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Over the years, LoadingReadyRun has cultivated many running gags. Here is a list of some of the most common running gags.

The Sam Raimi, the most common recurring gag in X Ways To Y.

Recurring Jokes

Three PS3s

It is often asserted that Paul has three PS3s. This gag originated in Three PS3s and has been referenced in The Season 4 Finale, The 2007 Christmas Special, the Action 9 Election Special and CommodoreHUSTLE 013 - Matt Gets His Groove.

Also, he has this cake.

James Plays The Cop

Any time there's a cop character, the part tends to be played by James. James plays a cop in Eyewitness Accounts, Synchronize, Just Drive, Questionably Legal Man, and throughout both series of Rapidfire as Officer Rodriguez. James played "the commissioner" in Who You Gonna Call? and an unnamed cop in Relaxation Situation.

This running gag was lampshaded in CommodoreHUSTLE 011 - Showdown. The one notable exception to this trend was Ways to Get a Ticket, though James' cop character appears in the coda.

James With A Mustache

James's mustache was really an example of gnosis. I think everyone just sort of assumed that he would have a mustache.
- Graham in Loading Time: Who You Gonna Call

Fake mustaches and beards are relatively common in LoadingReadyRun, but they are especially fond of James wearing a fake mustache. He has worn a fake mustache most times he'd had to play someone slightly older or an authority figure, with the notable exception of his most common recurring character, Officer Rodriguez. James has worn a fake mustache in:

The Sam Raimi

Main Article: The Sam Raimi

In most "X Ways to Y" sketches, the final gag is The Sam Raimi, which involves a blurry camera swooping around, either chasing someone or descending on an unsuspected target related to the video.

Men Sharing A Bed

Graham and Paul have never lived together, but they are occasionally seen in full pajamas, sleeping in the same bed as though they do. This was seen in Ways to X2Y and The LoadingReadyRumble. Other examples include Jangles and Jones and the members of 64K sharing a bed in Jangles and Jones Save Christmas. Matt, Bill and Graham all share a bed at the end of Ways to Get in Shape. Matt and James share a bed in a nightmare in CommodoreHUSTLE 008 - Investigation.

Kathleen Is Afraid Of Bears

Kathleen's ursaphobia has been referenced at least once is most media LRR has created, appearing in OMG! Bears!, commodoreHUSTLE 009 - Growl, A Little TOO Human, Phailhaüs - 09 and Phailhaüs - 26.

Paul Plays The Dead Body

After being killed by Conor in pwn'd and revived as a zombie in The Aftermath, it was established that Paul always played the dead body. This gag was continued in Ways to Hide a Body, Bandwidth Exceeded and Killer Instinct. He suffers an on-screen death in Wakey Wakey, and plays a dead guy (if not a dead body) in In Death as in Life, but he defies the trend by not appearing in Informational Presentation (where Jer plays the dead body).

Gravitic Warp

Gravitic Warp is a snippet of loud rock music with the singer (Graham) screaming "Gravitic Warp!!" It was introduced in Celestial Sea: Episode 2, and has been used in The 2007 Christmas Special and The Truce.

Uwe Boll

Main Article: Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll is a film director who primarily makes poor video game adaptations. He's been referenced in PSA: Uwe Boll, Uwe Boll: An Apology and Uwe Boll: Decision 2008. Because he lived in Vancouver, Graham was actually able to interview the man himself in An Interview with Uwe Boll. The LRR crew has buried the hatchet with Uwe Boll, but the LRR crew will still rib him if the opportunity presents itself.

Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos is an actor local to Vancouver, though he was chosen randomly by Paul in a very early video (according to the LRRcast for Stand-Up Guy). The commentary for Jangles and Jones Save Christmas indicated this video was the first to mention Edward James Olmos. Even as mentions of the actor ceased appearing in LRR videos, he became an increasingly common stock answer in LRRcast "who would you want..." questions, especially by Paul.

Olmos managed to escape the head of Evil Inc. and avoided participation in The LoadingReadyRumble. His name is fun to say.

Porn Guy Wears Safety Glasses

In the inaugural episode of Feed Dump, they reported a man evaded police by climbing into the ceiling naked, only to be located with thermal imaging. Graham added a pair of safety glasses to indicate the thermal goggles and delivered a joke reminiscent of the lines the male lead in pornography might say just before the sex would commence (in this case, "Hey, Baby. Do you need anything thermally imaged?"). This was repeated later in the episode and in the following episode, making this one of the fastest establishments of a running gag.

Making Fun of Creed

Creed is an American rock band. When Graham was transported to the mirror universe in The Mirror, most things were the opposite of their normal dimension counterpart (even Nickleback). The only thing that "transcends time and dimension" is that Creed sucks. Graham made fun of Creed again in the "lights out" scene in Nintendonts. The emergence of the Assasin's Creed franchise has given ample opportunity to continue making fun of Creed, as in the stinger for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Blaming Steve

An imagined scapegoat "Steve" is often blamed or singled out for transgressions. There are examples of this in Interrupt This Program, Rapidfire II - 03, the Unskippables E3 Trailers and Call of Juarez: The Cartel Part 1 and Phailhaüs - 26. This recurring gag is likely unrelated to characters named Steve in Wyy, The Truce, Boy Wonder and Crap Shots Ep. 89.

As noted in a podcast following Desert Bus 5, blaming Steve is trickier now that they know two people named Steve: Steve Butts, the editor-in-chief of The Escapist and Steve Dengler, Ash's brother.

Ron Dewings

In A Pig Inside A Cow, Graham stumbled over the word "wrongdoing", inspiring the creation of TV pitch man Ron Dewing. "Ron Dewings" soon became a recurring character in later Feed Dumps. He wears a plaid trilby.

Beej Drop

Occasionally a Crapshot will end with Beej replacing another character, accompanied by a distinctive sound effect. This first happened in Crapshots Ep.165 - The Groceries.

Recurring Phrases

"Didn't see you there."

In behind-the-scenes videos, or for videos that start in medias res, someone will become aware of the viewing audience and announce something to the order of "Oh, hey. I didn't see you there." It is almost never actually true.

This gag has been used in The Process, The James Masterson School for Dictatorial Improvement, Super Secret Surprise, Canadian Girlfriend ("I didn't hear you there") and was said sincerely for the first time in Loading Time - ENN Set Build .


Alex announced "Meanwhile!" into a bullhorn during The Whatever Thing Hyut!, which was often used as a segue (e.g., Time You Won't Get Back)

" England."

British accents are often employed in LoadingReadyRun. Often the sentences are ended with " England." This has appeared in Panda Porn, One of Us Has to Change, Party Hard and Frosty Cardboard Marmite.

"Go huff a dong."

The LRR-approved phrase of disrespect. Kathleen first unleashed it during the LRRcast for How to LRR.

"That was the nth time I died."

In an early Unskippable for The Darkness, the protagonist says "That was the first time I died." If there is a cut to black in a cinema, especially one that signifies a character becomes unconscious, Graham and Paul will chime in with the number of times they've died, a running tally of the amount of times they've used that gag.

Videos with this recurring gag
Date Video N
February 9, 2009 The Darkness 1st
March 2, 2009 Digital Devil Saga 2nd
March 16, 2009 Onimusha 3 3rd
May 18, 2009 Lost Odyssey 4th (rescinded, Graham was sure he survived)
September 21, 2009 Dark Sector 4th (actual)
May 24, 2010 Deadly Premonition: Part 2 5th (mentioned, but not invoked)
July 18, 2011 Dark Void 7th
August 29, 2011 Fallout New Vegas 7th (again)
March 26, 2012 Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai 8th
May 14, 2012 The Darkness 2 10th
June 11, 2012 Dragon's Dogma 10th (again)
January 14, 2013 Final Fantasy XIII-2 2nd (just for Lightning)
May 13, 2013 Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel "another time"
June 10, 2013 Spec Ops: The Line 11th
December 16, 2013 The Last of Us, Part 2 12th

"...and Balloon Fight"

During Checkpoint's coverage of the NES Classic Edition, Graham took to saying the console would be released with 29 classic games 'and Balloon Fight,' separating Balloon Fight from the lauds the other classics would recieve.

The trend started with the first coverage of the NES Classic Edition in Counter-Strike: NO! and the trend continued in Bethesda Not Woke and Nintendo and Chill. It was revived in Freedom Never Sleeps with the release of Nintendo World Championship: NES Edition for Switch, which includes Balloon Fight.

On Graham's Twitter, he has confirmed that he does not, in fact, hate Balloon Fight. [1]

Recurring Props

Spot the Dog

Main Article: Spot the Dog

Spot is a ceramic figure of a dog that the crew hides in the background of videos.

Creepy Doll

Main Article: Creepy doll

Ridiculous Pimp Hat

The LRR crew is in possession of a large, green tiger-striped and furry top hat (often considered a 'pimp hat'). Most prominently featured in All The Little People, it has appeared most times silly headgear is required.

The ridiculous pimp hat has also been seen in Ways to Avoid Christmas, More Room To Grow and the Feed Dump episode Powerless and Nude. Brad, Jer and Bill wore it at some point during Desert Bus for Hope 2. The Desert Bus for Hope 5 official poster includes Judge Pimp Santa, wearing this hat.

Despite being one of the most distinct and frequently-utilized hats, it has yet to be This Hat.

Mad Scientist Goggles

Whenever a character is preparing to do science, or their eyes are otherwise in danger, this pair of green goggles will likely appear. It has appeared in Time You Won't Get Back, commodoreHUSTLE 002 - Red, and A Stitch In Time.


Main Article: The kit

Former Running Gags

Nate Never Talks - Nate Mosher had a long history of not talking in videos (e.g. Down with the Sickness.) This was broken with Eyewitness Accounts, much to the crew's chagrin.

Paul Looks Like Gordon Freeman/Paul Shaving Off His Beard Would Be Bad - Ever since the first Desert Bus for Hope, Paul's strong resemblance to the protagonist of the Half-Life game series has often been mentioned by fans. Alex inaccurately predicted in Ask An Alex - 01 that Paul shaving would bring the end of the world. After the events of The Shavening, this hasn't come to pass, and the comparisons to Gordon Freeman have ceased.

Tim Looks Like Matt - At the beginning of Tim's tenure with LRR, his resemblance to Matt was often the source of humor. As Tim grew a beard and he became more established, this was dropped, for the most part. It was revived for The Tale of Matt Wiggins, and Bill has steadfastly continued to call Matt "Tim" at every opportunity as a metajoke.