseer Rhystic Study
Invasion Fact or Fiction Sterling Grove Rith, the Awakener
Planeshift Flametongue Kavu Rith's Charm, Meddling Mage, Eladamri's Call -
Apocalypse Fire // Ice - Vindicate
Odyssey - Entomb, Barbarian Ring, Cabal Pit Werebear, Dirty Wererat
Torment Grim Lavamancer Chainer's Edict -
Judgment Cabal Therapy Mirari's Wake Anurid Brushhopper
Onslaught The Fetches Akroma's Vengeance, Astral Slide Contested Cliffs
Legions Akroma, Angel of Wrath Phage the Untouchable Voidmage Apprentice
Scourge Tendrils of Agony Stifle -
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