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It is important to always follow your plans, no matter where they go

Vital Statistics

Small Time 2

Date: August 18, 2006

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Bill Watt, Morgan vanHumbeck, Matt Wiggins, Graham Stark (uncredited)

Writing: Graham Stark, Morgan vanHumbeck, Bill Watt

Camera: Graham Stark

Edited by: Graham Stark

Location: UVic SUB, Royal British Columbia Museum


Priceless artifacts are on display at the museum, and our two favorite criminals have hatched the perfect plan to acquire them: enter the building, evade the laser web, get what they need, and get out. Everything is prepared. Except the driver, whom Bill failed to call. So Morgan and Bill take the bus... and leave their carefully labeled plans on it. No problem - they'll steal them back! So that night, they break into the local transit depot by cleverly claiming to sell Girl Guide cookies, then knocking out the guard. Another guard is neutralized by luring him into a closet with a cache of Timbits Bill somehow carries on his person. Plans reacquired from the lost and found, they beat it to the Royal British Columbia Museum... only to find that the "Priceless Treasures of the Old World" exhibit closed the day before to make way for the "Taudry Baubles of the New World". They'll have to pick up a calendar on the way home.


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