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The fourth part of the LRR screening: The Crew gets ambushed by the fan awards, and Tim hosts LRR Trivia.

Vital Statistics


Date: October 30, 2008

Category: Loading Time

Appearing: The Crew, Tim Sevenhuysen, Chris Usher, Tak197, Master Gunner

Camera: Tim Sevenhuysen, Brad Kirkland

Edited by: Tim Sevenhuysen


Fan awards, Raffle, Trivia, what's not to love?

Matt was awarded the Level Blower Award by Tim for Matt's excessive volume in the LRRcasts. The Gorgeous Award for Gorgeousness was presented to Paul by Master Gunner for obvious reasons. Lord Chrusher (Chris) gave a convoluted, Story Guy-like tale to present Graham with International Hairdresser Everest Expedition Memorial Award for Most Immaculate Hair in Face of Preposterous Adversity. Tak197 presented the Best Johnson Award to James in an innuendo-laced speech. A bear actor (Tak197) presented Kathleen with the Billy the Bear Award in recognition of her well-founded fear of bears. The Kobyashi Maru Award was presented to Bill by Master Gunner for his defeat of The Cinnamon Challenge. Jer was awarded the Duck Master Award by Tim due to Jer's love of both Dungeons and Dragons and Ducks. Morgan was awarded the Most Inappropriate use of the Pelvis by Lord Chrusher for Morgan's performance in Underpantaloons and Ways to Get a Ticket. Unfortunately the battery in Tim's camera died during the presentation of Morgan's award, so a mass pelvic salute by the crew and audience was unrecorded. Each crew member was handed a physical award made by FreakOfNature.


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