Old & Insane

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When Morgan turns 50, we're charging admission.

Vital Statistics

Old and Insane

Date: November 13, 2006

Category: The Whatever Thing

Appearing: Morgan vanHumbeck, Graham Stark, Jeremy Petter

Writing: Morgan vanHumbeck, Graham Stark

Edited by: Morgan vanHumbeck

Haiku: Dana

Whatever Clip: Jeremy Petter


Morgan discusses getting old, slow people, AIDS, FF12, DotA (sweet, sweet DotA!), Graham's chocolate and other candy, bat-shit loco, lethal mushrooms, Alexa Rating > 100,000, apples, and stinky burps!


"Drunk guy flirts badly.

Calls his girl "unwilling bag".

Wham! Punched in face!"


  • Graham's reaction to Morgan's horrific flatus goes on for a full 1 minute 40 seconds.
  • The last line of the haiku only has four syllables.
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