Statute of Limitations

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Mistaken identity, road trips, and VHS tape come together to make this week's Feed Dump.

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I'm going to die soon...

Date: April 1, 2016

Category: Feed Dump

Host: Graham Stark

Cohosts: Serge Yager, Cameron Lauder

Edited by: Ian Horner


  • An 18-year-old from Syracuse, Ohio has pled guilty to impersonating a state Senator when he went "on tour" of a high school.
  • A woman from Denver, Pennsylvania has been accused of skipping out on a $600 taxi fare after riding a cab home from New York City
  • A North Carolina man was found to have an outstanding warrant for not returning a VHS movie he rented 14 years before. What's worse? The movie was "Freddy Got Fingered"!


  • The "Virtual Boy" was a "handheld" console by Nintendo which simulated 3-D...and hurt your eyes with extended use.
  • A "stereoscope" shows two of the same pictures that, with the lenses in front, give the illusion of 3-D.
  • In actuality, there is nothing in the Ohio State Constitution that states a minimum age for being a state Senator (though being an adult - 18 or older - is assumed). You must be 30 years of age or more to be a U.S. Senator, though.

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