May 12 2006 LRRcast

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Graham, Paul, Morgan & James, this week's video, Morgan's body, a montage, Commodore Eye of the Tiger, general insanity.

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: Underpantaloons

Date: June 2, 2006

LRRcasters: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Morgan vanHumbeck, James Turner

Runtime: 30:55


Morgan's here - and for some reason, James! Everyone just ate mints so they'd have better podcast breath. A brief discussion of talking.

This week's video seems to have been quite popular. The name was somewhat random - it came up while walking back from shooting the training (Morgan was wearing a towel in public) - 'Cocky' could've been a contender. Since the shooting was at a college, Morgan could get away with wearing a towel. And underwear. Only. One guy took his sweet time getting out of the shot. Having never seen any Rocky movies, Morgan was forced by Bill and Lisette to watch all five of them.

The video was linked from the PurePwnage forums, where it was well-received. LRR doesn't use Family-Guy-style cutaways at all, which Graham expounds upon with comedic algebra. A phone. Plus, they don't have a dancing bear. The call wasn't for Graham, but no one can keep going.

When Morgan's sitting, his fat folds up into a pseudo-six-pack. His body is in terrible condition, and he does not possess a six-pack. The push-ups were faked (big surprise) with couch pillows and Bill sitting on Morgan - this was filmed for the S3 DVD. Weirdly, video Morgan progressed to one-handed push-ups long before he could open the door properly. Morgan nearly killed himself getting the shot, and the scene had to be redone because Paul was laughing.

The S3 DVD wouldn't come out for some time. The S2 DVD was nearly ready, though.

When referring to the police report, Morgan's actually looking at the script. Putting the script in the videos is a minor tradition for LRR, and it frequently substitutes for random paper. The three previous videos happened to have the script in as well. (A brief aside reveals that Story Guy was acting as a hitman and going to kill someone in Holiday.) The picture burned in that video is that of Uwe Boll. The microphone is knocked down by Graham.

Badmouthing of Graham ensues.

Discussion of audio levels. Morgan is quite loud, and has a huge purple "thing", which is frighteningly large.

Back to topic - Morgan takes his pants off, people laugh, next video. The progression of quality bothers Morgan, since people's standards have been raised by the immediate last few videos.

Paul points out that effort isn't necessarily required for quality - it takes about as much work to have mediocre videos as really good ones. Discussion of how much time past videos have taken. Lack of stuff to talk about.

Most of this video was written on the ferry coming back from Vancouver by Graham. He'd just eaten a lot of food at the buffet and was feeling kinda goofy. Everything up to the montage was written on the ferry, then Kathleen and everyone else insisted on a montage. LRR now has a green screen. It's small, but the principle is sound. Graham's parents were doing some renovation, so supplies were easily available to make a green screen.

Lisette wanted Morgan to move away from crude humor, but he says he's only good at that. Graham says it's not very crude, but the pelvis-thrusting and underwearing-running-around is kinda crude. The James Masterson video was another that didn't obviously seem tasteless at the time but is now recognized as such.

Graham has access to an archive of electronic game songs, which is where the montage song came from. One of the cutaways wasn't shot, so Morgan had to come back later to do sniff the underwear. It was Graham's room and Graham's underwear. Arguing happens. Paul inflicts logical paradoxes. The underwear was clean, so method acting wasn't necessary. There were a variety of mixes of the first Rocky theme, but they all sucked, so "Eye of the Tiger" was substituted.

A selection of the horrible remixes was played. Graham added the music in post, so everyone else was left staring at him as they experienced a short pause, but the rest of us heard the remix.

The "bear" was just Morgan's jacket turned inside out.

This was the first training montage LRR had done. Also, talking about events from multiple temporal perspectives is confusing.

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