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Not to be confused with LRRMtG, the series of drafts streamed as part of LoadingReadyRun Streams.


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Title Drafter(s) Date
Vampires of Ixalan Graham Stark March 1, 2018
Graham goes over a Rivals of Ixalan draft league, featuring some touch-and-go games, and the overwhelming power of vampires.
EMN Draft League Graham Stark September 24, 2016
Graham talks through a replay of an Eldritch Moon 6-2-2-2 MTGO draft league.
Mana Clash! Graham and James January 6, 2016
Graham and James crack out the white-bordered lands and get frisky with 8th Edition!
Force of Won’t Graham and James December 3, 2015
Legendary Cube is super fun and different, so let’s see how a standby Cube archetype fairs.
Allies, Advance! Graham and James October 21, 2015
Might as well start off the Battle for Zendikar by representing the allies.
Weenie Fight! Graham and James October 7, 2015
It’s Cube! That means “time to force something bad,” right??
Just Play Graham and James September 22, 2015
Farewell to Origins, it's a new draft, and we're actually trying somewhat.
Origins Rare Draft Graham and James September 8, 2015
It’s Rare Draft time! How many colors will Graham and James get wrangled into this time?
A Comedy of Errors Graham and James August 11, 2015
The deck is fine, everything else is a mess.
Elf Harm Graham and James July 30, 2015
James and Graham get a severe lesson in Origins draft.
Summer Cubing James and Serge July 15, 2015
With Graham still away James and Serge let the power get to their head.
Canada Day Graham and James July 2, 2015
Canada Day is the day we celebrate our heritage with two archetypes not being able to get along.
Slinging Fire Graham and James June 17, 2015
Graham and James (finally) first pick Banefire and see where it takes them.
Token Madness Graham and James June 2, 2015
What can you even do with MM2015 that’s actually silly? The best deck in the format? Oh, okay.
DTK Rare Draft Graham and James May 19, 2015
It’s that time again, take all the rares, play all the rares.
Making an Impact Graham and James May 5, 2015
Graham and James decide to force an archetype and it all falls apart.
Dragons, Get In! Graham and James April 22, 2015
It’s time for DTK, which means it’s time to get all the dragons we can find!
Break Through the Line Graham and James April 1, 2015
James and Graham send FKK draft off with “style”, in this mono-red draft.
Pot O' Gold Graham and James March 17, 2015
Graham and James jump in a 3xARB queue for some gold.
Mad Sultai Graham and James February 26, 2015
Graham and James are back from GPVan and ready to fill their graveyards with value.
Ghastly Draft Graham and James February 11, 2015
Graham and James brave the unreal format of Triple FRF, and things happen.
Marduneblast Graham Stark December 31, 2014
Graham catches up on Khans and finds help from a Khan himself.
The Return of the Hats Graham and James December 17, 2014
Graham and James return to their headwear roots with the KTK Hat Draft!
The Red Mist Graham and James December 2, 2014
It's Cube time, and for LRR that means mono-Red. Some great games within!
Wrath of Rares Graham and James November 5, 2014
It's the KTK Rare Draft, and this time, we're playing EVERY rare we get!
LRR's Amazing Prowess Graham and James October 25, 2014
Graham & James follow the Jeskai Way to try and build the best Prowess deck they can. This is not that deck.
Goodbye M15, Hello Mono-Red Graham and James September 24, 2014
James and Graham say goodbye to M15 the only way they know how. By forcing Mono-Red.
Feelin' Blue James and Paul August 28, 2014
James and Paul live the dream with a mono-blue Welkin Tern/Ensoul Artifact deck.
Constellation Consternation Graham and James July 16, 2014
Graham & James hit up some JBT enchantment, and it's not great, let's be honest.
Vintage Masters Canada Draft James, Cameron, Graham, Alex and Jeremy July 2, 2014
It was Canada Day for Canadians, and (I suppose) for non-Canadians, too. Celebrate the United States' favorite hat with LoadingReadyRun's Vintage Masters draft.
Vintage Goblins Graham and James June 17, 2014
Graham and James try their young hands at Vintage Masters and discover that Goblins have always been powerful.
Theros Block Rare Draft Graham and James June 3, 2014
Graham & James can't wait and jump into a rare draft, full of some live-the-dream plays.
Oops, A Deck Graham and James May 20, 2014
After jumping in the wrong queue, James and Graham end up drafting a real deck.
Superfriends! Graham and James May 6, 2014
James and Graham go full Avengers with this cube draft. Planeswalker team go!
5-Color Disasterpiece Graham and James April 22, 2014
This week LoadingReadyRun presents TWO wacky drafts, including a 5-Color Theros Disasterpiece!
The Charge of the Badger Graham Stark March 11, 2014
Graham takes up the Charging Challenge in Triple BNG, and breaks the format with Badger Aggro.
Triple BNG! Graham and James February 25, 2014
Graham and James let the format do the weirdness and wade into the bizarre world of Triple Born of the Gods.
Theros Rare Draft Graham and James February 11, 2014
As requested, a draft for the gold. Turns out there's a lot of weird rares in Theros.
Landfallin' Graham and James January 28, 2014
Graham & James try to not completely fail at a ZZW draft, a format they are woefully unfamiliar with. Some very entertaining games within!
Big Kitty Graham and James January 14, 2014
Graham and James just let the draft wash over them and hedge their bets on a big, angry cat.
The Pyxis of Asphodel Graham, James and Gary November 5, 2013
Graham and James finally open a Pyxis of Pandemonium and (though it takes until Round 3) the Pyxis delivers!
The Power of Sparkles Graham and James October 22, 2013
Graham and James unleash the power of a new card frame by taking all the sparkly things. It goes well!
Theros' Best-Dressed Graham and Kathleen October 16, 2013
Graham and Kathleen select the best-dressed cards in Theros and the results are better than you might expect.
Big Boy Pants Graham and James September 25, 2013
With Theros around the corner, let’s get comfortable with auras, and get as many on a creature as we can!
The Many Rares of M14 Graham Stark September 10, 2013
Graham tries a rare draft with a twist: resolve as many as possible. Round 3 is the most entertaining.
Dark Bounty Graham Stark September 7, 2013
Two mythics combine to make Graham's GB M14 deck. Let's see how it handles!
Staff of Choice Graham and James August 28, 2013
James and Graham let the Magus Staff decided their mono-colored deck.
The M14 2-Drop Challenge Graham and James August 14, 2013
Can Graham and James break the M14 draft format like they did for Gatecrash, by taking ALL the 2-drops?
Take Your Stuff Graham Stark August 8, 2013
An experiment, Graham casts someone else's draft. Only two rounds, owing to vagaries of MTGO, but more to come!
The Angels of Life Graham Stark July 31, 2013
After the draft not going anywhere near as planned, Graham tries to forge a new, different archetype in M14. Check out matches 2 and 3 for the plan running at peak operation.
Keyword Krazy Graham and James July 18, 2013
Forewarning: Do not expect good games this week, as Graham and James say goodbye to RTR Block draft by trying to cast, resolve, or trigger every guild keyword.
Modern Growth Graham and James June 18, 2013
There are so many amazing things to do in Modern Masters draft, but James and Graham just decided to make all their creatures bigger. Crazy interactions within!
RTR Block Rare Draft Graham and James June 4, 2013
Graham and James thought they had a plan, but then they decided to audible into a rare draft. It goes pretty well!
Keep the Gates Graham and Kathleen May 21,2013
Triple Dragon’s Maze is a weird format. Let’s try to break it! Take ALL the gates!
The 23rd Card Graham and James April 19, 2013
What happens when you make a deck of cards that aren’t unplayable, but aren’t amazing either? This. This happens.
Count It Graham and James March 13, 2013
LoadingReadyRun’s Graham begins this Gatecrash draft by noting, “There’s an Ooze Flux that looks pretty entertaining…” Check out how the draft unfolds inside!
Borzhov Graham and James February 27, 2013
James and Graham have a plan for their first GTC draft. But then they open a Mythic and everything goes wobbly.
Maximum Greed Graham, James and Jeremy February 13, 2013
The guys jump into a prerelease sealed event. So many multicolour bombs… guess they’d better run them all!
Return to Storytime Graham and Kathleen January 30, 2013
Is romance in the air, or will bad draws prevent this tale of forbidden Ravnican love from hitting the table? LRR presents another Storytime draft!
Izzggro Graham and Kathleen January 21, 2013
Kathleen joins Graham and they make Izzet happen.
RTRare Graham and James January 16, 2013
It’s time for the classic LoadingReadyRareDraft! How will Return to Ravnica fair?
Back to Ravnica Graham Stark January 12, 2013
It's finally time to return to Return to Ravnica! Graham wants to do something goofy, can he resist the urge to just make a good deck? Hint: No.
More Power! Graham and James January 2, 2013
James and Graham sneak in under the wire to fill their cube deck with as much Power 9 as possible. Things go very differently than planned.
Unbearable Graham and James December 5, 2012
Which creature most resembles Grizzly Bears? Whatever it is, you take it… if you’re LoadingReadyRun and drafting RTR.
Chronically Flooded Graham and James November 7, 2012
Is a mill deck remotely viable in RTR limited? Graham and James aim to find out.
Azorius Fliers Graham and Kathleen October 29, 2012
Graham goes for the 8-4 gold with BACK-TO-BACK Return to Ravnica drafts. How will drafting outside his usual deck fair?
Go for the Gold! Graham and Paul October 24, 2012
Return to Ravnica is all about the guilds and their cool mana combinations, so Graham & Paul see how deep they can get with only multi-colored spells.
RTR Sealed Graham Stark October 18, 2012
Graham enters a Return to Ravinca Sealed event and does what he can with a thinly spread pool.
It's a Trap! Graham and James October 10, 2012
Graham and James challenge the notion that Mono-Black is a trap in the MTGO cube. How successful are they?
LoadingReadyResources - No Attacks James and Marshall September 26, 2012
With Graham away, James brings in Limited Resources‘ Marshall Sutcliffe and forces him to favor comedy over playability in this M13 Draft. In some hands this could fail horribly.
Best Pick in the Pack Graham and James September 11, 2012
When they don’t open anything especially goofy, James suggests he and Graham should just take the “best” card, regardless of how well it fits their deck. We hope you enjoy watching the clock run down!
M13 Rare-Draft Graham and James August 29, 2012
After the success (such as it was) of their AVR ‘Rare Draft’, Graham and James see what the rares in M13 can offer.
Go Away, Goblins! Graham and Kathleen August 17, 2012
LRR’s Kathleen and Graham jump into a Magic 2013 draft. First they try Mono-White, then they try Mono-Red, and then (briefly) they try Mono-Goblins. Will the list shape up?
GB(W) M13 Graham and Kathleen August 7, 2012
Graham (with bonus Kathleen) drafts up some M13.
Dial M13 for Murder! Graham and James August 3, 2012
It’s their first M13 MTGO draft, so Graham and James are going to go with the flow and see what comes to them.
Down to the Wire Graham Stark July 22, 2012
Graham is back for another late-night solo draft. It's an AVR 8-4 and it gets pretty intense.
AVR Rare-Draft Graham and James July 18, 2012
After committing to drafting rares above all else, can Graham and James actually make Primal Surge go off in Limited?
AVR Graham Stark July 12, 2012
Graham tries his own solo AVR draft, because why not.
Here's the Kicker! Graham and James July 4, 2012
Graham and James have only been playing Magic seriously for a little under two years now, so they have no business attempting an Invasion Block draft. That isn’t going to stop them from trying.
Goes All-In Graham and James June 20, 2012
The guys provide a lesson in why the minimum deck size should be more of a rule than a suggestion… by running all 45 of their draft picks.
Storytime Graham and James June 6, 2012
The guys try not to be hemmed in by a strict draft rule this time, opting instead to let the cards tell them what to do. It might not be any better.
Zombpocalypse Graham and James May 24, 2012
Most good Magic decks have a reasonable ratio of creatures to spells, so Graham and James decide to do away with half of that and draft mono-creatures.
Alphabet Cube Graham and James May 9, 2012
Graham and James don’t know most of the cards in the MTGO cube, so they’re removing themselves from the equation and letting the alphabet pick their cards. It goes… okay.
Drafting Blind Graham, James, Jeremy and Paul April 25, 2012
Jer, Graham, and James draft DII. They each draft 1 pack without knowing what the others picked. Paul moderates.
The Amazing Hats of Innistrad Graham and James April 11, 2012
Bouncing back from last episode’s failure, Graham and James follow through with their “mono-hat aggro” deck. Only the most badass of hats need apply.
Best Laid Plans Graham and James March 28, 2012
The first of LoadingReadyRun’s comedy drafts goes even more poorly than originally intended. Come watch Graham and James battle back from a MTGO connection failure.
Graham Practices Drafting Graham and Jeremy June 14, 2011
In preparation for the MTGO Community Cup, Graham practices some "paper" drafting at the local comic shop.
SoM Draft PT2 Graham and Jeremy June 13, 2011
Jer & Graham have their recording tech worked out, and draft a modern expansion this time. This is Part 2, the only game they played.
Cracking Some Packs Graham and Jeremy June 13, 2011
Graham's training for the MTGO Community Cup continues with some drafting tech. Jer weighs in with his strategies too.
SoM Draft PT1 Graham and Jeremy June 12, 2011
Jer & Graham have their recording tech worked out, and draft a modern expansion this time. This is Part 1, drafting and deck construction.
Master's Edition 4 MTGO Draft Graham and Jeremy May 22, 2011
Jeremy and Graham plunge deep into a Magic Online draft, with both a limited knowledge of the Master's Edition format, and a rushed pace-on account of the talking.
Jer calls the video, "In which we first-pick Balance and lose."
Title Appearing Date
LRRMTG Brawl Bonus Game 2 Kathleen, Cameron, ProJared and Kelly Digges April 20, 2018
Sponsored by Wizards of the Coast, it's a 4 player Brawl bonus game featuring ProJared, WoTC's Kelly Digges and our own Kathleen and Cameron.
LRRMTG Brawl Bonus Game Graham, Adam, Nate Holt and April King April 19, 2018
Sponsored by Wizards of the Coast, it's a 4 player Brawl bonus game featuring Nate Holt, April King and our own Graham and Adam.
Official Dominaria Spoiler Card Kathleen and Ben April 5, 2018
This spoiler card is only available in Dominaria!
Official Aether Revolt Spoiler Card Paul and Cameron January 2, 2017
Check out our new spoiler card for the upcoming Aether Revolt!
Official Commander '16 Spoiler Paul and Kathleen October 26, 2016
Everybody stand well back!
Official Kaladesh Spoiler Card Graham and Cameron September 9, 2016
Help us out here, how do we "get" our opponents with this weird one?
Official Eternal Masters Spoiler Card Graham and Cameron May 25, 2016
Shoutouts and love to Wizards for letting us spoil this super sick card in Eternal Masters.
Exclusive Shadows Over Innistrad Spoiler Card Graham and Cameron March 21, 2016
Our official Shadows Over Innistrad Spoiler Card!
Exclusive Oath of the Gatewatch Official Spoiler Card Graham and Alex January 5, 2016
You know a creature is big when turning it into a literal elephant is the preferable outcome.
Exclusive Commander 2015 Official Spoiler Video Graham and James November 3, 2015
It's fan-favourite "build-around-me", and an often contentious "shouldn't-main-deck", together at last!!
Exclusive Battle for Zendikar Spoiler Card Graham and Cameron September 14, 2015
Our official spoiler for BfZ has Graham a little short of breath.
Exclusive Magic Origins Spoiler Card Graham and Kathleen July 1, 2015
Everyone, meet our wonderful Magic Origins Durdlebot!
Exclusive Modern Masters 2015 Spoiler Card Paul and Cameron May 6, 2015
Yes indeed it's Modern Masters time. What else is being reprinted? Let's find out! If Cameron lets us.
Exclusive Dragons of Tarkir Spoiler Cards Graham and Kathleen March 11, 2015
So many questions answered, so many stories brought full circle.
Well, two. Two stories. See what our other two KTK preview cards ended up like in this new future.
Exclusive Fate Reforged Spoiler Card James and Graham January 8, 2015
Our exclusive spoiler card for the upcoming expansion Fate Reforged! Now if we could just figure out what this means...
Exclusive Khans of Tarkir Spoiler Card Alex and Graham September 7, 2014
We are *very* excited to see this turtle tromping his way through Tarkir.
Exclusive M15 Spoiler Card Graham, Kathleen and Paul July 2, 2014
Our official spoiler card for M15, and it's right up Paul's alley. The artifacts will walk!!
A Video Conspiracy Brian David-Marshall, Kathleen, Kenji Egashira, Toby Elliot, Nate Holt, Chris Kluwe, Marshall Sutcliffe, David Williams and Graham May 17, 2014
Last month, eight people received a suspicious email inviting them to a mysterious meeting at Wizards...
Gathering together in a secure location with Graham Stark of Loading Ready Run, and some shadowy figures from the Magic brand team, they were presented with a unique opportunity.
We filmed these eight people drafting Conspiracy a full two months before the release! The excitement was only slightly diminished by the necessity of signing the Non-Disclosure Agreements in blood.
Exclusive Journey Into Nyx Spoiler Card Kathleen and Graham April 16, 2014
LRR's exclusive spoiler card for Journey Into Nyx, and one that seems it could actually see Standard play... or at least disrupt some of the top decks a little.
Born of the Gods Spoiler Card Alex and Graham January 16, 2014
Courtesy of the kind folks at WotC we present our official BNG spoiler card: Raised by Wolves.
Official Theros Spoiler Card Graham and James September 9, 2013
Here's heroic spoiler card for Magic's upcoming Theros expansion!
Official M14 Spoiler Card Graham, Kathleen, Ash, Cameron, Brad and James May 21, 2013
Another spoiler card from our friends at Wizards. It's for the Magic 2014 Core Set, and it's another of your friendly neighbourhood slivers.
Official Dragon's Maze Spoiler Card Graham, Kathleen and James April 11, 2013
Back with another official preview card, this time for the upcoming expansion, Dragon's Maze!
Official Gatecrash Spoiler Card Paul, Graham and James January 6, 2013
Check it out! We got a promo card for the upcoming Gatecrash set of Magic: The Gathering!
Official Return to Ravnica Spoiler Card Graham, James and Kathleen September 12, 2012
Wizards of the Coast gave us our very own #RTR preview card. Check it out!
Shit Magic Players Say James Turner February 6, 2012
"Turn 1, Plains, Doomed Traveller, Go."
MTGO CC Day 4: Standard Alex, Jeremy, the MTGO CC team, the WOTC team and Tally October 27, 2011
The Community Team may hold a strong lead going into the final day, but Wizards could still take it. If they play VERY well.
MTGO CC Day 3: Modern Alex, Jeremy, James, the MTGO CC team, the WOTC team and Mike Robles September 21, 2011
Graham and the MTGO CC team take on a fresh batch of WotC employee at the new format, Modern.
MTGO CC Day 2: Draft Graham, Josef, Luis, Chris, Bing, Michelle, George, Joe, Marshall, Aaron, Mark and Mike July 5, 2011
Graham and the CC team fight Team Wizards in a Scars Block MTGO draft.
MTGO CC Day 2: Ducks Graham, Jeremy, Alex and James June 23, 2011
The MTGO CC Team takes a tour of Seattle on the city's famous amphibious vehicles, The Ducks.
MTGO CC Day 1 Graham, Jeremy, James, Alex and the MTGO CC team June 22, 2011
Graham, Jer, James and Alex travel to Seattle for the Magic: The Gathering Online Community Cup.
PAX East 2011 Archenemy Graham, Michael Robles, Paul and Kathleen March 30, 2011
Paul, Kathleen and Graham take on Wizards of the Coast's own Michael Robles at a game of Archenemy.
If you're into MTG already, you'll probably get more out of this video, a lot of it is kind of abstracted.