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Despite distractions, Morgan finds time to ridicule science.

Vital Statistics

One of Us Has to Change

Date: November 22, 2006

Category: The Whatever Thing

Appearing: Morgan vanHumbeck, Graham Stark

Editing: Morgan vanHumbeck

Haiku: Morgan vanHumbeck, contributed by Byron

Whatever Clip: Pirateboy


A late update, being dizzy, comedic cruise control, Universal sues MySpace, raising-pitch sentences, scientists resurrect a virus from human DNA, John Coffin, rad nauseam, Morgan vows revenge, Kosmo Kramer, 'I'm a fish', and requests for an explanation of the wall skidmark.


"A haiku, you say?

I refuse to write poems.

Oh shit - I just did."


  • As was pointed out on the forums, LRR never actually promised that the WT would update consistently on Monday.
  • Morgan's dance sequence is a reference to the British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf; specifically, how Rimmer once tried to take the astro navigation exams but failed because he wrote 'I am a fish' four hundred times, did a funny little dance, and fainted.
    • The sequence was included due to fan discussion of the reference on the forums.
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