Phailhaüs - 15

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This week's dose of phail comes with a side helping of James.

Vital Statistics

PhailhaĆ¼s - 15

Date: August 14, 2008

Category: PhailhaĆ¼s

Appearing: Graham Stark, James Turner, Kathleen De Vere

Edited by: Kathleen De Vere

Location: Graham's and Matt's


  • Bride Assaults Fiance
  • Bigfoot Corpse Found?
  • Octopus Have 6 Arms, 2 Legs
  • Assault Causing Mayhem
  • Roman Theme Park
  • High-Ranking Penguins
  • Pic Of The Day - Concentrate Not From Concentrate
  • Word Of The Day - Philter
  • Day of the Day - Thrift Shop Day


  • This is the first PhailhaĆ¼s starring James. James was one of two of the main cast not to appear in any Whatever Thing video (the other being Matt).