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Now Kiss! is a LoadingReadyRun livestream show, typically streaming at 9:30am PST/12:30pm EST/4:30pm GMT on Fridays. It is hosted by Kathleen.

In this show, Kathleen and a rotating special guest host take a look at dating simulators. At the end of each episode, the Twitch audience gets to vote on the game for the following week, Tinder style: Swipe left to try a different game, swipe right to keep playing the current one.

Each episode features a segment where Kathleen checks in with our husbando horsebando in the free mobile dating sim My Horse Prince.

Episode List


Date Title Link
2018-10-12 Analogue: A Hate Story Ep3 Link

2018-10-05 Analogue: A Hate Story Ep2 Link

2018-09-28 Analogue: A Hate Story Ep1 Link
Now Kiss finally returns! Kathleen is delving into the Christine Love back catalogue with Analogue: A Hate Story!
2018-08-24 Coming Out on Top (censored version) Ep2 Link
Going live with Now Kiss! Kathleen and Cori are playing Coming Out On Top
2018-08-17 Coming Out on Top (censored version) Ep1 Link
It's Friday morning, which means it's time to try and date some cute college boys! Kathleen and Cori are playing Coming Out on Top (censored version) on Now Kiss!
2018-08-10 Heaven Will Be Mine! Ep2 Link
Now playing Heaven Will Be Mine on Now Kiss!
2018-08-03 Heaven Will Be Mine! Ep1 Link
Live with Kathleen and Cori playing Heaven Will Be Mine!
2018-07-20 Games + Demos Link
Cori is live with Now Kiss 😘
2018-07-13 John Cena's Sexy High School Adventure!!! Link
Adam and Kathleen are trying to kiss John Cena.
2018-07-06 Dr. Frank's Build-a-boyfriend Link
With Kathleen, Cori and Ben
2018-06-29 Monster Prom Link

2018-06-15 Purrfect Date Ep5 Link

2018-06-01 Purrfect Date Ep4 Link

2018-05-25 Purrfect Date Ep3 Link

2018-05-18 Purrfect Date Ep2 Link

2018-05-11 Purrfect Date Ep1 Link

2018-05-04 Art Games from the museums Link

2018-04-27 The Arcana Ep 2 Link

2018-04-20 The Arcana Ep 1 Link

2018-03-30 Hustle Cat Ep 2 Link

2018-03-23 Hustle Cat Ep 1 Link

2018-03-16 My Secret Pets Ep 2 Link

2018-03-09 My Secret Pets Ep 1 Link

2018-03-02 Speed Dating for Ghosts Link

2018-02-23 Doki Doki Literature Club Ep 3 Link

2018-02-16 Doki Doki Literature Club Ep 2 Link

2018-02-02 Doki Doki Literature Club Ep 1 Link

2018-01-26 Ladykiller in a Bind Ep 3 Link


Date Title Link
2017-12-29 Ladykiller in a Bind Ep 2 Link

2017-12-22 Ladykiller in a Bind Ep 1 Link

2017-12-01 Dream Daddy Ep 2 Link

2017-11-10 Magical Diary Ep 2 Link

2017-11-03 Magical Diary Ep 1 Link

2017-10-27 PacaPlus Link

2017-10-13 Gakuen Club Ep 2 Link

2017-09-29 Gakuen Club Ep 1 Link

2017-09-22 My Horse Prince [ Link]

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