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Format: Behind-the-scenes
Created By: Tim Sevenhuysen
Status: Active
Updates: When it's ready
Host: Blip.tv, Youtube
Original Run: July 31, 2008 - Present
Associated Shows: On The Run (spinoff)

Loading Time is a series of behind-the-scenes videos. They were originally filmed and edited by Tim Sevenhuysen, later by the Steacy brothers, Heather Dery and now by Ben Ulmer.



Title Appearing Date
How we make The Panalysts Kathleen, Molly, Graham February 17, 2020
A very special Loading Time almost 10 months in the making, we show you all the work that goes into making a delicious panel show sausage!
Magicfest Vegas 2019 Part 3: The Commander Party James, Adam, Serge, Ben and Cameron January 15, 2020
It's the MagicFest 2019 Commander Party! Commander gets played and fun is had.


Title Appearing Date
Magicfest Vegas 2019 Part 2: $1000 Charity Battlebond Draft James, Adam and Serge December 28, 2019
Adam and Gavin organize a friendly Battlebond competition to raise money for charity, in conjunction with Channel Fireball!
Magicfest Vegas 2019 Part 1 Cameron, Ben, Serge, James, Adam and Chris Gamble October 1, 2019
What's it like to draft with LRR at MF Vegas?
Magicfest Seattle Part 2: Syrupy Croiffle Beej, Graham, Ben, Adam, Serge, James, Andrew Ferguson and Jordan Hopkins July 28, 2019
Part two of the crew's adventures in Seattle. Coffee, beer, and friendship!
Magicfest Seattle Part 1: Jamming Drafts Beej, Graham, Ben, Adam, Serge and James July 7, 2019
Cards, coffee and friendship!
C2E2 2019 Part 2: Flamingo Shoes Beej, Ian, Graham and Kathleen May 26, 2019
Beej, Ian, Graham and Kathleen went to Chicago and C2E2 and all they did was meeting fans, fight with legally distinct lightsabers and eat delicious cake.
C2E2 2019 Part 1: Excessively Cheesy Beej, Ian, Graham and Kathleen May 12, 2019
Beej, Ian, Graham and Kathleen went to Chicago and C2E2. Watch us meet fans, drink beer and eat some VERY deep pizza.
X Ways to Y: Ways to Film a Sketch Cam, Heather, Kathleen, Ian, Ben, Matt April 28, 2019
What's it like behind the scenes of a sketch in 2019? Ian, Cameron, Ben, Heather and Kathleen find out!
PAX Unplugged 2018 Beej, Alex, Cori, Adam and Jacob April 14, 2019
Beej, Cori, Adam, and Alex went to PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, and ate all the weird local sandwiches.
Ravnica Allegiance Pre-PreRelease James, Graham, Kathleen, Serge, Erin Campbell, Shivam Bhatt, Gavin Verhey and Marshall Sutcliffe March 24, 2019
Behind the scenes of the Ravnica Allegiance Pre-PreRelease! Featuring our special guests Erin Campbell, Shivam Bhatt, Gavin Verhey and Marshall Sutcliffe!
Studio B Reno James, Graham, Beej, Kathleen, Serge, Jo March 10, 2019
Behind the scenes of the studio B renovations. Watch James and Beej touch wood together.
PAX Australia Part Three Graham, Beej, Ben and Kathleen March 1, 2019
In the last part of the PAX Aus Squad Vlog, we make use of our last day in Australia to revisit the Healesville Nature Sanctuary. We pet and eat kangaroo in the same day.
PAX Australia Part Two Graham, Beej, Ben and Kathleen January 26, 2019
"Squad Vlog" Part Deux, this time featuring A L L of PAX Aus and the wonderful people we met during the show!
PAX Australia Part One Graham, Beej, Ben and Kathleen January 3, 2019
Part 1 of the "Squad Vlog" for our PAX Australia adventures! Join us on planes, at brunch, or when we go to gaol.


Title Appearing Date
SHUX 2018 Beej, Ian, Kathleen, Johnny, Andrew December 13, 2018
Beej, Ian and Kathleen head to Vancouver for the 2018 Shut Up, Sit Down Expo, but will they get back home?
LoadingReadyLAN 3.0 Paul, James, Cam, Serge, Heather, Andrew, Graham November 29, 2018
Behind the scenes of the deceptively complicated technical setup for a LAN party.
Kathleen's Seattle Adventure Kathleen De Vere October 17, 2018
Kathleen had a couple of free days in Seattle, so she did extremely exciting things like look up architecture facts and make an omelette.
Digest - Summer 2018 October 1, 2018
Behind the scenes during June & July 2018... but not August. August knows what it did.
Digest - May 2018 September 8, 2018
We did a whole heckuva a lot of stuff in May. Here is some of it!
DESERT BUS - November 2017 September 1, 2018
Behind the hugely involved setup and production of Desert Bus 2017.
Digest - April 2018 May 30, 2018
In a month interrupted by PAX, we still found time to film behind the scenes of LoadingReadyLive.
Digest - March 2018 May 2, 2018
Go behind the scenes and watch us hunt for lost costume bits during LoadingReadyLive and film Friday Nights with a special guest!
Grand Prix Seattle 2018 May 1, 2018
James and Cameron went to GP Seattle, and James filmed things!
Digest - February 2018 April 11, 2018
Behind the scenes of February, featuring Friday Nights, LoadingReadyLIVE and some random footage we found on an SD card.
Digest - January 2018 March 14, 2018
Behind the scenes of January, featuring
Digest - December 2017 January 25, 2018
Behind the scenes of December (and a little November), featuring Friday Nights, LIVE, and a bit of Dice Friends!

Friday Nights, and LIVE.


Title Appearing Date
Digest - October 2017 November 24, 2017
It's a very LoadingReadyRun October, as we do Thanksgiving and Halloween themed episodes of LoadingReadyLIVE, and do some Friday Nights as well!
Digest - Moonbase Moving Special September 29, 2017
Behind the scenes from July to September, all about moving from Moonbase Delta to Moonbase Mk5! And all the work that went into it.
Digest - July 2017 Graham, Kathleen, Heather (voice), Cori, Baxter, Khaavren, James, Alex, Ian, Beej, Paul, Missie, Cameron August 14, 2017
A behinds the scenes look at Commodore Hustle and Friday nights, and the making of green screen kaiju panic!
Digest - June 2017 Ian, Cori, Graham, Beej, Alex, Ben, Paul, Cameron, James, Heather, Kathleen July 13, 2017
Crapshots, Nerf Fights, LoadingReadyLIVEs, June had it all!
Digest - May 2017 Alex, Cameron, Kathleen, Graham, Ian, Ben, Beej, James, Paul, Heather (voice), Cori June 5, 2017
Behinds of the comedies and tragedies of May 2017. Mostly just the one tragedy, Alex's wrist.
Digest - April 2017 Kathleen, Graham, Cori, Paul, Ian, Alex, Ben, James, Beej, Cameron, Heather (voice) May 29, 2017
We do a bunch of weird stuff... apply your April Hugs in this episode of Loading Time.
Digest - March 2017 Graham, Paul, Ian, Beej, Alex, Cameron, James, Heather (voice), Kathleen, Ben April 24, 2017
Behind the making of LoadingReadyLIVE and a bunch of Crapshots!
Digest - February 2017 Ian, Beej, Coriander, Graham, Alex, Paul, Kathleen, Penelope, James, Heather (voice), Matt, Cameron, Ben, Adam March 21, 2017
Behind the scenes of LRR's February, including the shoot for The American Dream.
Digest - January 2017 Ian, Beej, Graham, Cameron, Kathleen, Paul, James, Coriander, Heather, Ben, Molly, Alex March 16, 2017
Behind the scenes of LRR's January!
Digest - December 2016 Graham, Ian, Kathleen, Paul, James, Beej, Alex, Cam, Kate, Ben, Penelope, Dave January 17, 2017
Behind the scenes of commodoreHUSTLE, and a Crapshot that goes into THE BONE ZONE.


Title Appearing Date
Digest - November 2016 Beej, Paul, Cameron, Ian, Kathleen, James, Graham, Coriander, Alex, Jeremy, Penelope, Tally, Heather (voice), Joshua December 25, 2016
Behind the scenes of everything we did in November... after that whole Desert Bus thing wrapped up.
Digest - October 2016 James, Cameron, Alex, Kathleen, Penelope, Kate, Graham, Beej, Ian, Paul, Coriander, LeeLee, Ben November 25, 2016
Crapshots, LoadingReadyLIVE, and more Crapshots!
Digest - September 2016 Graham, Ian, Cameron, Beej, Alex, Paul, James, Heather, Coriander, Serge, Matt, Andrew, Kate, Kathleen, Penelope, Missie October 6, 2016
We got to an island, and to PAX, and to a very weird place (conversationally).
Digest - August 2016 Coriander, Paul, Kathleen, Heather (voice), Beej, Graham, Cameron, James, Alex, Penelope September 21, 2016
We shoot Friday Nights and bob for produce in this month's LT Digest!
Digest - July 2016 James, Paul, Heather, Graham, Alex, Cameron, Kathleen, Penelope, Ian, The Professor, Kate, Serge, Alison, Marshall, Jimmy, Gaby, Coriander, Adam, Nelson, Beej August 6, 2016
Our new camera, the Pre-Prerelease, a frantic Friday, Crapshots & Pokémon, and buying a pile of powders... this has it all. (Only on YouTube)
Digest - June 2016 James, Paul, Graham, Cameron, Alex, Beej, Ian, Adam, Kathleen, Penelope, Coriander, Kate, Ashley, Jade, Gibb July 21, 2016
Watching us put together two episode of LoadingReadyLIVE, make improvements to Studio A, and eat ice cream.
Digest - May 2016 Alex, Ian, Paul, Beej, Graham, Penelope, Kathleen, James, Coriander, Cameron, Heather (voice) June 23, 2016
Behind the scenes of May at LoadingReadyRun, including planning for LoadingReadyLIVE, and the first couple shows!
Digest - April 2016 Kathleen, Beej, Cameron, Alex, Graham, Paul, Ian, Coriander, James, Penelope, Missie, Kate, Sarah, Jerry, Andrew June 6, 2016
Behind the scenes of April 2016, including Crapshots, Friday Nights, and PAX East!
Digest - March 2016 Paul, Beej, Coriander, Ian, Alex, Heather (voice), Graham, James, Kathleen, Penelope, Cameron, Raymond, Andrew, Johnny, Serge, Kenji, Marshall, Jimmy, Athena, Adam May 3, 2016
Behind-the-scenes of our March, including some April Crapshots, and the newest episode of commodoreHUSTLE!
Digest - February 2016 James, Coriander, Ian, Alex, Paul, Cameron, Graham, Heather (voice), Adam, Beej March 28, 2016
A slower month, but still plenty going on at the Moonbase, and at MAGfest!
Digest - January 2016 Baxter, Graham, Paul, Khaavren, Cameron, Kathleen, Alex, Ian, Missie, Beej, James, Serge, Nelson, Josh, Bryony, Jordan, Tim, Christine, Penelope, Gibb, Lindsey, Heather, Coriander March 2, 2016
Behind the scenes of our January, here are Moonbase Delta.
Digest - December 2015 Alex, Kathleen, Beej, Heather, Ian, Cameron, James, Paul, Graham, Kate, Coriander, Ash, Buster, Raymond, Missie, Ashley, Serge February 4, 2016
Behind the scenes of our December, most of which is the Moonbase move!


Title Appearing Date
Digest - November 2015 Ash, Ian, Coriander, Ashley, James, Paul, Beej, Tally, Serge, Graham, Kathleen, Cameron, Johnny, Kate, Alex, Joanna, Andrew, Jeremy, Kara, Matt, Ben, Baxter, Khaavren December 23, 2015
Here's everything we did in November—which was mostly Desert Bus! (Only on YouTube)
LoadingReadyRumble 2 December 9, 2015
Behind the scenes of our Season 11 finale, The LoadingReadyRumble 2.
Wrenegade Wrapper December 5, 2015
Behind the scenes of our sketch, Wrenegade Wrapper. (Only on YouTube)
Digest - October 2015 Graham, Alex, Ian, Kathleen, Beej, Paul, James, Cameron, Serge, Jeremy, Coriander, Ben, Kate, Matt November 30, 2015
The ongoing goings-on during our October!
Superficial Intelligence November 3, 2015
Behind the scenes of sketch, Superficial Intelligence.
The New X Games November 1, 2015
Behind the scenes of sketch, The New X Games.
Professional Stabbists October 28, 2015
Behind the scenes of the sketch, Professional Stabbists.
Alex's Stream October 25, 2015
Behind the scenes of commodoreHUSTLE episode Alex's Stream.
Social Anxiety Fear Factor Alex, Graham, Kathleen, Paul, Cameron, James, Ashley, Jeremy, Heather, Beej, Baxter October 24, 2015
Behind the scenes of sketch, Social Anxiety Fear Factor.
Digest - September 2015 Beej, Alex, Ian, Cameron, James, Kathleen, Graham, Paul, Coriander, Raymond, Ashley (voice), Baxter, Serge October 22, 2015
Behind the scenes of the busy, busy month of September!
Digest - August 2015 Cameron, Paul, Kathleen, Graham, James, Ian, Jeremy, Marshall, Brian, Alex, Beej, Heather September 10, 2015
See us build Cameron's booster pack suit, film on-locationa at Pro Tour Vancouver, and shoot many Craps.
Digest - July 2015 Paul, Ian, Beej, James, Alex, Cameron, Ed, Coriander, Heather (voice), Kathleen, Graham August 19, 2015
The goings-on for July, featuring a big ol' gap where Graham and Kathleen were in Japan, and our appearance at ConBravo!
Digest - June 2015 Kathleen, James, Graham, Alex, Cameron, Paul, Ian, Beej, Coriander, Heather, Christian, Missie, Khaavren, Ashley, Megan, Aurora, Baxter July 23, 2015
Like sands through the hour glass, so our the days of our lives... In June. This is the Loading Time Digest for June 2015.
Digest - May 2015 Graham, Paul, James, Cameron, Kathleen, Beej, Serge, Alex, Adam, Ian, Coriander, Matt, Nelson, Sam, Caitlin, John, Aurora, Malcolm, Max, Amy, Chris, Juliana, Ed, Heather, Ben June 9, 2015
We bring you basically everything we got up during the month of May.
Free Candy March 22, 2015
Behind the scenes of the commodoreHUSTLE episode Free Candy.
Staggeringly Fast Loans March 13, 2015
Behind the scenes of Staggeringly Fast Loans!
Dirty Money February 15, 2015
Behind the cash-filled scenes of Dirty Money!
Cleaning Day February 3, 2015
Behind the salami for the Cleaning Day episode of commodoreHUSTLE.
Sorry to Interrupt February 2, 2015
Behind the scenes of Sorry to Interrupt.
Math of the Montage Paul, Graham, Kathleen, Cameron, James January 10, 2015
Behind the 1980s-inspired Math of the Montage.
A Fortunate Teller Kathleen, Paul, Graham, James, Alex January 7, 2015
Behind the scenes of A Fortunate Teller.


Title Appearing Date
Ways to Avoid Surveillance Paul, Beej, James, Heather, Alex, Cameron, Graham November 7, 2014
Go behind the scenes of Ways to Avoid Surveillance, to follow one sketch troupe's quest for astroturf.
Punchr Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Beej, Heather, James, Cameron, Alex October 15, 2014
When you need a fake KickStarter video for a fake app? this is how to do it. Behind the scenes of Punchr.
Heard But Not Seen Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Cameron, Khaavren, Baxter, James October 9, 2014
Behind the scenes of Heard But Not Seen.
Self Driving Car Graham, Kathleen, Paul, James, Alex, Cameron, Beej September 13, 2014
Behind the scenes of Google's Self Driving Car.
Female Characters Cameron, Kathleen, Graham, Paul, James, Jeremy, Alex August 21, 2014
Behind the scenes of the sketch about those weird creatures you call women.
Whole Story Football Paul, Graham, James, Beej, Alex July 31, 2014
When we keep forgetting critical gear, we have to amuse ourselves. This isn't so much about shooting the video, as not shooting it.
Design by Committee Graham, Paul, James, Kathleen, Baxter, Alex, Cameron, Jade July 25, 2014
Behind the scenes of Design by Committee, where bought many toasters.
Doctors Hate Her Graham, Kathleen, Cameron, Paul, James, Alex, Matt, Beej, Missie, Andrew July 18, 2014
A super long Loading Time for a super complex shoot! It's behind the scenes of Doctors Hate Her!
Streaming Office James, Beej, Kathleen, Graham, Paul, Serge June 26, 2014
Behind the renovation of the shipping office into the home of LoadingReadyLive!
Ways to Get Video Ideas Graham, Cameron, Alex, Kathleen, Beej, Matt, Jeremy, James, Paul, Bradley June 16, 2014
Behind the scenes of our recent X2Y video, Ways to Get Video Ideas.
Drugs Drugs Drugs Graham, James, Cameron, Kathleen, Paul, Jessica June 8, 2014
Behind the scenes of our en-druggened sketch.
The Gatekeeper June 1, 2014
We'll allow you to look behind the scenes of The Gatekeeper.
Krogslist May 27, 2014
Behind the caveman scenes of Kroglist.
The New Old Thing May 20, 2014
It's everything but the penny farthing, and a deep look at Graham's old floppy disks. Behind the scenes of The New Old Thing.
Live on Location May 18, 2014
Behind the green-screened scenes of Live on Location!
The File April 20, 2014
Behind the pants-less scenes of commodoreHUSTLE episode, The File.
Laughter April 19, 2014
Behind the scenes of the commodoreHUSTLE episode Laughter!
Flat Out April 15, 2014
Behind the scenes of Flat Out.
Behind the frantic scenes of the sketch EVERYTHING IS FINE.
IMAX Experience March 29, 2014
Behind the scenes of the IMAX Experience!
The New Chess March 20, 2014
Behind the scenes of The New Chess. There's more going on than you might think for a green screen video!
The Warriors Return March 4, 2014
Behind the scenes of The Warriors Return, featuring everyone's favourite demi-demons, the Warriors of Darkness.
Bitcoin Conspiracy James, Graham, Kathleen, Paul, Alex February 14, 2014
Behind the scenes of the first sketch we shot for Season 11!
Ways to Waste the KS Money Graham, James, Beej, Matt, Kathleen, Johnny, Paul, Jeremy, Alex, Ben February 6, 2014
Behind the many varied scenes of our first Season 11 sketch.
Twenty-Thirteen Graham, Jeremy, Morgan, Matt, Kathleen, Beej, Paul, Cameron January 12, 2014
Graham and Jer go back into the booth for 64K's comeback, Twenty-Thirteen!


Title Appearing Date
Hot & Saucey December 20, 2013
Behind the ever-so-spicy scenes of Hot & Saucey.
Pokeproblem December 13, 2013
Behind the scenes of the Pokemon extravaganza, Pokeproblem! Sunkern!
Murdercide December 9, 2013
Behind the scenes of the LRR Halloween special, the trailer for Murdercide!
The Hero We Deserve October 24, 2013
Behind the scenes of The Hero We Deserve!
Ways to Screw Around October 17, 2013
The whole crew trades off on camera duties for this look behind the video Graham & Paul weren't involved in.
Badly Broken Kathleen, Graham, Paul, Alex, James, Khaavren, Baxter October 11, 2013
Behind the scenes of Badly Broken, featuring a complete lack of meth and/or actual BB spoilers.
Munro's Meats September 24, 2013
Behind the scenes of Munro's Meats!
PAX Prime 2013 September 13, 2013
The sights and sounds of LRR at PAX Prime 2013. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi!
Xannathor August 27, 2013
Behind the dog-ridden scenes of Xannathor. Don't forget, the H is silent.
The Fountain August 20, 2013
Behind the many scenes and multiple locations of The Fountain!
Floating Solo August 2, 2013
A look behind the zero-G scenes of Floating Solo!
The Couch July 24, 2013
An epic Loading Time for the epic all-day shoot for The Couch.
Open and Shut July 23, 2013
Behind the scenes of the wide-open relationship from Open and Shut.
The Canadian July 6, 2013
Behind the patriotic, and overly-warm, scenes of "The Canadian".
Man of Steal July 1, 2013
Deep, behind the brightly-lit scenes of Man of Steal.
PlaceholderURL June 25, 2013
Behind the scenes of PlaceholderURL.com, featuring Alex's GoPro experimenting.
League of Beer June 18, 2013
Behind the scenes of the commodoreHUSTLE episode Homebrew Hobby.
X Ways to Fridge June 6, 2013
A brief behind-the-scenes look at Ways to Make Money, and then, the dark tale of LRR's fridge... watch if you dare!
Terrible Choice May 30, 2013
On a rooftop, in the city... behind the scenes of Meatfist's Terrible Choice.
LRR 500 May 26, 2013
Behind the scenes of LRR's 500th weekly sketch! All the majesty.
SPRING! May 16, 2013
Behind the scenes of multi-location shoot for SPRING!
Calgary Comic Expo 2013 Matt, James, Liz, Paul, Ian May 10, 2013
James, Matt, Paul, and our friend Dammit Liz head to Calgary for CCEE 2013.
Blue's Crimes James, Paul, Graham, Kathleen, Jeremy May 8, 2013
From location to green screen, behind the scenes of The Thin Blue Clue.
Crime Pays Kathleen, Graham, Alex, Beej, Jeremy, Paul, James April 23, 2013
Behind the scenes of an ATM crime wave, we look at the recent sketch Crime Pays.
Yes Man Graham, Paul, Beej", Kathleen, Heather, Kate, Cameron, Alex April 18, 2013
Behind the scenes of the planning and filming of LRR sketch, "Yes Man".
PAX East 2013 Graham, Kathleen, James, Monica, Ty, Amy, Abby, Tavis, Nick, Lexxy, Maki, LeeLee, Liz April 17, 2013
A little look into some of what we did at PAX East this year. Don't forget to check out our other panel videos!
The Whole Story, Pants Paul, Graham, James, Kathleen, Alex April 3, 2013
Behind the smoothly-walking scenes of the steadicam-shot The Whole Story: Pants.
Theatre of the Mind Kathleen, Graham, Jeremy, Beej, Paul, Heather, James March 28, 2013
A brief look into the shoot for Theatre of the Mind!
Frank Miller's SimCity Paul, James, Graham, Kathleen, Beej March 14, 2013
A special, extra-long Loading Time looks at the evolution of the sketch "Frank Miller's SimCity."
That's No Moon Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Beej, James, Heather March 7, 2013
Behind the scenes of the chilly, late-night shoot for That's No Moon.
Harlem Shake Graham, Kathleen, Cameron, Paul, James, Beej, Heather March 5, 2013
Behind the scenes of our commodoreHUSTLE attempt at a meme. Or is it me-me?
How to Valentine Kathleen, Beej, Paul, Heather, James, Graham, Alex, Khaavren February 14, 2013
Behind the scenes of our Valentine's Day themed X ways to Y video. Now with bonus guerrilla filming at a local drugstore!
The Spoils Paul, Graham, James, Beej February 7, 2013
Behind the scenes of our Gatecrash spoiler video, and upgrading our fancy new computer. Just a slice of life around the LRR Moonbase.
CMN Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Beej, Heather, James January 31, 2013
Get all the latest dope on the Couch Mall Network.
Junk in the Trunk January 24, 2013
Behind, inside, and under the scenes of our sketch: Junk in the Trunk.
The NASA Conspiracy January 17, 2013
Behind the scenes of the sketch The NASA Conspiracy, featuring much set dressing and body dressing.
Resolved January 10, 2013
Ever want to see what happens when we film an episode of Commodore Hustle? Well this week's Loading Time has you covered!
Rapidfire 3-03 Beej, Paul, Graham, Kathleen, Cameron, Kate, Alex, Raymond January 3, 2013
Behind the scenes of the rest of Rapidfire Series 3!


Title Appearing Date
Efficiency December 27, 2012
Behind the scenes of LRR video Efficiency, with bonus Andy!
Rapidfire 3-02 Graham, James, Missie, Kathleen, Tally, Paul, Kate, Beej, Cameron December 26, 2012
A second look behind the various scenes of Rapidfire Series 3. Featuring the sorority girls, Dale Hanson, and Kane & Crowthorne. (Only on YouTube)
Raindrops Keep Falling Cameron, Graham, Beej, Kate, Paul, Kathleen, Heather, James, Alex November 8, 2012
Behind the scenes of Rapidfire Season 3, Episode 1.
On the Case of Cats Graham, Kathleen, Beej, Kate November 1, 2012
Behind the scenes of On the Case.
The Horror of Dirty Underwear Graham, Kathleen, Paul October 25, 2012
Behind the scenes of Normal Activity.
Calgary Comic Expo 2011 Part 1 October 23, 2012
Bonus Loading Time finally online! Video 1 from the first CCEE we attended, over a year ago, in June 2011.
The Gangnam Style Expo October 18, 2012
Behind the scenes at the first ever Escapist Expo!
Crazy One Time October 11, 2012
What happens when we film without Graham? This happens.
PAX Prime 2012 October 4, 2012
Beyond KSSK and MtG, the general goings-on of LRR at the Penny Arcade Expo.
Duels of the LRR September 27, 2012
The LRR Crew plays Magic 2013 against all comers at the PAX Prime Wizards of the Coast booth.
KSSKLIVE September 20, 2012
The LRR crew makes a guest appearance at the Kris & Scott Scott & Kris Show Live, in Seattle.
Fairy Decent September 13, 2012
Behind the scenes of "Fairy Godparent".
Put it on McDebit September 6, 2012
Behind the steamy scenes of Seth McDebit, Combat Accountant.
X Ways to PAX August 30, 2012
Behind the scenes of Ways to Prepare for PAX.
Oily August 23, 2012
Behind the scenes of LRR sketch, Snake Oil.
Woodsmanship August 16, 2012
Behind the scenes of LRR sketch Scout's Honor.
Editing August 9, 2012
An in-depth look at the post-production Graham does week-in/week-out.
Coulrophobia August 2, 2012
Behind the scenes of the horror-themed, Fear Itself.
Pocket Planes July 19, 2012
Behind the scenes of the animated episode based on Pocket Planes.
GP Vancouver July 5, 2012
A look inside a Magic Grand Prix, from all angles.
Gear Stache June 28, 2012
Behind the scenes of two recent LRR videos!
CPC Golf Tourney June 23, 2012
The LRR crew heads to beautiful downtown Burbank for the 2nd annual Child's Play Charity golf tournament.
Find Free Locations June 15, 2012
Behind the scenes of LRR's "Find Free Wifi"
Feed Dump Graham, Paul, Ash June 7, 2012
How a typical episode of Feed Dump is made, as if there were anything "typical" about Feed Dump.
Friends and Foes May 31, 2012
Loading Ready Run, professionals with a teleprompter.
Cleanup May 24, 2012

Microwaves May 17, 2012
Behind the scenes of Fun with Microwaves 3.
Calgary Comic Con Graham, James, Kathleen, Matt, LeeLee May 10, 2012
The crew heads to Calgary for one of their favourite cons, the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo!
Bees! May 3, 2012
Behind the scenes of commodoreHUSTLE episode, The Bee Team.
Standing Guard April 26, 2012
Behind the scenes of the oft-interrupted shoot for En Garde.
PAX East 2012 April 19, 2012
The LRR crew makes their annual pilgrimage to Boston for PAX East. Witness the madness.
Pile of Zunes Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Jeremy, Cameron, Kate April 12, 2012
Behind the scenes of The 720th Degree. Watch us build a Zune-box from tapes!
Geeks and Six Foot Ceilings Graham, Kathleen, Paul, Matt, James April 5, 2012
Behind the scenes of "Some Kind of Geek".
Extra Extras Paul, Holly, James, Kathleen with William, Brent, Sydney, Mike, Emilee, Tim, Katherine, Ian, Dylan, Julie, Timothy, Geena, Michael March 29, 2012
Behind the scenes of PTA Meeting, featuring many people.
Assassin in the Snow March 23, 2012
Behind the scenes of "Assassin Creeds", featuring bonus Jenga!
Taxes are Taxing March 15, 2012
Behind the scenes of Ways to Do Your Taxes.
Magic Grand Prix Seattle James, Jeremy, Graham March 8, 2012
James, Jeremy & Graham head to Seattle to play in the Magic Grand Prix.
Mean Greens Graham, Paul, Matt, James, Kathleen March 1, 2012
Behind the scenes of the asparagus-focussed sketch Spare Us, Gus.
Pros at Cons Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Matt, Jeremy, James February 25, 2012
The goings on at LRR's recent panel visits to Gottacon and Tsukino-Con in Victoria, BC.
The Banshee Wails Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Matt, Cameron, Annika February 16, 2012
Behind the scenes of The Break, and all its fog.
Shit Saying James, Matt, Kathleen, Paul, Graham February 9, 2012
Behind the scenes look at Shit People Say.
Filming is Magic Graham, Paul, Kathleen, James, Matt, Jeremy February 2, 2012
Behind the scenes of the MLP-filled commodoreHUSTLE episode, Pony Time.
Here's Jonny Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Matt, James, Ben January 26, 2012
A behind the scenes look at the creative process behind Jonny.


Title Appearing Date
PAX East 2011 Day 3 & 4 April 12, 2011
Paul, Kathleen and Graham round out PAX East weekend, and spend all day Monday returning home.
PAX East 2011 Day 2 March 29, 2011
LoadingReadyDay at PAX East 2011, featuring the meetup and our panel!
PAX East 2011 Day 1 March 16, 2011
Days at PAX fly by fast and furious, Friday sort of blurred together until we forgot to eat. Join us!
Travelling to PAX East 2011 March 15, 2011
Graham & Paul travelled all day long, so here's a video of it!
More PAX East video to come!
Shirt Shipping Graham, James, Paul, Kathleen, Alex, Tally, Jeremy, Ashley February 23, 2011
The LRR Crew shows you the in-depth process behind getting their t-shirts to you. They take great care, partially because it's the right thing to do, but mostly because it's easier than fixing mistakes.


Title Appearing Date
Garagellenium Challenge Graham, Ashley, James, Paul, Jeremy, Matt, Tally, Angela, Kathleen, Alex September 10, 2010
The LRR crew and friends head out for the annual Garagellenium city-wide garage sale. Their goal: to find the most awesome prop possible within a $100 budget.
Ping Pong Tournament James, Jeremy, Paul, Tim, Graham, Kathleen, Matt, Alex, Raymond, Ash, Kim July 2, 2010
We've been having a lot of fun with our ping pong table, so we decided to livestream a tournament. Here's a recap for anyone who missed it!
Shirt Printing Graham, Alex, Tim, Chris June 15, 2010
Take a behind-the-scenes peek at the silk-screening process for LoadingReadyRun t-shirts.
Who You Gonna Call Graham, Paul, James, Jeremy, Kathleen, Matt, Ben, Alex, Raymond May 15, 2010
Graham and Paul take us through the production of LoadingReadyRun's short, "Who You Gonna Call?"
PAX East 2010 Tim, James, Jeremy, Paul, Graham, Kathleen, Matt, Woody April 16, 2010
The iPhone 3Gs has video camera functionality. Don't believe me? Here's proof, from PAX East 2010.
Moving the Moonbase Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Matt, Jeremy, James, Morgan, Ben, Raymond, Alex, Tim, Ash, Tally, Toast March 30, 2010
We're all moved in at the orbiting underground Moonbase Mk. III.
Wireless Tim, Graham, Kathleen, Matt, Paul, James, Ben, Jeremy March 5, 2010
Go behind the scenes of the shoot for "Wireless".
Green Graham, Morgan, Cherisse, Paul, Tim, Tally, Jeremy, James February 10, 2010
Go behind the scenes of the preparation for and shooting of "Green".
Desert Bus Cleanup Graham, Alex, James, Paul, Jeremy, Kathleen, Tally, Ken, Morgan, Tim January 6, 2010
The day after Desert Bus 2009 we would have liked to have slept. But no. Evidently we are wicked, as there is no rest for us.


Title Appearing Date
ENN Set Build Graham, Paul, Jeremy, Kathleen, James, Alex, Raymond, Morgan, Ben, Tim October 9, 2009
Watch in awe as the LRR crew get off they lazy asses and actually build a permanent set.
LRR Q&A: Anime Evolution 2009 July 14, 2009
For those who are desperately interested, here's all 2 hours of our Q&A panel at Anime Evolution 2009 in Vancouver, BC.
Moonbase 2.0 Graham, Bill, Ben, James, Paul, Tim (voice), Matt June 16, 2009
Behind the scenes during the renovation of the new LRR Moonbase.
A Saturday in the Life of LRR Graham, Paul, James, Morgan, Bill, Raymond, Matt, Tally, Jeremy April 23, 2009
Follow the LRR crew as they go about their typical, weekly "LoadingReadyRun Day". All 12 hours of it.
KeiKon Panel Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Matt, James, Jeremy, Morgan, Bill March 6, 2009
All 1:43:00 of the LRR panel at this year's KeiKon. For the (considerably smaller filesize) audio-only version, check the podcast.


Title Appearing Date
RapStar64K Matt, Paul, Jeremy, Graham, James, Morgan, Ben November 10, 2008
Behind the scenes of the season finale, featuring Matt rapping and a cast of costumes.
Screening D October 30, 2008
The fourth part of the LRR screening: The Crew gets ambushed by the fan awards, and Tim hosts LRR Trivia.
Screening C October 29, 2008
The third part of the LRR screening: More questions and an impromptu performance from Graham and Andy.
Screening B October 26, 2008
The second part of the LRR screening: The crew answers questions form the audience.
Screening A October 24, 2008
For those who couldn't attend the screening, we present the first part of the LRR Q&A: The 2008 LRR Investor Meeting.
All The Little People Paul, Graham, Matt, Tim, Jeremy, Morgan, Bill September 4, 2008
Were there really any little people? And if so, how little? These questions and more, not answered in this video!
PAX 2008 D Graham, Paul, Matt, James, Morgan, Tim September 1, 2008
Verdict: huge success!
PAX 2008 C Graham, Paul, Matt, James, Morgan, Tim, Cherisse, Duncan, Ashley, Michelle, Jeremy, Tally August 31, 2008
The convention continues with the wonder of Saturday and LRR get together.
PAX 2008 B Graham, Paul, Matt, James, Morgan, Tim, Cherisse, Jeremy, Tally August 30, 2008
The first day of the convention brings awesomeness and excellence.
PAX 2008 A Graham, Paul, Matt, James, Morgan, Tim, Cherisse August 29, 2008
The Crew travels to Seattle in preparation for PAX 2008. Hilarity ensues.
Emergency Situation Paul, Graham, Matt, Morgan, Tim July 31, 2008
Take a glimpse behind the scenes of the latest LRR video... and then hide.