TTC 122 - Oath of the Gatewatch Nicknames

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It's the moment you've all been waiting for. Join Graham, Alex and Cameron as they give every card in OGW a suitable nickname.

Vital Statistics

Date: March 23, 2016

Appearing: Graham Stark, Alex Steacy, Cameron Lauder, Paul Saunders

Runtime: 79:02

Broadcasting live from: the Hissing Quagmire on the plane of Zendikar.

Nicknames list

Card Name Nickname Alternative Nicknames Chat Nicknames
Abstruse Interference Scion Spike Spidernope Slight Annoyance
Affa Protector Yurtle Grub Stabber Excuse Me Sir, I'm Gonna Affa Ask You To Back Off
Akoum Flameseeker Rummage With A Friend - Contents May Not Be As Hot As Advertised
Allied Reinforcements Social Justice Warriors - Umm, Actually...
Ancient Crab Shelly Grows Up Shelly Duvall Do Not Eat
Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim Die For Me - Am I There Yet? or With Or Without You
Baloth Null Null Drifter - Two Is Not Zero
Baloth Pup Little Pupper Splash & Smash Cutest Beast
Bearer of Silence Barely Silent Flying Shh Why Can't I Hold All This Silence?
Birthing Hulk Bruise Banner - Hulk Procreate!
Blinding Drone Brightly Paparazzi Say Cheese
Bonds of Mortality Fight Me IRL - Memento Mori
Bone Saw OP WotC Please Nerf Bonesaw is READY! Caution: Does Not Cut Bone
Boulder Salvo A Giant Game Of Catch - Flame Slash Adjusted For Inflation
Brute Strength Crossfit Pays Off - Oh Shit, That Gives Trample?
Call the Gatewatch Bulk Rare - Avengers Assemble
Canopy Gorger 24th Card - Did You Just Eat A Craw Wurm?
Captain's Claws Sharp Gloves - Don't Salute!
Chandra, Flamecaller Dudes, Draw And Death Set Fire To The Flames 2 Hot 2 Handl3
Chitinous Cloak Bug Back - There's Chit In This Cloak
Cinder Barrens Smoke Swamp (Every Day) - Legally Not Mordor
Cinder Hellion Shock Block - Cindy
Cliffhaven Vampire Cliff Clavin - Chronologically Confused Vampire
Comparative Analysis Peer Review - Compiling
Consuming Sinkhole Stone Axe Strictly Sideboard Consuming Butthole
Containment Membrane Reynolds Wrap - Insane In The Membrane
Corpse Churn Probably Has Great Synergy With Shadows Over Innistrad Protein Shake I Can Believe It's Not Butter
Corrupted Crossroads Can't Stop Here - Where They Make Guitarists
Crumbling Vestige Colour Crumbles Ooh Piece Of Mana! A Vibrant Metaphor For The Real Estate Business
Crush of Tentacles Octodad's Home! Bounce & Kraken Back The Last Thought Passing Through Her Head Was: What's The Collective Noun Of Tentacles?
Cultivator Drone Waste Tiller - Not A Bird, Also Not Of Paradise
Cyclone Sire Stormdad - The Mother Of Some Storms
Dazzling Reflection Expecto Patronum! - I Am Magnificent!
Deceiver of Form Synchronized Shapeshift - Decepticon
Deepfathom Skulker Everyone Ophidian - Tentacle Piracy
Devour in Flames DoB Nixilis Ob Nixilis Re-reignited Cover In Hot Sauce
Dimensional Infiltrator Salvador Drazi - Found You!
Drana's Chosen Zombie Friend - Help Me Dig This One Up
Dread Defiler Big Dread Resting Dread Face Corpse Catapult
Eldrazi Aggressor Relay Team - Use Tactics!
Eldrazi Displacer Blink And You're Dead - Now When Did I Put That?
Eldrazi Mimic Copycat - I'm Not The Great Distortion, But I Play One On TV
Eldrazi Obligator Act Of Obligation Rainbow Reins Obligated To Call This Zealous Conscripts or Get Voluntold
Elemental Uprising Landslide - Painland Mk 2
Embodiment of Fury Angerland - You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Anger
Embodiment of Insight Vigiland - Literally Smart
Endbringer Tap Tap Concede - Some Call Me Tim
Essence Depleter Deplain View - Essence Redistributor
Expedite Hastetrip - Emergency Pants
Expedition Raptor Back-up Bird - Chicken Dinner
Fall of the Titans All We Had To Do Was Burn Them?! Firefall Two Fireballs For The Price Of One (Some Terms And Conditions Apply)
Flayer Drone Flailer Drone - Mindflayer Reference
Flaying Tendrils Weeniecide - The Return Of The Octopus Salad
General Tazri Specific Ally - The Invitation Said: Plus One
Gift of Tusks Did You Get A Receipt? - Ivory Tracking Is A Serious Offence, Sir
Gladehart Cavalry Live The Dream - Glade To The Bottom Of My Hart
Goblin Dark-Dwellers The Dank Dwellers Snapcaster Goblins Goblin Nutshark
Goblin Freerunner Parkour Enthousiast - Dennis The Menace
Grasp of Darkness Become Very Small - A Vision Softly Creeping
Gravity Negator Ferrofluid Floater - Gravity Is Just A Theory
Grip of the Roil Eww Seaweed! Eww, Eww! - Caution: Contents Not Waterproof
Harvester Troll Feed The Troll - Not A Team Player
Havoc Sower Havoc Swoler - Brittle Growth
Hedron Alignment Labourious Win Condition - Feng Shui (Is Harder Than It Looks)
Hedron Crawler Sidekick - It Can Only Go Sideways
Hissing Quagmire Doom Glade The Middle East Probably Just A Natural Gas Vent Or Something
Holdout Settlement Sand Crawler - There Are More Colours In Heaven And Earth
Immobilizer Eldrazi Breathalyzer - No Fatties Allowed
Immolating Glare Aah, Ah, So Bright! Fight Bright You Just Got Trolled
Inverter of Truth Liar Liar I've Only Got Four Turns To Win The Game But All My Draws Are Gaaaassss Politician
Iona's Blessing I Can See Your Halo Tron Fight Me Two On One
Isolation Zone O-Zone - This Town Ain't Big Enough
Joraga Auxiliary The Natural Guard - Child Support
Jori En, Ruin Diver Tia Carrere - Buy Two, Get One Free
Jwar Isle Avenger Surging Sphinx - West Coast Avenger
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet Now John Is The Demons - Curses, You've Tumbled My Nefarious Plans!
Kazuul's Toll Collector Ogre Magpie - Papers Please
Kor Scythemaster Lawnmower - Double Farmer
Kor Sky Climber Jumpman - Sky Longshoreman In The World Of Tomorrow
Kozilek, the Great Distortion Not As Good As Ten Mana Should Be - Nirvana Has Nothing On This
Kozilek's Pathfinder Bulldozer - Eldrazi Sat-Nav
Kozilek's Return Pyro Kozi - What Did I Miss?
Kozilek's Shrieker Wow, Those Are Some Really Interesting Noises You're Making And I'm Proud Of You For Trying - Ironically, It Can Shatter Glass
Kozilek's Translator I Will Sing You The Song Of My People - Le Traducteur De Kozilek
Lead by Example Do As I Do - Trailer Moment
Linvala, the Preserver Angelic Cavalry - Vishnu's Self Insert
Loam Larva Turns Out An Insect Isn't A Very Good Tutor - Nope Nope Nope
Make a Stand Kor's Last Stand - Stand Against The Devil
Makindi Aeronaut Gang Glider - Wait, Allies Can Fly Now?
Malakir Soothsayer Arena Friend - Cohort Arena
Matter Reshaper Nothing Really Matters - There's More Where That Came From
Maw of Kozilek Hey Maw! - What Big Teeth You Have
Meandering River Slow Stream - It'll Get There
Mighty Leap Base Jump - Looks Like We're Gonna Have To Jump!
Mina and Denn, Wildborn The Rample Trample Win Twins - Gestalt Twin
Mindmelter Mentak, The Mindmelter - This One Will Blow Your Mind Hole
Mirrorpool The Looking Glass - Copying Machine
Munda's Vanguard Friend To All - Munda's Rear Guard
Natural State Naturalish - Pants Off
Needle Spires Pointy Peak - This Will Sting A Little
Negate Could You Not? - Discounter Spell
Netcaster Spider Popeye The Spider-man Spider Friend Strictly Better Than Spiderman
Nissa, Voice of Zendikar Treeplanter - It Sounds Like: Nerf Me Please
Nissa's Judgment Fight The Power - Eff That Guy In Particular
Null Caller Reuse, Recycle, Reanimate - Unhandled Exception
Oath of Chandra Slowly Spear Hot Five I Solemnly Swear I'm Up To No Good
Oath of Gideon Chad's Buddies - I, Chad, Swear On The Lives Of These Two Guys
Oath of Jace Probe Of Jace - I Will Not Sculpt Minds Ever Again
Oath of Nissa Green-ticipate - Green Ponder or First: Do No Harm
Oblivion Strike O-Strike RFTFG (Removed From The Effing Game) One Strike: You're Out
Ondu War Cleric Health Friend - For A More Civilized Age
Overwhelming Denial Nope, Discount Nope - Climate Change Debate or YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD!
Press into Service A Generous Act (Of Treason) - If Pressed, Yes I Would Turn On You
Prophet of Distortion Hype Man - Everything Is Fine And Will Stay That Way Forever
Pulse of Murasa Don't Call It A Comeback - 1/3rd Rebirth
Pyromancer's Assault Sadly Too Slow For Storm - Buy Two, Get Shock Free
Reality Hemorrhage Shockingly Pale - Reality TV Got Dark
Reality Smasher Eldrazi Says No Smash The State Somebody Once...
Reaver Drone Eldrazi Lacerator - Requires Supervision
Reckless Bushwacker Jeff From Above - Buckless Reckwasher
Reflector Mage Refractor Mage I'm Blind And Stay Out!
Relentless Hunter Eldrazi Headhunter - The Punisher
Relief Captain Back-up Boss - You Get Support, And You Get Support!
Remorseless Punishment Choice Cuts - Do You Want To Play A Game?
Roiling Waters In2 The Roil - Somebody Rolled Well
Ruin in Their Wake Rampant Destruction Rampant Gross The Coke Brothers
Ruins of Oran-Rief Redone In Stucco - There's Something In Them Thar Hills
Saddleback Lagac Fun To Say Saddleback Lagacacacacac Hatchback or My Other Lizard Is A Horse
Scion Summoner Best Invader Lone Bear And Cub Bear And Friend
Sea Gate Wreckage Ruins Of Alexandria - They Were Hellbent On Reprinting Library Of Alexandria
Searing Light High Power Laser - Weenie Roast
Seed Guardian Leaf Pile What Do You Mean It Has Reach? Sperm Bank Security
Seer's Lantern Scrylight - Glass Lantern. What Will They Think Of Next?
Shoulder to Shoulder Rubbing Shoulders - Shoulder Pat
Sifter of Skulls Finding A Scion In A Skullstack - Heads And Tails
Sky Scourer Swarm Crow - When You Said It Just Needs Air To Live, I Didn't Think
Slaughter Drone Laughter Drone - Bad News Bear
Slip Through Space Blocktrip - Super Horsemanship
Sparkmage's Gambit Cunning Falter - Cattle Prod
Spatial Contortion Roid Rage - Eldritch Yoga
Spawnbinder Mage Tap Friend - Unilateral Sit Down
Sphinx of the Final Word Nononononono [cat voice] - Just No
Stalking Drone Buff Bear - I'm Calling The Police
Steppe Glider Rock Roc - Steppe Gilder
Stone Haven Outfitter Kor-termaster - Hattori Hanzo
Stoneforge Acolyte Stoneforge Missed It Whitesmith Stoneforge... Aww
Stoneforge Masterwork One Of Us Is As Strong As All Of Us - Ally Tested, Eldrazi Approved
Stormchaser Mage Izzn't This Fun? Cam Discovery Channel Presents
Strider Harness Swift Saddle - Aragorn's Pants
Submerged Boneyard Moist Mausoleum - I'll Submerge Your Boneyard!
Sweep Away Sweep! Sweep! Hurry Hard! - Don't Look Under The Rug
Sylvan Advocate The Advocate For The Beats - Trees Are Great, Mmkay
Tajuru Pathwarden Crossing Guard - Safe Roads Are The Cornerstone Of Civilization
Tar Snare The Goopster - Tare Snar
Tears of Valakut The Volcano Is Angry - Plummet Is Red Now?
Thought Harvester Dreamcatcher - Penny For Your Thoughts
Thought-Knot Seer The Thought-Not Seer I Thought Not Thought Not, Sir
Timber Gorge Tree Dip - It Grows On You
Tranquil Expanse Pristine Place - Big And Soft
Tyrant of Valakut Valakut Elections Canceled Indefinitely - Not That A Dragon Usually Answers To Anyone
Umara Entangler Netcasting Skills - Pikeress
Unity of Purpose We're All In This Together - The Gospel According To Jace
Unknown Shores Bismuth Beach - It Is Known
Unnatural Endurance Cockroach Carapace - H'ain't Natural!
Untamed Hunger Bloodcap Skills - Do Not Pet The Hunger
Vampire Envoy Bloodbroker - Where Did The Blood Come From?
Vile Redeemer Vile Recycler - Redeem Your Non-Tokens Here
Vines of the Recluse Mild-Mannered Peter Parker - The Proportional Strength And Reach Of A Spider or No One Plays Around One Open Mana
Visions of Brutality Pacifism Aggressive - That Man Had A Family!
Void Grafter Don't Mess With My Friend - Now, We'll Put Some Nothing On Here. You Probably Won't Feel A Thing.
Void Shatter Devoid-apate - Well, You Broke The Nothingness
Walker of the Wastes Vault Dweller - Don't Walk The Wastes While Wasted
Wall of Resurgence Rockman And Forte - Suddenly, Dirt
Wandering Fumarole Venti Extra Hot - Make Up Your Mind!
Warden of Geometries Math Teacher - Guardian Of The Square Peg or You Just Got Geometried! or Well, You Geome-tried
Warping Wail Scion Siren - *scream*
Wastes Oh Hey They Reprinted Wasteland - Want Not
Weapons Trainer Furiosa - I Cut My Own Hair, Isn't It Sweet?
Witness the End We're Boned - The Seventh Seal
World Breaker A World Of Hurt It Has Reach!? or Hey, It Has Hallowed Fountain In The Background Did I Do That?
Zada's Commando Ping Friend - Carry This For Me? *ting* Oops
Zendikar Resurgent Happy Ending - Mana Flare Redux or Seven To Emrakul In A Single Bound
Zulaport Chainmage Two Chains Featuring Life Loss - Alice In Chains or You There, Watch Me Whip
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