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Curly, one of the more frequently recurring ENN characters.

Many characters that appear in the feature stories in ENN are brought back for more episodes. This is a list of the most common recurring fictional characters in ENN. CheckPoint has migrated away from the fictional "feature stories" that were central in ENN, so most of these characters probably will not appear in CheckPoint.

Ryan Quickbender

First Appearance: Lost Leaders

Ryan Quickbender is video games industry analyst. He is often asked to interpret the sometimes inexplicable decisions made by video games developers and publishers. Quickbender is often seen standing next to a BASF FLEXYDISKS poster. He hosts his own segment "Quick's Picks."

Ryan Quickbender is played by Matt Wiggins.

Mark Sauceman

First Appearance: Uber HD

For more detail see Mark Sauceman.

Mark Sauceman is ENN's tech reporter and the host of Geargasm, a show that demonstrates cutting-edge technology. He wears the paint-adulterated shirt from The Trouble with Scribbles and what Jer described in a LRRcast as "douchey sunglasses."

Mark Sauceman is played by Paul Saunders.

Dr. Laura Holly

First Appearance: Nerd Flu

Dr. Laura Holly, UC Berkely, is a medical doctor studying health issues concerning the video game community. According to a subtitle in Counter-Active Gaming, she actually attended medical school, so most of her analysis is considered sound. She is one of very few characters introduced in ENN to make appearances in regular LoadingReadyRun videos (Save Our Games, More at 11).

Dr. Laura Holly is played by Tally Heilke.

Dr. Morgan Solus

First Appearance: Black & Blue Streak

Morgan Solus is a relationship counselor and psychiatrist most interested in destructive relationships with poor IPs. He is played by Ben Wilkinson.


First Appearance: Year in Review 2009

A highly-negative blogger and reviewer from He often punctuates a clever insult by exclaiming, "Frag!" He is played by Geoff Howe.

Col. Hank Jetson

First Appearance: A Few Good Gamers

Col. Hank Jetson is the head of the American Military's Interactive Entertainment Relations Bureau. He is played by Morgan vanHumbeck imitating Brad Pitt's performance in Inglorious Basterds.

Steven Blatzburger

First Appearance: Counter-Active Gaming

Described as a "serial entrepreneur," he seems to have a new company and franchise in the works every time ENN speaks with him. In the April 13, 2010 LRRcast, Kathleen describes him as "misguided" and someone who fails to understand what makes a good game. In his third appearance in All in the Cards, his name is misspelled "Stephen."

He is played by James Turner.

Rex Carnegie

First Appearance: RPG Elements

ENN's Paraludological Theorist, a haggard and possibly insane man who tries to illuminate conspiracies within the video game world. He is the only ENN character to appear in CheckPoint. He is played by Wes Borg.

Heather Blerd

First Appearance: The Future of Storage Media

Heather Blerd is a social media expert and spambot. She's quite skilled at getting people to pay attention to her. She is played by Ash Vickers.

Stephanie Layton

First Appearance: I C U Wii

Nintendo's Junior Spokesperson. Played by Angela Chorney.


Occasionally, Paul appears in a curly wig and silently demonstrates some form of unconventional control scheme or other variety of visual aid as a stand-in for the consumer or some other group. Paul revealed the LRR crew calls him "Curly" during Desert Bus for Hope 4, due to his curly wig.