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Ryan Quickbender places his bets, Graham and Kathleen talk Madden.

Vital Statistics


Airdate: January 5, 2011

Accent Word: Sundry

Job Description: Resolute Anchors

Writing: Kathleen De Vere, Jeremy Petter, Paul Saunders, Graham Stark

Graphics: Paul Saunders, Jeremy Petter

Appearing: Kathleen De Vere, Graham Stark, Matt Wiggins


  • Harmonix Independent Again
  • Shadow the Hedgehog Meant To Appeal To Americans
  • Study Connects Video Games, Civic Engagement
  • Movie About The Madden Curse?
  • EA's NFL Licence Anticompetitive, Says Lawsuit

Feature Story

Quick's Picks: Ryan Quickbender Predicts YOUR future for 2011.


  • The email featured in the Quick's Picks segment is authentic, though probably deliberately terrible.
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