May 19 2006 LRRcast

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Graham & Paul, long distance, CCYD, Commodore copyright, Graham's sister, RSS

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: CCYD

Date: June 9, 2006

LRRcasters: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders

Runtime: 28:48


Paul jokes that he's podcasting from "beyond the grave". Graham's visiting Kathleen in Chetwynd, 1,000 km from Victoria. They spent nearly an hour trying to get a working link, but settled for conversing over the phone while making separate recordings at each end.

This week's video was CCYD - Camp Crush-Your-Dreams. The reveal of the acronym's meaning was originally supposed to be early within the video, but kept being pushed farther and farther back. The concept arrived while Graham and Paul were getting food and walking to Bill's place. The sight of children in a school-group led to a joke about preparing children for their horrible futures, and an offhand comment by Paul was the genesis of CCYD.

Official CCYD t-shirts were worn.

Graham finds Commodore music from the extremely large archive by typing in a keyword, and this music was from a game called "Summer Camp". Copyright issues are not likely to be problematic, since the megacorps that have acquired the rights in the process of becoming giant intellectual property katamaris are unlikely to care.

The walk to Bill's to film Underpantaloons produced the CCYD concept and the emotionally-disturbed camp counselor. "How do you share bait with a guy" refers to a rite of passage neither Paul nor Graham has participated in, although they've occasionally been fishing. Graham's fishing lessons included a possibly inappropriate mentor.

James, Kate, and Matt can pass as being relatively young since they don't have facial hair, even though Graham's actually younger than both James and Matt. Facial hair ruled out most of the LRR crew from the parts of the campgoers.

Fond remembrances of child-activities follow.

There have been no female Presidents of the United States, so it's unlikely Kate could aspire to the position. Being Canadian, Kate is ineligible for job, so gender isn't so important after all. 'President' sounds better than 'Prime Minister'. Canada has had a female Prime Minster, for a very brief time, and no one counts it. How many famous female astronauts can you name? Male astronauts? Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, and Buzz. Cosmonauts?

The video was shot almost entirely outdoors, which is unusual for LRR. The microphones were clipped to the lanyards, which worked surprisingly well. That's a wig, not Paul's actual hair. They'll remember to turn wigs backwards to reuse them in future videos. The mullet wig has yet to be used, but it'll come in handy some day. Being summer, there was plenty of light - it became much brighter and sunnier towards the end, which makes it look like the kids are in a much happier place than Paul.

Matt can't throw, and Graham screwed up one of the successful takes, but enough practice produced viable shots. Neither Paul nor Graham is particularly athletic, though, and they avoided Phys Ed. as soon as it stopped being mandatory.

James could have worn either a Wonder Woman or Transformers shirt - WW seemed funnier.

Graham's parents were renovating their home, so it was used for the final shots. Every room in that house has now been used in the videos - and also closets, hallways, and so forth.

Kate is apparently quite attractive, judging from the forum reactions. Graham has tried to ignore the implications.

Attempts are being made to diversify the cast, in case Morgan dies. In a freak WarCraft 3 accident.

James was originally supposed to be in Graham's role in Underpantaloons, but he was working all day.

Note: there is now an RSS feed for the podcast. (It stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it's an acronym that Graham likes. GNU, which stands for GNU's Not Unix, is another.) Head exploding.

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