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Social skills as well as artistic ability will decide the best Artist in this challenge.

Vital Statistics


Date: April 30, 2013

Appearing: Abby Howard, Erika Moen, Katie Rice, Lexxy Douglas, Maki Naro, Monica Ray, Tavis Maiden, Graham Stark, Kris Straub, Robert Khoo


The Artists return to Card Kingdom where their booths from The Merch are still set up for the Strip Search Expo. While there are many "normal" con-goers, staff from Penny Arcade wearing Strip Search pins act as judges. Each judge is given an amount of fake money and instructions to pay $5 per sketch, though they may tip more if they believe they were treated well. The Artist with the most money at the end of 60 minutes is the winner. The Artists are each given paper and a 12-pack of Copic markers. While many people interacted with the Artists normally, others broke merchandise, rearranged displays, demanded free merchandise, stole merchandise, and generally tried to make the Artists feel uncomfortable. Robert Khoo in particular seems to relish this; Graham speculates to the camera that this is some form of therapy. Erika dubs Khoo a "booth barnacle" and calls his behavior "totally inappropriate"; multiple people end up paying Khoo to go away. Only $38 separated the person with the most and the person with the least, but $17 of that was between first and second. Tavis wins and receives a Black Ink Pro Kit and Airbrush set from Copic, as well as "the prize that nobody wants". With little information about the convention challenge to go on, Tavis evaluates everyone based on the entire competition and chooses Abby and Erika. Graham reveals that Abby and Erika finished second and third in this competition.


  • The door Kris Straub appears from is actually a small electrical closet, where sound tech Theodore Sherman was also hiding the entire time.
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