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The Metal Gear August Logo

Metal Gear August is the title of the five-part Unskippable miniseries that ran in August 2009. Metal Gear Solid 4's notoriously long opening cutscene had been requested numerous times by fans. Graham and Paul decided to split the cutscene into five separate episodes to do it justice.

The first part in the series begins with a video clip of Graham and Paul introducing Metal Gear August while wearing fake mustaches to protect their identity from Hideo Kojima.

This multi-part series paved the way for several other two-part episodes such as The Last Remnant, Metroid: Other M and Call of Juarez: The Cartel. There has even been one three-part episode (Dead Rising 2).

In August 2012, Unskippable began a new theme for that month: PS2 August.

Graham and Paul incognito

Metal Gear August episodes: