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QWRP FM (briefly Captain Toot-Toot's Seafood Buffet and Broadcast Studio) is a radio station in the fictional town of Nsburg. It hosts a variety of shows, including the Qwerpline morning show, Jimmy-Jam's Afternoon Jams & the Prank Patrol, and the financial/dating advice show Stocks & Blondes. The station manager is Joan, the station engineer is Gus, and the station account is Jeff. The station can be heard in Lesser Miami, but not Jewelsburg; the antenna does not reach that far.

The broadcast studio had to be closed and decontaminated after Raphael Crinklestouf's visit in Episode 3. In Episode 17 Darren von Spront brought a sample of extremely radioactive material into Studio B, meaning it will probably have to be decontaminated again. Derek deposited the deed to the QWRP FM broadcast office into Nsburg's annual property lottery in the same episode, leading to various portions of the studio ending up owned by other organizations, although all were eventually returned to the station's control.


  • Mobile broadcast van: The mobile broadcast van is a 1986 GMC Vandura painted white, although if you look closely you can still see the wizard airbrushed on its side. It has a manual transmission and smells like ham for no discernible reason. In Episode 9 Derek knocked the broadcast antennas off the van trying to take it through the car wash, but by Episode 13 it had been repaired. Unfortunately, Derek then drove it over a series of tire spike strips in Episode 17.
  • Traffic Qwopter: A helicopter (theoretically) used to report traffic. More often used by Richter to report on whatever he likes.
  • Fanboat: Runs on fry oil. Piloted by Richter in Episode 3 when the Qwopter was grounded due to lack of fuel.
  • Prank Tank: Belongs to Jimmy-Jam's Afternoon Jams & the Prank Patrol, who drove it in the Nsburg Chamber of Commerce parade in Episode 13. The Prank Tank is a modified Panzer IV with a t-shirt cannon retrofitted into the barrel.