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Knowledge gleaned from a previous challenge may help the Artists in today's event.

Vital Statistics


Date: May 28, 2013

Appearing: Abby Howard, Katie Rice, Lexxy Douglas, Maki Naro, Graham Stark


The Artists head to Top Pot Doughnuts to start the Strip Search Seattle Scavenger Hunt. Katie and Abby are one team and Lexxy and Maki are the other. They have one hour to get to as many of the locations as possible and sketch them. The Artists must alternate who does each sketch. The team with the most landmarks drawn at the end of the hour wins. Each team is given a map of Seattle and a list of clues for the landmarks. Lexxy and Maki immediately head out while Katie and Abby stop to plot a route on the map. Katie and Abby realize the doughnut shop is actually one of the landmarks and sketch it first. Both teams then head towards the pier. Katie and Abby take a detour that costs them some time while Lexxy and Maki head north west. Both teams question locals to get directions. Lexxy and Maki draw the Seattle Centre Amphitheater, mistakenly thinking the clue "The Main Stage" referred to it. With five minutes left and the Paramount Theater nearby, Katie and Abby believe they don't have enough time to find anymore landmarks and wait on a street corner. Back at Top Pot Doughnuts, the scores are tallied. While both teams drew the Typewriter Eraser, neither actually went there, so neither team earns points for it. Lexxy and Maki scored four points and Katie and Abby scored six. The prize for winning is dinner later in the day with Mike, Jerry, and Robert.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

The clues for the scavenger hunt and their solutions are:

  • The Main Stage - Paramount Theater
  • The Giant Typewriter Eraser - Typewriter Eraser, Scale X
  • Never Forgetting to Wash Your Car - The Elephant Car Wash
  • Hand Forged with Holes? Delicious! - Top Pot Doughnuts
  • The Huge Ass Busted Umbrella - Angie's Umbrella
  • The Great Wheel - The Great Ferris Wheel
  • Seattle's Flagship Library - Seattle Central Library
  • A Bunch of Planks of Wood and There's a 59 Nearby. - The Aquarium at Pier 59
  • The Home of PAX - Washington State Convention Center


  • Each team was accompanied by a camera person, a sound person, and an assistant.
  • Abby was wearing Kathleen's scarf.
  • Graham makes reference to the fictional show "Fill This Man with Cream" from The Crazy One, which became a meme at Desert Bus for Hope 6.
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