September 20 2008 AskLRR

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The following is the AskLRR portion of the Easy Bake Spore LRRcast.

AskLRR Answers

UrFace_2.0 asks:

  • If you had to give up a certain skill of yours, what would you most likely give up? Least likely as well.
Morgan: His ability to play Minesweeper.
Jer, Graham and Paul: His ability to remember childhood TV theme songs or jingles from TV.
Tim: Grammar skills.

Vaughn asks:

  • If you could have one Megaman Robot Master power, which would it be.
Bill: Ice sled from Megaman X. Also, he would kill everyone else to get their powers.
Paul: The "Rush Powers" or Metal Man's circular saws.
Morgan: Hadouken.
Jer: snake Man, Top Man, Flash Man.

Elomin Sha asks:

  • What would be the LRR Crew's character in Peter and the Wolf?
Jer: The duck.
Bill: The oboe or the wolf.
They eventually decide to add an instrument instead and say:
Graham: Chord kay oscillator
Paul: Keytar or zen drums.
Jer: Someone has to be cowbell so Bill can be 'more cowbell.'

Melendwyr asks:

  • If you were trapped inside a nuclear physics experiment that caused you to lose something very precious, what would it be? a) Your intrinsic field, b) Your internal organs, c) Your sense of common humanity, or d) fleshtones?
Almost everyone says A, Morgan says C.

The crew skips ahead while humming the tune of "manana" from the muppet show.

LCom asks:

  • What is your guy's opinions on indie/art games (passage, etc.)? do you think they are actually working to advance video games as a medium, or are they to artsy to ever be accepted by the mainstream gaming culture?
Paul: Passage isn't a game; it's an art project.
Jer: I don't think those are mutually exclusive.
They talk about Braid for a while, with some minor spoilers, and the artistic significance of that game,
and Soldja Boy's review thereof. Tim says the theme of Braid is not cohesive.
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