Qwerpline Ep15 - Recycling Amnesty

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Graham and Alex discuss last weekend's Yo Mama Day holiday and other local news. Kendra Tiltington of the Nsburg Recycling Center calls in to announce a new Recycling Amnesty program, where for one week residents can drop off their non-recyclable items at the Recycling Center and get it out of their systems. She discovers that Nsburg does have a dump after all, becoming incoherent with rage. Richter is off trying out nature photography with a new high-zoom camera attached to the Qwopter. Derek goes downtown for the unveiling of the Richard Therpston Memorial statue, then discovers that due to a miscalculation in budget and the price of bronze, only the statue's shins have been built.

Vital Statisics

Ep. 15 Titlecard

Date: May 19, 2016

Category: Qwerpline

Appearing: Graham Stark, Alex Steacy, Kathleen De Vere, Brendan "Beej" Dery, Ian Horner

Editing: Graham Stark

Graphics: Graham Stark

Description: Kendra Tiltington explains the Nsburg Recycling Center's new initiative, Richter is broadly near Highway 3, and Derek is in the town square for an unveiling.

Runtime: 15:01

Slogan: "Land of the Midnight Sun"

  • Few people have heard of The Midnight Sun, Nsburg's prog-rock band. They once opened for Tangerine Dream.

Sponsor: Pastor McMaster's Cremaster Disaster New from Huffer Pharmachemicals, it's the only archbishop-approved Catholic prophylactic. The Pastor McMaster Cremaster Disaster: get softer faster!


Yo Mama's Day has just passed in Nsburg - a holiday observance wherein people get gifts or do favours for other people's mothers. Alex and Graham went in together on a ham for Gus' mother. Muriel did not get anything.

Freddy Ficus, the Nsburg Sewage Treatment Plant Mascot, has gone missing, along with the mascot performer, Gregory Harveston.

The "Nsburg in Bloom" event is on, and you can get a lovely planter from Rusty Splines' Funereal Home made of remaindered coffins.

Hans Across Nsburg is still going; Hans recently passed the Novel Hovel.

Let's Go to the Phones

Kendra Tiltington calls in to announce Recycling Amnesty Week. As established in Episode 5, the people of Nsburg are enthusiastic about recycling, but have only the vaguest concept of what is and is not recyclable. The center has become so frustrated that it has declared Recycling Amnesty week, where for one week, anything goes and residents can drop off whatever they like, in the hopes that they will get it out of their systems. Ms. Tiltington's plan is to dump the nonrecyclables into a vast network of tunnels beneath Nsburg, but Sandra Brentmore also calls in to object to this idea. We discover that Nsburg does, in fact, have a dump, and Ms. Tiltington is reduced to incoherent screams at the revelation.


Richter has mounted a 1000mm telephoto lens on a 50-cal machine gun mount in the Qwopter and taken up stock photography. He also draws a distinction between the QWRP helipad (on the roof of the building) and "his" helipad, the parking space next to his car in the QWRP lot.

On Location

Derek is in the town square for the unveiling of a memorial statue to the late Aldersm'n Richard Therpston (Phase One). Alex was not anticipating the unveiling, because the statue was unfinished. The Pipesmen discovered, after construction had started, that bronze is extremely costly. They have, therefore, started a bronze drive - any unused trophies, bronzed baby shoes, low-value archaeological artifacts, and spare ingots are welcome.

  • Pastor McMaster's Cremaster Disaster
    • New from Huffer Pharmachemicals, it's the only archbishop-approved Catholic prophylactic. The Pastor McMaster Cremaster Disaster: get softer faster!
    • "... sure beats a mustard plaster!"


  • QWRP is the only radio station that can be tuned into from the Rum Tunnels.
  • The description of the statue ("Two vast and trunkless legs...") and the inscription ("Look upon my works, ye mighty, and") are both references to Shelley's Ozymandias.
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