November 1 2006 LRRcast

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This week we talk about all things ZOMGies, Morgan finally decides to join us and Jer rambles about PSU as we all try and keep our selfs awake... A BURN!

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: ZOMGies!!!1

LRRcasters: Unknown

Runtime: 49:08


Part 1:

Graham and Kathleen discuss the video, mostly about the process of cooperative writing and word crafting. Graham mentions his immense satisfaction in thinking ahead when filming the Pantloons news scene, and First appearance of "What We're Playing Now" in which Kathleen discusses Digital Devil Saga in great detail, giving it an overall "Weird and hard, but really good."


Loading Ready Run gets a Wikipedia entry, and the usage of wikipedia as a resource (specifically for Story Guys videos) is discussed. Listeners are baited with the mention of "old friends leaving and new friends joining". Graham Calls MTV dicks and he and Paul talk about selling out.

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