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The republic of Snorsh is a fictitious country ad-libbed by Kathleen during a Kathleen Subscriber Commercial from the aftershow of Checkpoint+ from the 14th of April 2014.

A Nationstates version of Snorsh is being attempted.

The following is known about Snorsh

  • Snorsh is governed by a queen who is, according to her, very close to the queen of England.
  • Snorsh is located within the borders of Hungary, between Vladveria and Arstotzka
  • There is a longstanding feud between Snorsh and its neighbor Romania.
  • The Snorsh slogan/primary tourism campaign is "Snorsh, right‽"
  • Snorsh gained independence after the fall of communism.
  • Snorsh has a population of 27 or 28 Snorshians. (There's this one thing they're not sure is a person.)
  • When talking to Snorshians, don't mention Arstotzka. It's a sore point.
  • Cornland, birthplace of the Cornish pastry—not to be confused with Britain's Cornish pasty—is a popular tourist destination in Snorsh. Nobody knows why.
  • Snorsh has a castle: Snorsh Castle.
  • The Snorsh River runs through the country.
  • A theoretical map of Snorsh put forth by Dr De Vere suggests the country has a "wiggly" shape, wedging itself between the borders of several countries throughout Europe. One possible explanation puts Snorsh on the frozen moon of Europa, with numerous wormhole connections forming pseudo-borders to Earthly countries.
  • Cheese is illegal in Snorsh. (Desert Bus for Hope 8)
  • Life expectancy is 37 years.