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Morgan vanHumbeck
Morgan vanHumbeck
Morgan's About Page Picture
Date of Birth: August 26
Family: Josh (half-brother).
Duties: Actor
First Appearance: Ways to Eat Fries (21 November 2003)
Last Appearance: The LoadingReadyRumble 2 (30 December 2014)
Recurring Characters: Small Time Thief, Bojangles, Andrew Shepard, Ice Tray, KillahByte, Chip Musgrave
Desert Bus
First Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 1 (22 November 2007)
Last Appearance: Desert Bus Opening Titles (23 November 2014)
Twitter: @MuchachoMorgan

Morgan vanHumbeck is a former LRR crewmember and current contributor. He vows never to get married and has stated that his right arm is noticeably larger than his left due to...private hobbies. During LoadingReadyLIVE! he forgot to wear his boxers and so contributed both full nudity and helicoptering behind the stage. He has one half-brother according to the January 17th 2007 LRRcast and is usually addicted to DotA to some degree or another.

Morgan sleeps with so many women he must be gay. He is on record, on the August 15, 2007 LRRcast, that if Ryan Reynolds was gay, he would "turn myself gay right now" and seek him out. Furthermore, in the LRRCast for September 26, 2007, Morgan said "I love teh cocks".

He was the unwitting 'victim' of a humorous internet Photoshop campaign dedicated to depicting him in various movie posters/iconic images and Chuck Norris-esque 'facts'. These may be found here, on the LRR Forums.

Morgan was previously responsible for The Whatever Thing. He wrote, appeared in, filmed and edited these short videos. However Morgan is lazy so Graham gave up trying to get him to do The Whatever Thing.

For much of the 6th season, Morgan was traveling through the USA in order to see more of the world. During this time he acquired an eyebrow piercing, misplaced porn at someone's house, and slept on the couches of many LRR fans.

Morgan was a driver for the first six Desert Bus for Hope events, returning from a European sojourn only a few days before Desert Bus for Hope 5 began. He was one of only two drivers who didn't crash during Desert Bus for Hope 4 (the other being Jer).

DB Crew

Has been a Desert Bus Crew member on the following runs:

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