Operation: Viral Outbreak

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Not to be confused with the ENN episode Viral Outbreak.

Operation: Viral Outbreak was the codename given to a social experiment performed in tandem with the release of CommodoreHUSTLE 06 - Viral. The crew made their own phony videos and YouTube channels in an effort to see if any of them would "go viral." Fans were encouraged to help spread the word.

Each one touches on familiar themes of successful viral videos: failed stunts, video games, deliberate fanservice, obnoxious screaming, weblog videos, or the purposefully pointless or surreal videos. Some of the videos were compressed badly to give the impression of poor equipment.

Epic Nunchuck Fail

Screenshot from Epic Nunchuck Fail

Epic Nunchuck Fail shows Graham clumsily playing with nunchaku before accidentally whacking himself in the groin. He stumbles and slips on his skateboard while the cameraman (Matt) howls with laughter. Graham brings himself to his feet only to have Morgan jump kick him back to the ground.

In the associated commodoreHUSTLE, Graham is shown installing a cup. Graham was prepared to "take the hit," but the first Moonbase was located near a sporting goods store where Graham purchased the cup.

As of May 30, 2012, Epic Nunchuck Fail has over half a million views on Youtube and is the first Google search result for "nunchuck jousting." It appeared on break.com (where it has garnered another 275,000 views), failblog.org, Ebaumsworld, collegehumor.com and FunnyOrDie.com. It also aired a few times on television, including:

  • Attack of the Show
  • the truTV program It Only Hurts When I Laugh
  • the March 20th, 2009 episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • in a November 2015 segment on The Colbert Report

The account name "georgegordon111" is a reference to CSI: CSI, which itself referenced two names Graham had been called incorrectly.

Epic Nunchuck Fail can be found here.

Things On My Head

Screenshot from Things on my Head

Things On My Head is the viral video series created by Paul. It involves Paul balancing something on his head while staring at the screen with a primarily neutral expression. Almost every video lasts one minute and twenty-one seconds.

The Thingsonmyhead Youtube channel is the only channel introduced for Operation: Viral Outbreak that continued to update after the operation. It has over 81 episodes, including ThingsOnMyJanuary, where Paul updated it every day in January, 2011. At its peak, ThingsOnMyHead had over 20,000 subscribers, significantly more than the official LRR Youtube account.

During Desert Bus, "things on Paul's head" is a very common theme for challenge submissions. He will usually remove his glasses to be consistent with the original videos. In the weekly update The Tale of Matt Wiggins, Paul wears several hats on his head with the same expression as Things On My Head video.


My Girlfriend Games

Screenshot from My Girlfriend Games

My Girlfriend Games is the viral video created by Jer. It involves Jer filming small snippets of Tally playing games from Jer's collection while she comments on the game. The camera is often shaky and poorly framed. Tally makes mostly sarcastic remarks as she struggles to make sense of the game. In "Resident Evil 2," it's implied that Jer is making Tally play these games.

Other than Things on my Head, this is the only viral video with more than one episode.

My Girlfriend Games can be found here.

Youtube is Stupid!

Screenshot from Youtube is Stupid!

YouTube is Stupid! and so are its users is the viral video created by Bill. In it, Bill complains about the myriad of mistakes present in Youtube videos (bad framing cutting off people's heads, bad lighting, no editing, all of which are apparent in this video) before suddenly cutting to a scream and Graham in a luche mask dancing without pants for the remainder of the video.

According to Bill, the ending didn't turn out exactly how he wanted, the final product being more awkward than annoying. The original idea was to make a "screamer," based on video pranks that startle the viewer with a loud noise or a scary image.

Youtube is Stupid! can be found here.

I heard you liek tits

Screenshot from 'I heard you liek tits'

I heard you liek tits is the viral video created by Kathleen. It consists of Kathleen on screen announcing, "Hello, Internet. I hear you like tits." She proceeds to hold her arms out to her sides and rock her shoulders back and forth, dispassionately shaking her breasts from side to side.

Due to mitigating factors that were probably deliberate (the tightness of Kathleen's top, the likely presence of a brassiere, Kathleen facing directly the camera and shaking them laterally instead of vertically), the visible motion of Kathleen's breasts is fairly conservative. After viewing the video, several Youtube comments suggested that Kathleen had small or nonexistent breasts, something that Kathleen said was unprecedented in her life. This was referenced in the following commodoreHUSTLE.

This video had a significant jump in popularity in July and August 2012. Graham theorized it was linked from somewhere, but could not determine from where.

The channel name, mckitkat01, is derived from MC Kit Kat, Kathleen's rap nickname.

You can find I heard you liek tits here.

Cry Wolf

Screenshot from "Cry Wolf 1"

"The Wolf Crier' AKA Cry Wolf, is the viral video presented by James. In this video, a dimly-lit James sits in The Moonbase, Mk. 1 and screams "Wolf!" (written as "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLF!" on the Youtube page) He extends the vowel sound for several seconds before stopping, taking a long drink of water. He resumes, falters briefly, and ends the scream. A few seconds pass, and James announces, "Thank you for joining us on the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Next week, The Night of 1000 Screams."

James was interested in making the follow-up video "Night of 1000 Screams," but only if he sat down and actually screamed one thousand times in succession.

Cry Wolf can be found here.


Screenshot from "YOU HAVE SPACE JUMP!"

"YOU HAVE SPACE JUMP!" is the final viral video. Morgan and Matt (listed as roommates in the video description) are sitting on the couch in Graham and Matt's Place. Matt plays Super Metroid clumsily as Morgan continuously, and with ever-increasing frustration, berates Matt for not using Space Jump to bypass avoidable puzzles.

The LRR crew hoped that "Space Jump" would become its own meme. Select drivers of the following three Desert Buses (including Morgan) have been "Space Jumped," in which bystanders insist the driver "use Space Jump!" This led to the neologism "Space Bid," where the highest bidder in an auction would bid above their standing bid (effectively "outbidding" themselves, for the children).

"YOU HAVE SPACE JUMP" can be seen here.


Jer's original idea was to be a video called "Duck, Duck, Goose." It consisted of still pictures of Jer's stuffed ducks interspersed with pictures of geese. "The Chicken Dance" music played in the background and captions instructed the viewer to "count the geese." The video proceeds to get faster and faster until counting the geese would be impossible. While filming this, Tally was playing Final Fantasy XII and complained that she couldn't go shopping, inspiring "My Girlfriend Games."