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Mine O'Clock is James' weekly Minecraft stream airing Tuesdays at 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT. The first stream was on the 8th of March, 2017 when James began working for LoadingReadyRun full time. Mine O'Clock moved from Wednesday to Tuesday as of 17 July, 2018 to allow for the sponsored MtG Arena stream.

List of Episodes


Date Title Link Express
2023-01-31 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.10 [ Link]
James, Serge, and Uno return for the Minecraft 1.10 update in Minecraft Through the AGES...Ages...ages on today's Mine O'Clock!
2023-01-24 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.9 [ Link]
James + Serge + Uno + Minecraft = Mine O'Clock, the premier* Minecraft based stream on the LoadingReadyRun network! (*only)
2023-01-10 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.8 Link
James, Serge, and Uno are back with the 1.8 update for their ongoing Minecraft through the AGES... Ages... ages series on Mine O'Clock!


Date Title Link Express
2022-12-27 Agrarian Skies 2 Link
Serge is away so we're rocking it old school on today's Mine O'Clock by going back to our roots and checking out Agrarian Skies 2 for funsies!
2022-12-20 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.7 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live on Mine O'Clock! Our continued adventures of Minecraft through the AGES... Ages... ages, well, continues over on
2022-12-13 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.7 Link
I don't want to hype this weeks Mine O'Clock up to much, but today in Minecraft through the AGES... Ages... ages, we're moving on to 1.7, "The Update that Changed the World".
2022-12-06 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.6 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are back with this weeks MoC and their continued adventures in Minecraft through the AGES... Ages... ages. Today we're moving on to 1.6.4 which means HORSIES!! And we're gonna try and build an Iron Farm.
2022-11-29 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.5 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live with today's episode of Mine O'Clock! Tune in for S tier content, from A, S, and S tier boys. James is the A!
2022-11-22 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.5 Link
James, Uno, and Serge return to their JOURNEY THROUGH THE AGES... Ages... ages on today's installment of Mine O'Clock. They have unfinished business with a Wither, what could possibly go wrong?
2022-11-08 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.4 Link
Today on Mine O'Clock our Journey Through the AGES... Ages... ages continues as we move on to Minecraft 1.4! The PRETTY SCARY UPDATE! Our timing is impeccable, don't @ me.
2022-11-01 Mystery Box Link
We're down a Serge today, so we're gonna take a quick break from Minecraft Through the Ages and instead James has put Uno in charge. Like... James has no idea what he's doing today. What could possibly go wrong :D
2022-10-25 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.3 Link
Today the Mine O'Clock crew moves on to Minecraft 1.3 in their Journey through the AGES... Ages... ages! 1.3 was a BIG update, so lots of things for us to check out today.
2022-10-18 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.2 Link
After last weeks somewhat dire attempt to find their way to The End; James, Serge, and Uno return fresh faced and ready to take on the challenge once more. It's time for Mine O'Clock and their continue Journey Through the AGES... Ages... ages.
2022-10-11 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.1 Link
James, Serge, and Uno continue their Journey Through the AGES... Ages... ages... of Minecraft! Today we move from 1.0 to the 1.1 release. What wonders will have been added? Tune in to find out :D
2022-10-04 Minecraft through the Ages: Minecraft 1.0 Link
The Mine O'Clock gang are kicking off something brand new today! Join James, Uno, and Serge as they begin their journey in MINECRAFT THROUGH THE AGES... Ages... ages! Today, Minecraft 1.0!
2022-09-27 1v1v1 Single Item Speedruns Link
Today on Mine O'Clock James, Serge, and RebelliousUno take a quick 1 off episode break before our next big adventure with some classic 1v1v1 Single Item Speedruns!
2022-09-20 Vault Hunters Ep10 Link
James had a very important bidness meeting today and left Serge in charge on Mine O’Clock. But now he’s back and shall do his best to wrestle control back.
2022-09-13 Vault Hunters Ep9 Link
Time for Mine O Clock! Journey back to the Vault with Uno and Serge for more Minecraft Vault Hunters!
2022-09-06 Vault Hunters Ep8 Link
Good morning. This is your regularly scheduled Tuesday morning reminder that James Serge and Uno are live playing popular video game Minecraft. Tune in for an absolute banger of a stream. #CantBackThatClaimUp
2022-08-23 Vault Hunters Ep7 Link Express
James is having some computer troubs this morning, but it’s Mine O’Clock and the show must go on! So as a special treat, Serge is gonna host today. So now you can see the perspective of who’s been carrying Uno and James the past 5 weeks in the Vaults
2022-08-16 Vault Hunters Ep6 Link Express

2022-08-09 Vault Hunters Ep5 Link Express

2022-08-02 Vault Hunters Ep4 Link Express
James, Serge, and Uno are live with Mine O'Clock. Turns out it's Uno's birthday tomorrow, so we're gonna do the only appropriate thing we can do in this situation. CAKE VAULTS! And if you have no idea what that means, you should tune in :)
2022-07-26 Vault Hunters Ep3 Link Express
James, Uno, and Serge are live with more Vault Hunters on Mine O'Clock!
2022-07-19 Vault Hunters Ep2 Link Express

2022-07-12 Vault Hunters Ep1 Link Express
Time for an all new adventure on Mine O'Clock. We tried Vault Hunters a few months back and it didn't quite click, but we're heading back into the Vaults with a better idea of what we want to do. Join James, Serge, and Uno on Mine O'Clock!
2022-06-28 Whamjangle Link
It's time for a good old fashion Minecraft Whamjangle! Kicking things off with some sort of escape room, and then who knows! It's a Whamjangle!
2022-06-21 OceanBlock Ep9 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are getting close to wrapping things up in their Minecraft - OceanBlock world. Today we're gonna "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" ourselves. SHOTGUN RICK MORANIS!
2022-06-14 OceanBlock Ep8 Link
Y'all wanna watch some Minecraft? | I hope so, cause that's about all I'm qualified to do these days :P
2022-06-07 OceanBlock Ep7 Link
Pssst. Minecraft is happening over here.
2022-05-31 One Block Speedrun Link
Anyways, gonna do some Minecraft one-block speedruns like all the cool kids.
2022-05-24 1.19-Pre2 release Link
James is away this week, and with him the OceanBlock server apparently (some technical difficulties, hopefully fixed for next week) so instead, join Serge and Uno as they explore 1.19-Pre2 release on today's MoC! At least that's the plan :)
2022-05-17 OceanBlock Ep6 Link
James, Serge, and Uno (jeeze there are a lot of us on this show) are live with this mornings Mine O'Clock. We're gonna play Minecraft (shocking) and see how long we can hold out talking about poutine! So basically every Tuesday morning around these parts.
2022-05-10 OceanBlock Ep5 Link
James, Serge, and Uno cordially invite you to watch Mine O'Clock on the LoadingReadyRun Twitch channel starting right now. We may or may not have a special Minecraft related announcement to make at the top of the show.
2022-05-03 OceanBlock Ep4 Link
James, Serge, and Uno are playing Minecraft! Which is good cause the name of the show is Mine O'Clock and the whole hook is we play Minecraft.
2022-04-19 OceanBlock Ep3 Link
LoadingReadyRun presents Mine O'Clock. A weekly show featuring James, Serge, and RebelliousUno (If that even is his real name) where they play Minecraft. A video game where you punch trees to get wood, among other things... or so I've been told.
2022-04-12 Minecraft Achievement Bingo Link

2022-04-05 OceanBlock Ep2 Link
James, Serge, and Uno are live with this mornings Mine O'Clock - OceanBlock Ep2. You know, sometimes it's hard to come up with fun going online tweets. This was not one of them, this tweet is hilarious!
2022-03-29 OceanBlock Ep1 Link
Ya'll know that song by American rock band Ween, Ocean Man? You know, from the SpongeBob SquarePants movie back in... checks wikipedia 2004!?! What even is time. Anyways, this is all to say today on MoC we're starting a new mod pack called OceanBlock.
2022-03-22 James Digs A Hole Link
James is rocking today's Mine O'Clock solo. Which could only mean one of two things! 1. He's gonna play Minecraft like a normal human, or 2. He's gonna dig a hole. You have 0 guesses, of course it's the hole.
2022-03-15 Parkour - Spiral 3 Link
James and Serge are live on Mine O'Clock! On today's show we've got just one word, seven letters, and two syllables for you. PARKOUR!
2022-03-08 Server Tour + Speedruns Link
James, Serge, and Uno are live on Mine O'Clock! Today they're gonna tour the 1.18 SMP server they've been playing on the past 3 months, then they're gonna attempt a 3-man 1.18 Speedrun! I'm sure they'll do great.
2022-03-01 Punch-a-Chunk with James Link
Y'all wanna watch James dig a hole? He assures us, and you that it's at least half as entertaining as Elden Ring.
2022-02-22 Minecraft 1.18 Ep13 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live on MoC today, and they're hunting for diamonds. 432 diamonds to be exact. Will they find what they need? Will James fall down a hole? Will Serge do math before 11AM? Will Uno speak with a British accent? Let's find out!
2022-02-15 Minecraft 1.18 Ep12 Link
In James's office at Mine O'Clock HQ, Serge and Uno toasted their new start after James purchased the company and made unexpected changes in the business model. I lifted today's going live message from a Young and the Restless recap, it kinda worked :D
2022-02-08 Minecraft 1.18 Ep11 Link
Mine O'Clock is live! James is out today, so join Serge and Uno as they do Serge and Uno stuff. And no, I don't know what that means either.
2022-02-01 Minecraft 1.18 Ep10 Link
James and Serge are live with Mine O'Clock! Serge is hosting today's stream, so already things are looking more handsome than normal.
2022-01-25 Minecraft 1.18 Ep9 Link
Minecraft until morale improves! Or 1:00PM Pacific as that's when the stream is scheduled to end. Minecraft until at least 1:00PM, maybe 1:07PM if we get caught up doing something fun.
2022-01-18 Minecraft 1.18 Ep8 Link
It's Tuesday morning at 10:00AM on the west coast of North America, that can only mean several billion things, and one of them is it's time for Mine O'Clock! James, Serge, and Uno are getting to work on their Wither Skull farm today.
2022-01-11 Minecraft 1.18 Ep7 Link
Why: Cause I freaking said so, that's why.
2022-01-04 Minecraft 1.18 Ep6 Link
James is away so Serge and Uno shall play… Minecraft. The show is called Mine O’Clock after all. I swear, if they’re not playing Minecraft, so help me.


Date Title Link
2021-12-28 Minecraft 1.18 Ep5 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live for the final Mine O'Clock of 2021. On the docket today, a quick community board task, and the continuation/completion(?) of our very large slime farm.
2021-12-21 Minecraft 1.18 Ep4 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live on Mine O'Clock this morning with all sorts of stuff planned. Gotta build a bounty board, kill a wither, and dig a hole. Truly the Minecraft equivalent of Christmas morning.
2021-12-14 Minecraft 1.18 Ep3 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live playing Minecraft! What are they doing? Shrug Emoji. Minecraft stuff? Will it be entertaining? I'd wager there's a 50/50 chance. Should you tune in? Sure, why not. I'm not your boss.
2021-12-07 Minecraft 1.18 Ep2 Link
Adventures on the 1.18 Vanilla SMP Minecraft server continue! Join James, Serge, and Uno for this mornings episode of Mine O'Clock!
2021-11-30 Minecraft 1.18 Ep1 Link
Mine O'Clock 1.18 RELEASE DAY HYPE! James, Uno, and Serge are live! We've got a brand new 1.18 server up and running and oh so many plans :D Let's gooooo!
2021-11-02 Vault Hunters Ep3 Link
James, RebelliousUno, and Serge walk into a bar. Ouch³. If it wasn't obvious by the very clever joke above, we're live with Mine O'Clock and our continued adventures in the land of Vault Hunters. But I don't think I could have been more clear.
2021-10-26 Single Item Speedruns 1v1v1 Link
It's James' birthday today, so you are legally required to come watch him play Minecraft with Uno and Serge for at least 10 minutes at some point during today's Mine O'Clock. Which is live RIGHT NOW!
2021-10-19 Vault Hunters Ep2 Link
It's everyone's favorite LoadingReadyRun Stream, 3 men and a game made for actual babies. Join James, Uno, and Serge for more Vault Hunters on this morning's Mine O'Clock!
2021-10-12 Vault Hunters Ep1 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live with Mine O'Clock! Today we're gonna dive into a new Modded World and check out Vault Hunters!
2021-10-05 Speedrun random Minecraft blocks Link
James is flying solo on Mine O'Clock this week. We're taking a quick, one week break before we jump into our next big group adventure (Vault Hunters). So for this week join James as he attempts to Speedrun random Minecraft blocks!
2021-09-28 3-Player Shared Advancement 1.17 Ep11 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live on Mine O'Clock! Last week we spent 2.5 hours killing drowned for a trident. How will we choose to spend our precious hours on this planet this week? Tune in to find out :D
2021-09-21 3-Player Shared Advancement 1.17 Ep10 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live with today's episode of Mine O'Clock! We're closing in on finishing up this 1.17 Advancement run.
2021-09-14 3-Player Shared Advancement 1.17 Ep9 Link
We're live with today's Mine O'Clock! James, RebelliousUno and Serge are back with their journey to 100%(ish) complete the Minecraft Advancement tree! Today we eat a spider eye... and probably some other stuff too!
2021-09-07 Start-from-scratch diamond challenge Link
Have to push back the start of Mine O'Clock by 30 minutes today. So join James and Serge at 10:30AM Pacific for an all out 2.5 hour, start from scratch diamond challenge. Loser buys the winner poutine!
2021-08-31 3-Player Shared Advancement 1.17 Ep8 Link

2021-08-24 James and Serge build a bridge Link
James and Serge are live for today's Mine O'Clock! Uno is away this week, so we're hitting pause on our 1.17 Advancement run, and instead we're gonna build a bridge at James' Punch-A-Chunk base!
2021-08-17 3-Player Shared Advancement 1.17 Ep7 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live with today's Mine O'Clock as they continue their quest to 100%(ish) complete all of Minecraft's advancements!
2021-08-03 3-Player Shared Advancement 1.17 Ep6 Link
James, Uno, and Serge continue their 100%(ish) Minecraft 1.17 Advancement run! Today, we're heading into the Nether.
2021-07-27 3-Player Shared Advancement 1.17 Ep5 Link
James, Uno, and Serge return to their Minecraft 1.17 100%(ish) 3-Player Advancement Run. What's their plan today? Who's to say :D Me probably, it is my show, but here we are.
2021-07-20 3-Player Shared Advancement 1.17 Ep4 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are back as they attempt to 100%(ish) the Minecraft 1.17 Advancement tree. Today we journey into The End!
2021-07-13 3-Player Shared Advancement 1.17 Ep3 Link
Today on Mine O'Clock James, RebelliousUno, and Serge are back on the advancement hunt! Today we setup a XP farm.
2021-07-06 3-Player Shared Advancement 1.17 Ep2 Link
Today on Mine O’Clock, it’s multiplayer shenanigans with Serge and Uno!
2021-06-29 3-Player Shared Advancement 1.17 Ep1 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are setting off on a new Minecraft adventure. The 100%(ish) 3-Player Shared Advancement Run in Minecraft 1.17! Will they reach their goal?! Probably not, but they'll have fun trying :D
2021-06-15 Exploring Hermitcraft S7 Link
James gave Serge and Uno the day off and is gonna spend some time exploring the world of Hermitcraft S7. Let's see what actual good Minecraft players are capable of shall we :)
2021-06-08 Parkour + Elytra Course Speedrun Link
James, Uno, and Serge spent the last two weeks constructing the worlds greatest* Minecraft Parkour+Elytra course. Today they find out just how fast they can complete it! Mine O'Clock is live! *not actually
2021-06-01 Parkour + Elytra Course build Ep2 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live on Mine O'Clock! Last week we constructed a small parkour course, today we start work on the elytra course! Then, we RACE!
2021-05-25 Parkour + Elytra Course build Ep1 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live with this mornings Mine O'Clock! Today on the show they begin work on their very own (very basic) Parkour+Elytra Course. Seems like ample opportunity for James to fall a whole lot.
2021-05-18 Create-a-Chunk Ep2 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are live with today's MoC! Last week James made a mess with a powerful axe, and they started work on the Create-A-Chunk project. Tune in to see what sort of fun they get up to this week!
2021-05-11 Create-a-Chunk Ep1 Link

2021-05-04 The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies Ep8 Link
I just googled the average Minecraft players age and I got 24. Well here on Mine O'Clock our average age is 36.3, which means we're 12.3 years better at this game on average. With all that math laid out, why wouldn't you wanna watch?!
2021-04-27 The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies Ep7 Link
Did someone say MINECRAFT? No? Well, uh… we did! Hey, it’s MINE O’CLOCK in the morning, get in here!
2021-04-20 The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies Ep6 Link
Super last minute, but Mine O'Clock is gonna fire up at 10:30AM this morning. See y'all soon!
2021-04-13 The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies Ep5 Link
James is taking the day off, but that still leaves 2/3 Minecraft boys. Join Serge & @RebelliousUno as they continue work on our Modded Minecraft world. Without James there to supervise I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong.
2021-04-06 The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies Ep4 Link
It's time for Mine O'Clock!
2021-03-30 The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies Ep3 Link
James, Uno, and Serge venture forth once more unto the Modded Minecraft breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our Minecraft dead.
2021-03-23 The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies Ep2 Link

2021-03-16 The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies Ep1 Link
James, Uno, and Serge return to the world of Modded Minecraft today on Mine O'Clock!
2021-03-09 Skygrid Link
James, Uno, and Serge are spending a relaxing Tuesday morning in the world of Skygrid. Serge has never been, so this should be fun :D
2021-03-02 Parkour Adventure 2 Link
Let's all jump around shall we? It's Mine O'Clock time and James, Uno, Serge, and JoeKim are heading out on a Parkour Adventure!
2021-02-23 3-player Speedrun Attempt 3 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are back for this weeks Mine O'Clock attempting the entirely possible. Let's beat Minecraft as quickly as possible, or die trying... and then try again pending a server reset!
2021-02-09 3-player Speedrun Attempt 2 Link
After a rather weak performance last week James, Uno, and Serge are back this week to attempt another Minecraft 3-Person Speedrun. This time, hopefully faster.
2021-02-02 3-player Speedrun Attempt 1 Link
Today on Mine O'Clock James, Uno, and Serge are gonna attempt a 3-Man speedrun of Minecraft 1.16.5. It's gonna go about as well as you would expect.
2021-01-26 Parkour Spiral 2 Link
It's Tuesday morning, Minecraft has been launched, and James, Uno and Serge are ready to do a parkour! We're checking out Parkour Spiral 2 by HielkeMaps!
2021-01-12 Vanilla Witch Farm Ep4 Link

2021-01-05 Vanilla Witch Farm Ep3 Link
James, Uno, and Serge continue their Witch Farm build on today's MoC! Will the finish? Will scope creep rule the day? Will James die falling down a hole? YES!


Date Title Link
2020-12-29 Vanilla Witch Farm Ep2 Link
Greetings Friends. It's that weird time of year between Christmas and New Years, and let's not kid ourselves, no one is being all that productive right now so why not watch 3 boys play Minecraft?
2020-12-22 Vanilla Witch Farm Ep1 Link
James, Uno, and Serge would like to invite you to Mine O’Clock. Our weekly Minecraft show where we try our best. Today on the show we’re gonna build something, still not entirely sure what that will be. Should be “good”.
2020-12-15 Vanilla Sugarcane Farm Link
Hey did you know Minecraft is a very cool and fun game? Did you know that Serge and Uno are very cool people? Did you know that watching Mine o' Clock makes you a very cool person? Just gunna drop a linkeroo for you right here. You'll know what to do
2020-12-08 Parkour Challenge Ep2 Link
Last week on Mine O'Clock James and Serge started a Parkour Course. They didn't finish. Now Uno has returned and it's time to see how the pros do it. Anyone got a link to a good YouTube video?
2020-12-01 Parkour Challenge Ep1 Link
Today on Mine O'Clock, James and Serge are going head to head in a Parkour Challenge
2020-11-24 Friendship-a-Chunk Link
James, Uno and Serge return to Mine O'Clock! And it worked well last year after Desert Bus, so why not do it again! They're gonna work out what comes next for the show while throwing friendship (and fists) at an unsuspecting chunk :)
2020-11-03 Minecraft Dungeons DLC Ep2 Link
Morning/Afternoon/Evening friends. James, Uno and Serge are playing some more Minecraft Dungeons DLC on Mine O'Clock!
2020-10-27 Minecraft Dungeons DLC Ep1 Link
James, Uno and Serge are diving back into the world of Minecraft Dungeons today! There's been a few DLC maps added to the game + some spoopy Halloween content!
2020-10-13 Minecraft 1.16 Ep15 Link
We can't stop turning Minecraft into competitions :D Today on Mine O'Clock join James, Serge, Uno and JoeKim as they race to see who can build a Pillager Outpost first! Full disclosure, we haven't put a whole lotta thought into this one :P
2020-10-06 Minecraft 1.16 Ep14 Link
James and Serge are live with today's Mine O'Clock. Let's talk about 1.17 and do Minecraft things!
2020-09-29 Minecraft 1.16 Ep13 Link

2020-09-22 Minecraft 1.16 Ep12 Link
James, Serge and Uno are live with this mornings Mine O’Clock. We’ve got a fun announcement if you enjoy PaC, “plans” to start a new project, and I hear Serge is gonna sing us a song. Should be a solid 7/10 experience. I mean, look how excited James is.
2020-09-08 Minecraft 1.16 Ep11 Link
Mine O'Clock's just a little late. It's still good, it's still good. James, Uno and Serge continue work on their Nether project today.
2020-09-01 Minecraft 1.16 Ep10 Link
James, Uno, and Serge are back at it! Today we continue work on our Nether Build and Piglin Trading Hall. It's time for Mine O'Clock :D
2020-08-18 Minecraft 1.16 Ep9 Link
Mine O'Clock is a go! Nether builds continue until morale improves!
2020-08-11 Minecraft 1.16 Ep8 Link

2020-08-04 Minecraft 1.16 Ep7 Link
Try with all his might, James came to realize he will never be as good as Adam is at composing going online tweets.
2020-07-28 Minecraft 1.16 Ep6 Link
James and Serge are building BEAUTIFUL things in Minecraft today... absolutely stunning... works of art if you will. It's Mine O'Clock :D
2020-07-14 Minecraft 1.16 Ep5 Link

2020-07-07 Minecraft 1.16 Ep4 Link
Today on Mine O'Clock James and Co. are all set to take down that pesky Ender Dragon. Will they succeed? Almost certainly yes, it's not actually that hard and we're e-l33t.
2020-06-30 Minecraft 1.16 Ep3 Link
Can't stop, won't stop. James saw this 3 hours gap in our schedule and thought "I could play more Minecraft!" So it's time for bonus chill Minecraft.
2020-06-30 Minecraft 1.16 Ep2 Link
James, Uno and Serge return on this mornings Mine O'Clock to continue their adventures in Vanilla Minecraft. Gonna fight that pesky dragon next week, so let's make sure we're all ready to go!
2020-06-23 Minecraft 1.16 Ep1 Link
Minecraft 1.16 is LIVE! James, Uno and Serge are read to jump in on today's Mine O'Clock :D Join us as we explore the very beginnings of our new world!
2020-06-09 Minecraft Dungeons Ep3 Link
James, Uno and Serge are gonna beat Minecraft Dungeons today on Mine O'Clock. I KNOW that's not something you're gonna wanna miss!
2020-06-02 Minecraft Dungeons Ep2 Link

2020-05-26 Minecraft Dungeons Ep1 Link
Minecraft Dungeons is being watched by over 200,000 people on Twitch right now. We appreciate you choosing this little corner of the internet to check it out. James, Uno and Serge are live with today's Mine O'Clock: Minecraft Dungeons edition :D
2020-05-19 Parkour Link

2020-05-12 Speedrun - 3 people - Attempt 2 Link
James, Uno and Serge came not even remotely close to speed running Minecraft last week, so let's run it back. Time for Mine O'Clock!
2020-05-05 Speedrun - 3 people Link
If there's one thing James, Uno and Serge are good at, it's speed running Minecraft... right? Well, let's find out! It's time for Mine O'Clock :D
2020-04-28 SergeCraft 2 Ep17 Link
James, Uno and Serge get set to say goodbye to the world of SergeCraft 2 on today's MoC! We've made small igloos, big igloos, massive igloos. And probably some other stuff as well. It's been quite the journey!
2020-04-21 SergeCraft 2 Ep16 Link
James, Uno and Serge are back with their modded Minecraft adventures. It's time for Mine O'Clock!
2020-04-07 SergeCraft 2 Ep15 Link

2020-03-31 SergeCraft 2 Ep14 Link
James, Uno and Serge are live with today's Mine O'Clock! Will likely login at the Moonbase Serge and James made for LoadingReadyLIVE this week if you want a closer look! Then it's back to work in the GIGALOO!
2020-03-24 SergeCraft 2 Ep13 Link
James, Uno and Serge continue work on the giant igloo, also known as the Gigaloo. It's time for Mine O'Clock!
2020-03-17 SergeCraft 2 Ep12 Link
Hey friends. James is doing his best social distancing/staying at home practice which means Mine O’Clock is coming to you live from his house! Let’s make sure if this becomes something we have to do more of in the future, it all works :)
2020-03-10 3-Hour Vanilla Challenge Link
It's time for Mine O'Clock! Serge and Uno are away this week, so let's take a break from SergeCraft and try something ENTIRELY different :)
2020-03-03 SergeCraft 2 Ep11 Link
It's Mine O'Clock time and Serge is away. He specifically said NOT to make the Gigaloo ugly, so let's do exactly that :D Nahhhhhhh, just kidding, let's do other stuff.
2020-02-25 SergeCraft 2 Ep10 Link
It's time for Mine O/Clock! James, Uno and Serge continue work on the Gigialoo... and if you don't know what that is, then clearly you need to tune in :D
2020-02-18 SergeCraft 2 Ep9 Link
It's like Do you wanna build a Snowman? But instead, Do you wanna watch some Minecraft? Good, cause we're live with Mine O'Clock!
2020-02-11 SergeCraft 2 Ep8 Link
Back in the mines now, surely there are diamonds here, nope their sure aren't. Time for Mine O'Clock!
2020-02-04 SergeCraft 2 Ep7 Link
James, Uno and Serge are live with this mornings Mine O'Clock. Join us for the most profession 3 hour stream on the LoadingReadyRun Network*

*No actual proof of this being true.

2020-01-28 SergeCraft 2 Ep6 Link

2020-01-21 SergeCraft 2 Ep5 Link
Do you wanna play some Minecraft? Well to bad, we're playing Minecraft. James, Uno and Serge are live with Mine O'Clock!
2020-01-14 SergeCraft 2 Ep4 Link
James, Uno and Serge are building Igloos and taking names on today’s Mine O’Clock. And we’re all outta bubblegum.
2020-01-07 SergeCraft 2 Ep3 Link
Who’s ready for some MINECRAFT! You get a Minecraft, you get a Minecraft, EVERYBODY GETS A MINECRAFT... stream. James, Uno and Serge are live with Mine O’Clock!


Date Title Link
2019-12-31 SergeCraft 2 Ep2 Link
James, Uno and Serge continue their adventures in the world of Modded Minecraft! It's time for Mine O'Clock!
2019-12-17 SergeCraft 2 Ep1 Link
James, Uno and Serge are live and it's time to start a brand new modpack! Let's play some Minecraft y'all!
2019-12-10 Scavenger Hunt Link
James, Serge and Uno are going on a Minecraft Scavenger Hunt! It's time for Mine O'Clock!
2019-12-03 Ice Racing and Christmas tree making Link

2019-11-19 Co-op Punch-A-Chunk Link
Our original last minute plans for today fell through, so instead, LET'S PUNCH A CHUNK... WITH FRIENDSHIP! It's time for Mine O'Clock :D
2019-10-22 Super Hostile - Infernal Mines Ep8 Link

2019-10-15 Super Hostile - Infernal Mines Ep7 Link

2019-10-08 Super Hostile - Infernal Mines Ep6 Link
We're LIVE! Join James, Uno and Serge for their continued adventures into the Inferno Mines on today's Mine O'Clock!
2019-09-17 Super Hostile - Infernal Mines Ep5 Link
James, Uno and Serge are live! Will they make it through the Inferno Mines on today's Mine O'Clock? Most people say no, so let's prove them right and take this nice and easy.
2019-09-10 Super Hostile - Infernal Mines Ep4 Link
It's been a few weeks but James, Uno and Serge are back and ready to continue their journey deeper into the Inferno Mines. It's time for Mine O'Clock!
2019-08-20 Super Hostile - Infernal Mines Ep3 Link
James, Uno and Serge continue their seemingly pointless journey through the Inferno Mines. It's Mine O'Clock!
2019-08-13 Super Hostile - Infernal Mines Ep2 Link
Mine O'Clock is live! Join James, Uno and Serge for their continued adventures into the Inferno Mines.
2019-08-06 Paths of Magic 3 Ep18 / Super Hostile - Infernal Mines Ep1 Link
Alright. James and company have blown up their Modded Minecraft world. Now it's on to some old school Super Hostile Maps :D
2019-07-23 Paths of Magic 3 Ep17 Link
James is live with this morning Mine O'Clock. Today we're starting to wrap up our time in the Paths of Magic 3 modpack.
2019-07-16 Paths of Magic 3 Ep16 Link
James is live with Mine O’Clock! Come watch as he dies a whole bunch, as seems to be tradition.
2019-07-09 Paths of Magic 3 Ep15 Link
James is live with Mine O'Clock! You should watch cause he's a nice boy who just wants to be your friend.
2019-07-02 Paths of Magic 3 Ep14 Link
Mine O’Clock is on and James would like to invite you to join him for a morning of whatever it is he does in this silly game.
2019-06-25 Paths of Magic 3 Ep13 Link
Very minor car troubles this morning means James will be a bit late starting Mine O’Clock. While you’re waiting, fire up Minecraft and dig straight down as many times as you can without falling in lava.
2019-06-11 Paths of Magic 3 Ep12 Link
It's time for Mine O'Clock!
2019-05-28 Paths of Magic 3 Ep11 Link
Want to watch a game? How about Minecraft? Excellent! It's Mine O'Clock and James has things to do. Come watch.
2019-05-21 Paths of Magic 3 Ep10 Link
James is live with Mine O'Clock! Time to continue to give blood to the blood gods. And yes, that's a thing we're really doing in Modded Minecraft :D
2019-05-14 Paths of Magic 3 Ep9 Link
James is live with Serge and Uno playing some modded Minecraft. Paths of Magic 3 to be exact :D It's got MAGIC! You'd be foolish not to watch.
2019-05-07 Paths of Magic 3 Ep8 Link
James is joined by RebelliousUno and Serge for some MAGIC! ... In Minecraft that is. It's time for Mine O'Clock!
2019-04-30 Paths of Magic 3 Ep7 Link
Wake up! It's Mine O'Clock! You'll be late for Minecraft, the most important meal of the day.
2019-04-23 Paths of Magic 3 Ep6 Link
James is live with Mine O'Clock!
2019-04-16 Paths of Magic 3 Ep5 Link
We’re live! It’s time for Mine O’Clock! Pictured here is James who’s in Studio. Not pictured is Serge cause he’s a few kilometres away, and Uno who is over 7000 km away. James isn’t saying they’re lazy, but they kinda are.
2019-04-09 Paths of Magic 3 Ep4 Link
After what should have been a 7 minute drive TOPS (it took 22) James has arrived at the office and is ready to play some Minecraft! It’s Mine O’Clock y’all!!!
2019-04-02 Sergecraft Link
James is live with Mine O'Clock! Join him along with Uno and Serge as they place blocks in a digital world. It'll be fun!
2019-03-26 Paths of Magic 3 Ep3 Link
Hurry up! You don't wanna be late for Mine O'Clock! James, Uno and Serge continue their adventures in the Paths of Magic 3 mod pack!
2019-03-19 Paths of Magic 3 Ep2 Link

2019-03-12 Paths of Magic 3 Ep1 Link
WAKE UP! It's Mine O'Clock and you don't wanna be late this morning. James, Uno and Serge are digging into a brand new modpack, Paths of Magic 3!
2019-03-05 Serge's Sergecraft Server tour Link
James is live with Mine O'Clock! Come join him, RebelliousUno and Serge for Minecraft fun!
2019-02-19 Re-return to Vanilla Ep7 Link
James is live with Mine O'Clock right now! Wanna watch a grown man play Minecraft for 3 hours? Boy do I have good news for you :D
2019-02-12 Re-return to Vanilla Ep6 Link
It may be a snow day here in Victoria, but that's no excuse not to walk 20 minutes in the snow to play Minecraft for all you lovely humans. So why not tune into Mine O'Clock? James, Uno and Serge are gonna continue work on the Nether Hub.
2019-02-05 Re-return to Vanilla Ep5 Link
James, Serge and Uno continue to build out our brand new Nether Hub on today's Mine O'Clock!
2019-01-29 Re-return to Vanilla Ep4 Link
Do you like James, Serge and/or RebelliousUno? Do you like Minecraft? If you answered yes to at least 2, do I have a stream for you! It's Mine O'Clock time!
2019-01-22 Re-return to Vanilla Ep3 Link
It’s Mine O’Clock time. The switch in schedule means we are down a RebelliousUno, which means James is alone with Serge Yager. James is scared. Come support James.
2019-01-15 Re-return to Vanilla Ep2 Link
Mine O’Clock is live! Join James, RebelliousUno & Serge as they begin work on a brand new Nether Hub. It’ll be great, someone is bound to fall in lava :D
2019-01-08 Re-return to Vanilla Ep1 Link
Hey! Wake up! It’s Mine O’Clock! You’re gonna be late for James, Uno and Serge playing a video game.


Date Title Link
2018-12-11 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 14 Link
Today is our final day on the FTB Pyramid Reborn Modded Minecraft server and we're gonna take a tour and then figure out a way to blow it up!
2018-12-04 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 13 Link
We're an hour late, which means we gotta jam 3 hours of Minecraft into 2. Bring any and all suggestions on how to do that to twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun. It's time for Mine O'Clock :D
2018-11-27 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 12 Link
James has a quick stop he has to make on his way in this morning. Mine O’Clock should be live closer to 9:15-9:30AM.
2018-11-20 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 11 Link
James returns from his Desert Bus hiatus to play some Monecraft... wait, no. Sorry, it's called Minebuild. Get hyped for Mine O'Clock!
2018-10-23 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 10 Link
Shall we play some Minecraft? Let us play some Minecraft. Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft.... It's Mine O'Clock if you haven't figured that out yet.
2018-10-16 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 9 Link
Bit of a late start but Mine O’Clock is live! Come join James, Uno and Serge for Minecraft fun timed!!
2018-10-09 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 8 Link
James is in the studio and ready to play some Minecraft. Today we're going to continue work on our mob farm area. Come hang out!
2018-10-02 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 7 Link
James is playing MineCraft. Which considering it's Tuesday morning during a show called Mine O'Clock is not surprising. Come hangout!
2018-09-25 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 6 Link
Having successfully fix everything that was broken, James is live with Mine O'Clock! Let's place some blocks shall we?
2018-09-11 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 5 Link
After a few weeks away James is back with Mine O'Clock... and NewDay Tewsday... and One More? What I'm saying is I hope you like James.
2018-08-21 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 4 Link
Mine O'Clock has begun. I repeat, Mine O'Clock has begun. Please, in an orderly fashion make your way to Twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun and watch James, Uno and Serge play Minecraft for the next several hours.
2018-08-14 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 3 Link
It's Wednesday morning (at least here on the west coast it is) and James is live with Mine O'Clock! Serge is back and Uno's ready to go so let's get back into the world of Modded Minecraft!
2018-08-07 Return to Vanilla Ep 15 Link
Serge is still away so James and Uno have one more week back in Vanilla to tend to. We return to our modded world next week, but for now let's build a Creeper Farm? I'm sure it'll be fine.
2018-07-31 Return to Vanilla Ep 14 Link
James and Uno are jumping back into the world of Vanilla Minecraft today while Serge is away. Let's build an Iron Farm!
2018-07-27 1.13 The END of the Ender Dragon Link
This Vanilla Minecraft server has been online for almost 7 days and the Ender Dragon is still alive? Let's fix that on a bonus episode of Mine O'Clock :D
2018-07-24 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 2 Link
Let's Minecraft shall we? Is time for Mine O'Clock! James is here with Serge and Uno via the wonder of the internet! Let's place those blocks!
2018-07-17 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 1 Link
Mine O'Clock has officially moved to Tuesday! James, Uno and Serge are live and it's time to get back to our Modded Minecraft roots! It's Day one with FTB - Pyramid Reborn!
2018-07-11 Return to Vanilla Ep 13 Link

2018-07-04 Return to Vanilla Ep 12 Link
Mine O'Clock is a go go! Apologies for the late start, so to make up for it James will be placing blocks 9% faster than normal :D
2018-06-27 Return to Vanilla Ep 11 Link
James here. Woke up feeling like I might have a cold coming on. Gonna follow our “Stay the hell away” policy at the office and stick at home. Sending Serge Yager in my place for Mine O’Clock. Will likely try and play with him and Uno from home.
2018-06-06 Return to Vanilla Ep 10 Link

2018-05-16 Return to Vanilla Ep 9 Link

2018-05-09 Return to Vanilla Ep 8 Link

2018-05-02 Return to Vanilla Ep 7 Link

2018-04-25 Return to Vanilla Ep 6 Link

2018-04-18 Return to Vanilla Ep 5 Link

2018-04-11 Return to Vanilla Ep 4 Link

2018-04-04 Return to Vanilla Ep 3 Link

2018-03-28 Return to Vanilla Ep 2 Link

2018-03-21 Return to Vanilla Ep 1 Link

2018-03-14 Snorshcraft Episode 16 Link

2018-03-07 Snorshcraft Episode 15 Link

2018-02-21 Snorshcraft Episode 14 Link

2018-02-14 Snapshot 18w07a Link

2018-02-07 Snorshcraft Episode 13 Link

2018-01-24 Snorshcraft Episode 12 Link

2018-01-17 Snorshcraft Episode 11 Link

2018-01-10 Snorshcraft Episode 10 Link

2018-01-03 Snorshcraft Episode 9 Link


Date Title Link
2017-12-20 Snorshcraft Episode 8 Link

2017-12-06 Snorshcraft Episode 7 Link

2017-11-08 Snorshcraft Episode 6 Link

2017-11-01 Snorshcraft Episode 5 Link

2017-10-25 Snorshcraft Episode 4 Link

2017-10-14 Bonus Minecraft Link

2017-10-04 Snorshcraft Episode 3 Link

2017-09-27 Snorshcraft Episode 2 Link

2017-09-20 Snorshcraft Episode 1 Link

2017-08-23 Vanilla Episode 7 Link

2017-08-09 Vanilla Episode 6 Link

2017-08-02 Vanilla Episode 5 Link

2017-07-26 Vanilla Episode 4 Link

2017-07-19 Vanilla Episode 3 Link

2017-07-12 Vanilla Episode 2 Link

2017-07-05 Vanilla Episode 1 Link

2017-06-28 Feed The Beast Episode 15 Link

2017-06-21 Feed The Beast Episode 14 Link

2017-06-14 Feed The Beast Episode 13 Link

2017-06-07 Feed The Beast Episode 12 Link

2017-05-24 Feed The Beast Episode 10 Link

2017-05-31 Feed The Beast Episode 11 Link

2017-05-10 Feed The Beast Episode 9 Link

2017-05-03 Feed The Beast Episode 8 Link

2017-04-26 Feed The Beast Episode 7 Link

2017-04-19 Feed The Beast Episode 6 Link

2017-04-12 Feed The Beast Episode 5 Link

2017-04-05 Feed The Beast Episode 4 Link

2017-03-29 Feed The Beast Episode 3 Link

2017-03-15 Feed The Beast Episode 2 Link

2017-03-08 Feed The Beast Episode 1 Link

2017-02-10 Episode 0: James Plays All the Things Link
A 12-hour streamathon to celebrate James becoming a full-time LRR crew member.
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