TTC 192 - Ixalan Nickname Episode

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The highly anticipated nickname episode is upon us. Find out what all your favourite Ixalan cards should now be called.

Vital Statistics

Date: October 18, 2017

Appearing: Graham Stark, Cameron Lauder, James Turner, Paul Saunders

Runtime: 01:23:10

Broadcasting live from: the Rootbound Crag on the plane of Ixalan.

Nicknames list

Card Name Nickname Alternative Nicknames
Adanto Vanguard Double Edged Soldier -
Ashes of the Abhorrent Vampyre -
Axis of Mortality Tradesies -
Bellowing Aegisaur Ankylo-Sore-Ass Has a Tail Comprised of Several Large Osteoderms
Bishop of Rebirth Sun Tiny -
Bishop's Soldier Bishbear -
Bright Reprisal Telegraphed -
Demystify Magic Eraser -
Duskborne Skymarcher Sun Tail Stalk -
Emissary of Sunrise Solyr -
Encampment Keeper Bad Dog -
Glorifier of Dusk Sanguine Angel Sera Paingle
Goring Ceratops You're going to die -
Imperial Aerosaur Jumpy -
Imperial Lancer DinoRider -
Inspiring Cleric Playable Lifegain -
Ixalan's Binding You live here now -
Kinjalli's Caller Wake up call -
Kinjalli's Sunwing Hatebeak -
Legion Conquistador Squadren Vamp -
Legion's Judgment SWOL-B-Gon -
Legion's Landing Man Makes Land -
Adanto, the First Fort Land Makes Man -
Looming Altisaur The Sideboardasaurus -
Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle Mavren Rein (to the tune of Chocolate Rain) -
Paladin of the Bloodstained Attended Vamp -
Pious Interdiction Piousfisim -
Priest of the Wakening Sun Gwyn -
Pterodon Knight Pterodon Knight -
Queen's Commission Drink the Kool-Aid -
Rallying Roar Roar for More -
Raptor Companion Not the Cleverest girl -
Ritual of Rejuvenation Is it playable, is it not, no probably not even in this format -
Sanguine Sacrament The purest lifegain Lifesun Zeinist, That Sun Zeinist
Settle the Wreckage Path of God Wrath of Exile
Sheltering Light Ahh My Eyes! -
Shining Aerosaur Pretty Shy for a Fly Guy -
Skyblade of the Legion Lil' Pokie -
Slash of Talons Swish Swish Bitch Swish Swish Bish
Steadfast Armasaur Look it's the Thagomizer Keijosaurus
Sunrise Seeker Nice Vista Steve -
Territorial Hammerskull Its Terry Crews Hammerhead
Tocatli Honor Guard Torpor Guard -
Vampire's Zeal If you leave up one white I will certain be expecting the Spanish Inquisition -
Wakening Sun's Avatar Wrath of the Dinogod Really Bad Hangover
Air Elemental Big Air -
Arcane Adaptation All Together Now -
Cancel Nope -
Chart a Course Inspirational Journey -
Daring Saboteur Lady Looter -
Deadeye Quartermaster Stone Forge Mimic -
Deeproot Waters You came to the wrong neighborhood -
Depths of Desire Come Hither -
Dive Down Dive Dive Dive Ahwogah -
Dreamcaller Siren AHHHHH! -
Entrancing Melody Siren Aid -
Favorable Winds It's warm coat weather -
Fleet Swallower We found the bigger fish -
Headwater Sentries Stronger than ox -
Herald of Secret Streams Sneaky Harry -
Jace, Cunning Castaway Stupid Sexy Jace -
Kopala, Warden of Waves Kopala, Decent Glass Spinner -
Lookout's Dispersal Look out it's Manaleak Look out it's Convolute
Navigator's Ruin Millwright -
One With the Wind Flying Fish -
Opt *500 word argument on the magic subreddit on whether opt is amazing or straight trash -
Overflowing Insight Eel of Fortune -
Perilous Voyage Shhiiipppp -
Pirate's Prize Hey! Free gift -
Prosperous Pirates Regional manger's favorites -
River Sneak Snek Sneak Snek
River's Rebuke Cyclonic Trift Underloaded
Run Aground That rock came out of nowhere -
Sailor of Means Sailor of Memes -
Search for Azcanta On the threshold -
Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin Impulsive Draws -
Shaper Apprentice Jumpy Merfolk -
Shipwreck Looter Booty Looty -
Shore Keeper Archnomorphic Recall Atavistic Recall
Siren Lookout Fly and Scry -
Siren Stormtamer 3 creature subtypes for maximum value Jenny's pirates familiar
Siren's Ruse Flapper Flicker Bird Blink
Spell Pierce No boop -
Spell Swindle Bamboozle Your spell is now dimonds
Storm Fleet Aerialist Norm Crow -
Storm Fleet Spy Duel 'n Draw -
Storm Sculptor Can't stop the wind OOOoooOOOooo
Tempest Caller Weather Control I am the storm
Watertrap Weaver Frost Folk -
Wind Strider Merfolk Monitor -
Anointed Deacon Slicey Dicy Deacon Pricey -
Arguel's Blood Fast Arguel's Swamp Cleanse Arguel's Breakfast
Temple of Aclazotz Welcome to Chiseler -
Bishop of the Bloodstained Need some Tide -
Blight Keeper Flat Bat -
Bloodcrazed Paladin Creature to counters -
Boneyard Parley Fictional Parley -
Contract Killing Kill him to treasure falls out -
Costly Plunder Alternate reap -
Dark Nourishment I drink your milkshake -
Deadeye Tormentor Deadeye skull hunter -
Deadeye Tracker Tired Tracker -
Deathless Ancient Just Weekend at Bernie's it, the dinosaurs will not be able to tell -
Desperate Castaways Nobody give them a sword -
Dire Fleet Hoarder You dropped this -
Dire Fleet Interloper Damp Feet Anteloper???! -
Dire Fleet Ravager Pox Pirate -
Duress Not a drop to drink -
Fathom Fleet Captain Sheamus -
Fathom Fleet Cutthroat Fathom Fleet Fatal Blow -
Grim Captain's Call The Grossest Voltron -
Heartless Pillage Mined Rot -
Kitesail Freebooter Duressing Stick -
Lurking Chupacabra Chewpacabro Chupthingy, Lurking Chimichanga
March of the Drowned DisenTWOmb -
Mark of the Vampire Oh hi Mark -
Queen's Agent Look upon my batch -
Queen's Bay Soldier Queen Bey's Soilder Beyonce
Raiders' Wake Meh-grim -
Revel in Riches Make it rain -
Ruin Raider Bob from Barad-dur -
Ruthless Knave Turn to Treasure -
Sanctum Seeker Heck Rider -
Seekers' Squire Disposable Squire -
Skittering Heartstopper Gross, a bug -
Skulduggery Dull Skuggery -
Skymarch Bloodletter The Flying Drain Bear -
Spreading Rot Poison the... Well... -
Sword-Point Diplomacy Browstab -
Vanquish the Weak Ghostrider 3 -
Vicious Conquistador Technically 2/2- Pulse Blocker
Vraska's Contempt Stone faced nitwit -
Walk the Plank Destorys fish, flavor fail -
Wanted Scoundrels Kane and Crowthorn -
Angrath's Marauders Gratuitous Violence -
Bonded Horncrest Horned Flunkies -
Brazen Buccaneers Young Bucks -
Burning Sun's Avatar Hot enough to fry an egg and that eggs controller -
Captain Lannery Storm Woman Laughing and Eating Salad Woman Laughing and boarding a ship or Laughs (in pirate)
Captivating Crew Hell yeah I'd dance with Prince -
Charging Monstrosaur Objects in mirror are closer then they appear -
Demolish The Sideboard -
Dinosaur Stampede Airbrushed on the side of a 1982 Vandura -
Dual Shot Zip Zap -
Fathom Fleet Firebrand Fathom Fleet Fire-breather -
Fiery Cannonade Pirateclysm -
Fire Shrine Keeper 9 mana 2 lighting bolts -
Firecannon Blast Powerpacked -
Frenzied Raptor Ah Ah bad Cat No -
Headstrong Brute Blocking is for chumps -
Hijack I'm the captain now Are you going to tell the Fire Minotaur no?
Lightning Strike Playable -
Lightning-Rig Crew Ping Rig -
Makeshift Munitions Whatever we got -
Nest Robber Nest Helper -
Otepec Huntmaster DinoDwindler -
Rampaging Ferocidon Petrifying Punishment Pinger -
Raptor Hatchling DinoBaby -
Repeating Barrage Bow of Bogardan -
Rigging Runner Rigs -
Rile ZZZaaappp -
Rowdy Crew Riffraff Pirates
Rummaging Goblin The OG -
Star of Extinction The meteor Meteor
Storm Fleet Arsonist Burly Eddict -
Storm Fleet Pyromancer Shock Pirate -
Sun-Crowned Hunters Tasars are -
Sunbird's Invocation SunBerb -
Sure Strike Yes I'm sure -
Swashbuckling Swashbuffing -
Thrash of Raptors Rash of Thraptors -
Tilonalli's Knight Tili's 2/2 -
Tilonalli's Skinshifter Not a good Solo Act -
Trove of Temptation You can't take it with you -
Unfriendly Fire Uh Opps -
Vance's Blasting Cannons These are my boom sticks -
Spitfire Bastion Fireball Island -
Wily Goblin Rich Gobo -
Ancient Brontodon It's good dinosaur Bront -
Atzocan Archer Fletch Fight -
Blinding Fog Fish Fingers -
Blossom Dryad Blossom Buddy -
Carnage Tyrant Concedeasaur I Concedeasaur
Colossal Dreadmaw Meatasaurus Rex -
Commune with Dinosaurs Triceratalk -
Crash the Ramparts Here's Johnny -
Crushing Canopy Crushed Canapes -
Deathgorge Scavenger Bad Breath Dinooze or Scavenging Lose
Deeproot Champion Managorger Merfolk -
Deeproot Warrior Can't block this -
Drover of the Mighty DinoDork -
Emergent Growth Alluring Power -
Emperor's Vanguard Simon Fraser -
Grazing Whiptail Reachasaur -
Growing Rites of Itlimoc Gaea's 2nd Trimester -
Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun Gaea's Pack and Play -
Ixalli's Diviner I shall place my wedding photo booth here -
Ixalli's Keeper Don't talk to me or my dinosaur son ever again -
Jade Guardian Magento Merfolk -
Jungle Delver Not that Delver Delver of Manasinks
Kumena's Speaker Merbear -
Merfolk Branchwalker Look around you -
New Horizons The Land Before Time We shall call this land Our land
Old-Growth Dryads A "Fair Card" -
Pounce He's just playing -
Ranging Raptors Rampasaur -
Ravenous Daggertooth Lifeasaur -
Ripjaw Raptor Card-draw-asaur -
River Heralds' Boon Boom Boon -
Savage Stomp Stomp the weak -
Shapers' Sanctuary Draw out the tricks -
Slice in Twain Naturalize Cantrip -
Snapping Sailback Flashasuar Dimetrodon
Spike-Tailed Ceratops Spikeceratops -
Thundering Spineback Thundering John Steinbeck -
Tishana's Wayfinder Tishana's Google Maps -
Verdant Rebirth Instant Reincarnation -
Verdant Sun's Avatar Long Neck -
Vineshaper Mystic Oprah -
Waker of the Wilds Wilderness Alarm Clock -
Wildgrowth Walker Incremental Old Growth -
Admiral Beckett Brass Beckett with the Good Hair Pirate Mom
Belligerent Brontodon Big buttodon -
Call to the Feast Dinner Time -
Deadeye Plunderers Covetous Corsair -
Dire Fleet Captain Strength in Numbers -
Gishath, Sun's Avatar Oh No this one has Useful Arms -
Hostage Taker Stockholm Syndrome -
Huatli, Warrior Poet Huatli Slam Poet Third Headliner at Spoken Word Festival
Marauding Looter Loot Smith -
Raging Swordtooth Vampire Cleanup -
Regisaur Alpha Krulous Redundansaur
Shapers of Nature Counter Mages -
Sky Terror OhShitasaurs Terrordon
Tishana, Voice of Thunder Tishanand your a 4/4 -
Vona, Butcher of Magan I DoVona see this one resolve -
Vraska, Relic Seeker The amazing captain Gorgon -
Cobbled Wings Scrappy Flaps -
Conqueror's Galleon Its too tense The Conqueror's Galloon
Conqueror's Foothold Long game plan -
Dowsing Dagger Wait my opponent gets the plants -
Lost Vale Giled Land -
Dusk Legion Dreadnought Biggest Boat -
Elaborate Firecannon So Elaborate -
Fell Flagship Naughty Nautical -
Gilded Sentinel Chill Giant Sponge Bob Square-pants
Hierophant's Chalice Definitely in the top five chalices -
Pillar of Origins Partly mana mostly rock -
Pirate's Cutlass Rusty Machete -
Primal Amulet Pramulet -
Primal Wellspring Mirari Spring -
Prying Blade Crowbar -
Sentinel Totem Disneyland main street electrical parade -
Shadowed Caravel Counter cargo -
Sleek Schooner Slip ship -
Sorcerous Spyglass Peek-a-no -
Thaumatic Compass Thinning Field -
Spires of Orazca Maze of Ish -
Treasure Map Helps to have a map -
Treasure Cove Covet the treasure -
Vanquisher's Banner We have a Flag -
Dragonskull Summit Dragons, Dinosaurs whatever -
Drowned Catacomb Masked Mire -
Field of Ruin City of Glass -
Glacial Fortress Ice House -
Rootbound Crag Rootbound Craig How you gonna kick it,gonna kick it, rootbound
Sunpetal Grove Sunny G -
Unclaimed Territory Mountain of Souls -
Unknown Shores Freshwater Filters -
I TapTapConcede.gif I
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