Qwerpline Ep16 - Full of Wieners

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The statue of deceased Aldersm'n Therpston is going to have to go on hold due to the nesting of a colony of Brown Thrums, and sideball updates continue. Edith introduces Qwerpline's listeners to three "literary" works by local authors in another episode of Edith's Book Club. Richter Hammockslam is stuck in traffic and gives one of the best reports of his career, and Derek manages to land a date - again - while interviewing the day manager of the Weiner Czar, Nsburg's oldest fast-food restaurant, currently celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Vital Statisics

Ep. 16 Titlecard

Date: June 22, 2016

Category: Qwerpline

Appearing: Graham Stark, Alex Steacy, Kathleen De Vere, Brendan "Beej" Dery, Ian Horner

Edited by: Graham Stark

Graphics: Graham Stark

Illustrations: Featherweight

Description: Edith's Book Club returns, Derek heads down to a favourite local weinerhouse, and Richter is also there.

Runtime: 12:48

Slogan: "Therpston County in Miniature!"

  • The Nsberg Tourism Board saw what Maryland was doing and though it was a good idea

Sponsor: Satin Cat-and-Hat in Latin A new holiday tradition for the feast of Corpus Cristi! Kick that elf off your shelf with this fine feline this Trinity Sunday! Satin Cat-and-Hat in Latin: it's the rage in Manhattan!


A progress report has been received from the Secret Pipesmen on the construction of the statue of Richard Therpston unveiled last episode. A colony of Brown Thrums has taken up residence in the right shin. As a result of the Brown Thrum's protected status in Nsburg, an indefinite hold has been placed on construction. The other shin is apparently full of rainwater and spiders.

The junior sideball "Small Ball" tournament's finals are this weekend, between Jack Plank's Ham-Fighters and the Dragon's Landing Toploaders.

Father's Day's "Dads and Lads" fishing derby is taking place at Nsburg's Lake Indian Name.

Hans Across Nsburg update: he's still going.

The Arts

Edith's Book Club (formerly Edith's Book Hutch) returns with three books by local authors:

  • Macramé for Spiritual Healing, by Lorna Schlitzwhistle. Includes instructions for making plant hangers, bee-hive cozies, and macrame lingerie, as well as decorative patterns for dreamcatchers, router scarves, and modem cardigans.
  • 1001 Things for Busy Kids, by Ball Hinkley. The listed activities include recipes for Mr. Hinkley's signature "found perfumes", as well as orienteering maps - all of Ball Hinkley's back yard.
  • 50 Fiery Curries: A Beginner's Guide to a Taste Explosion', by Edith Slump. The spice chart starts at three peppers, and goes all the way to "Maybe you'd better call the Nsburg Municipal Hospital and let them know you'll be around in a few hours", represented by a burning gurney. Edith's favourite from the book is the Sri Lankin Weeping Curry - based on a tragic folktale of a drowned horse, and immensely spicy.


Richter is, ironically, stuck in traffic on Highway 2. In his complaints about the traffic making it hard to get to the Qwopter, he manages to give one of the best traffic reports he's ever delivered. He is, naturally, oblivious to this.


Derek is visiting the Weiner[sic] Czar, Nsburg's oldest fast-food restaurant, for its 60th anniversary. He interviews False Dmitry the 9th Ivonovich (her friends call her Kaylee), day manager of the Weiner Czar and scion of the Ivonovich family. Weiner Czar was originally a hot dog stand outside the Town Hall (the pool hall), whose popularity led to the establishment of the restaurant. Derek, for the second time on air, manages to land another date (with False Dmitry).

Weiner Czar announces a special - the Rasputin, a wiener stabbed 18 times and pumped full of drugs (antibiotics).


  • One of Nsburg's first settlers was named Anesh.
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