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Road Quest is LoadingReadyRun's take on a road-trip format show, inspired by the Top Gear specials. It was announced during a livestream on April 28, 2018 which also aired a pilot/tech test and was followed by a Q&A with Graham and Paul. It was filmed in May 2018.


The show consists of 3 vehicles, each piloted by a pair of LRR personalities, making a road-trip through Canada. Go-Pro cameras mounted within each vehicle capture what happens within each car, and the inter-car communication via handheld radio. External shots of the cars are captured by the film crew and voice-overs by the vehicle occupants expand upon the trip and happenings within the cars.

List of Quests

# Title Date
14 From Victoria to Dawson February 15, 2020
During the filming of ROAD QUEST, we ran a GoPro on the front of the production vehicle (almost) constantly. With only minor edits (to remove long rest stops), this is our entire trip from Victoria, BC to Dawson City, YT presented at 6x speed. Recorded May 22-31, 2018.
13 Live Q&A January 6, 2020
Post Finale Road Quest Q&A is going live now!
12 Top of the World January 6, 2020
The team completes their 10-day quest
11 Get to Dawson December 30, 2019
With one host down, and Graham's plans waylaid, the team has nothing more to do in the Yukon Territory than finally get to Dawson City.
10 Perils of the Yukon December 23, 2019
The team finds the right directions, spends an hour stuck in the middle of a highway, and experiences loss.
9 Abandoned Mining Town December 16, 2019
On their way to finally crossing into the Yukon Territory, the team makes a totally normal stop at an abandoned asbestos mine.
8 The Hangman is Hungry December 9, 2019
Once out of the Nisga'a Valley, the team must press further north, through BC's largely uninhabited northern wilderness. Can they survive the monotony of the road?
7 The Worst Highway in BC December 2, 2019
As the team tries to find this supposed hot spring, they must first endure The Full Experience of British Columbia's worst public road.
6 A Lineage of Jets November 25, 2019
As the team pushes further into the distant realm of northern BC, Beej has an idea and a brief detour is in order.
5 The Long Haul November 18, 2019
After spending all that time in the past, the team has some serious ground to make up as they blaze a trail across central British Columbia.
4 Ghosts Aren't Real November 4, 2019
Before the team gets too far into gold-hunting, they get sent back to the 1860s, to learn about gold panning.
3 1860s Wagon Road October 28, 2019
Not to be deterred by the misfortunes of Day 1, the team makes serious headway north, following the gold rush prospectors before them.
2 Into the Night October 21, 2019
If they can even get back on the road, the hosts have to figure out where they're going to spend the night. Then they have to get there.
1 Getting Off the Island October 14, 2019
The hosts find out what cars they’ll be driving, and where the Road Quest will take them... if they can get off Vancouver Island.
0 Announcement/Tech Test April 28, 2018
We hope you enjoy this pilot / tech test / announcement, for a new show we're producing!

Trailers and Teasers

Title Date
GVLOG Reflections on Production October 14, 2019
Graham reflects on his Vlog before Episode 1 premieres on how LRR has gotten to this launch
Road Quest Trailer September 30, 2019
The Road Quest launch trailer
LRR Panel Road Quest Snippet and LRR Panel Road Quest Snippet 2 March 31, 2019
Road Quest Snippets aired at PAX East
LRR Panel Road Quest Snippet and LRR Panel Road Quest Snippet 2 January 19, 2019
Road Quest Snippets aired at PAX South
LRR Panel Road Quest Snippet October 27, 2018
Road Quest Snippet aired at PAX Australia
Road Quest Teaser September 5, 2018
Here’s the ROAD QUEST TEASER we aired at our PAX panel!

(you’re gonna see the cars and destinations in this, in case you’re operating on Maximum Spoiler Lockdown 😃)