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Although GIFs have long been a staple of the LRR fan community, the GIF madness truly grabbed the LRR crew and fans during Desert Bus 7 when chat user Cantwearhats began GIFing like a madman. The GIFing continued - though to a somewhat lesser extent - during the YRR of LRR's LoadingReadyRun Streams and the request for an organized, wiki'd depository for all GIFs LRR was submitted and approved by both Graham and Cantwearhats himself.

Due to the sheer volume of GIFs LRR has spawned over the years, the GIF archive is broken down by show. This page provides links and a brief description to each.

Cast your eyes on these, and weep.

LoadingReadyRun Sketches

This page is currently under construction. With over 500 videos, this might take a while.

Loading Time

Unsurprisingly, behind-the-scenes Loading Ready Run videos are prime GIF material.

Feed Dump

There may be better sources for news but they don't have these GIFs.


The legacy of the Desert Bus 7 GIF madness lives on in LoadingReadyLive, but is more subdued and currently (mostly) contained to whenever CantWearHats is watching the stream. Believe it or not, he does sleep sometimes.

Desert Bus

The GIFing began during Desert Bus 6, with chat member simon creating and hosting a variety of gifs throughout the run, but reached its peak at Desert Bus 7 when CantWearHats set the trend for high GIF volume and quick turnaround. During DB007 the average turnaround time from an event happening on the stream to a GIF of it being posted in the chat was under 30 seconds, as tested by James during the run, but the quickest recorded turnaround was around 10 seconds after gif maker Briedoof made use of an automated system to save and upload GIFs. The outpouring of GIFs was so great that Ashton began a project to collate them all under one Dropbox folder to allow the crew to better access them, which very quickly filled up to capacity.

With over 2,200 gifs created during DB007 in total, Desert Bus is certainly a rich time for GIFing.

Desert Bus 6

GIFing is started in earnest, with simon creating the first Desert Bus GIF archive.


SimonAJ: http://igrat.co/db6/


mayocam.gif mortacle2.gif grahambootyshake.gif

Desert Bus 7

GIFing ramps up exponentially, seeing the formation of the Unofficial GIF Team composed of simon, CantWearHats, Briedoof, KingTorm and Sherloco. GIFs begin regularly appearing on the greenscreen, the blog and, on one memorable occasion, Graham's shirt. On two separate occasions, James sets up a deliberate GIF challenge for the chat to recreate "famous gifs" using members of the Desert Bus crew, one of which is a recreation of an earlier Desert Bus 7 GIF.


SimonAJ: http://igrat.co/db7/

CantWearHats: http://imgur.com/a/ikM5G#0

Briedoof: http://imgur.com/a/hsU8K#0

Sherloco: http://imgur.com/a/htKj4#0

GIF Challenges (by CantWearHats): http://imgur.com/a/6sCAN



3qWrjuX.gif Ofcpijt.gif LNVYK3I.gif


Occasionally, something silly will happen on one of LRR's podcasts.



Walking The Planes