Raymond Steacy

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Raymond Steacy
Raymond Steacy
Raymond Steacy
Family: Ken Steacy (father), Alex Steacy (brother)
Duties: Actor, On-set Crew, Editor
First Appearance: CSI: CSI (2 November 2007)
Last Appearance: Crossing the Streams 2017-01-04 - Overwatch Ep3 (4 January 2017)

Raymond Steacy is Alex Steacy's brother. He spearheaded the Fun With Microwaves videos and has appeared mostly in non-speaking roles in shorts like CSI: CSI, Assorted Anonymous, commodoreHUSTLE 006 - Viral and The Secret of the Sauce (as Jimmy). He had a rare speaking role in Mercenary Solutions.

Raymond posts to the LRR forum and wiki as The R.

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