Magnum Rewatch Ep17 - Beauty Knows No Pain

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Magnum's friends and a kooky client are all trying to get him to run an Ironman triathlon. Meanwhile, Kathleen just wants everyone to exercise responsibly and know how little it's possible for a bike to weigh these days.

Vital Statistics

Date: May 25, 2015

Appearing: Kathleen De Vere, Graham Stark

Runtime: 1:09:33


Episode 18: "Beauty Knows No Pain"
Airdate: April 16, 1981

Magnum is hired by Barbara Terranova, a near-bankrupt woman who can only afford his services for one day, to find her missing fiancé, Roger—but she's not the only one searching for him. Meanwhile, T.C. gets Magnum to compete in a triathlon to give Island Hoppers some publicity.


Breaking the 4th wall

  • One of the two men waiting outside the pool hall turns and smiles at the camera, showing two gold buckteeth [1]

Unsafe Running Tips

  • Kathleen explains why "knees to chest" is a terrible idea for distance running [2]
  • Do not engage in an Ironman (or other extreme distance running) if you are not prepared [3]
  • Train properly! [4]

Kathleen's Rating

  • On the scale of seeing Tom Selleck in a bathing suit - 10/10
  • On the scale of actually being an enjoyable episode of a television show - "ughhh" [5]
  • On the scale of having Marcia Wallace in it - 10/10
  • On the scale of the actual character she was playing - 2/10

"I really hated this episode. It was dumb." [5]

Overall Rating - 4.5 "It wasn't as cringey as Adelaide, so that gives it a quarter point above Adelaide, and it had Magnum in a bathing suit, so that gives it another quarter point." [5]


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