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As a consequence of the successfully funding of the Season 11 Kickstarter, LoadingReadyRun began streaming several live shows to their Twitch Channel. These streams were initially referred to as "LoadingReadyLive", but the title was later changed to LoadingReadyRun Streams to avoid confusion with LoadingReadyLIVE. The YouTube channel on which the streams are archived is still called LoadingReadyLive.

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Stream highlights can be found here.



Wed 5PM PT
Even the LRR crew has to get away from the keyboard and controller every once in a while. Join the members of LRR and friends as we play tabletop games, paper Magic the Gathering, D&D and other non-video games. Don't worry, we are still inside, so no danger of getting too much fresh air! Show Page
Brave New Faves
Sat 9.30PM PT
Kathleen is always on the lookout for new music, and occasionally shares her findings with everyone. Show Page
Can't Draw Horses Club
Mon 1PM PT
Join Cori and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed). Show Page
Fri 2PM PT
Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news. Show Page
Crossing the Streams
Mon 5PM PT
This is what happens when our hosts collide and play together. Sometimes it’s cooperative, like a Minecraft map. Sometimes it’s competitive, like Mario Kart. Sometimes it’s Hatoful Boyfriend. Who knows what could happen when we cross the streams? Show Page
Friday Night Paper Fight
Fri 5PM PT
Every week, the crew plays Magic: the Gathering with paper cards. Show Page
Is This Your Card?
Sun 8AM PT
Each month, Wheeler and occasionally guest cover a collectible card game. Tackling the ins and outs, from learning the game, building a collection, and playing. Show Page
Let’s NOPE!
Tue 5PM PT
What do you call a game that’s not quite spooky? SPOOPY! Join Ben and a co-host to be alternately scared and/or appalled by the vast depths of gaming’s horror genre. Warning, many spoops ahead! Show Page
Sat 6PM PT
The flagship of our streaming calendar, LRL combines late-night talk shows, with British panel shows, with Japanese variety shows, with… well, with LoadingReadyRun! Join us for this evening of comedy! Show Page
The Long Game
Thu 5PM PT
These games are long. They are on-going. They are Legacy-type games. Show Page
Thu 2PM PT
Every Thursday, a member of the crew draft Magic: the Gathering Online, and occasionally succeed! Although, when the goal is entertainment over good play, it really seems more like they always succeed. Hop in the chat and tell us what to pick. Show Page
Mine O'Clock
Tue 10AM PT
Join James and some friends for a morning of Minecraft! It's always mine o'clock somewhere. Show Page
Oki Oki Fight Club
Fri 9AM PT
Quarter Circle Forward + Punch! It's LRR's official fighting game stream Show Page
...One More?
Mon 6:30AM PT
Join James and friends for some number of rounds of the current, popular multi-player game! There's always time for One More. Show Page
Play It Forward
As Schedules Permit Every game has a begining, middle and end. Except maybe Pong... and World of Warcraft... and Destiny.... ok actually there are a lot of games that don't really end. But some games DO end, and for those we have Play it Forward, our full playthrough show! Show Page
Rhythm Cafe
Sun 4PM PT
Join Heather or Ian or both for all the rhythm games you never knew you were missing! Previously known as Rhythm Tuesday. Show Page
Talking Simulator
Tue 1.30PM PT
Games have a lot to say, but they’re not great at doing the talking, so Cameron and Cori are going to bring their unique perspectives on narrative, tone, art direction, and theme to this discussion of games as a medium. Every episode will feature an in-depth look at one specific game, while they play the game to help illustrate their points. Show Page
Tinker Tailor Solder Fry
Thu 5PM PT
Ian leads this hands-on DIY show that is not a “how to” but more of a “let’s try!” Join Ian and various cohosts, as they attempt new crafting and DIY projects. Every forward, learning out of spite! Show Page
Wed 2PM PT
It's simple: Graham scours the web for the worst in gaming (often from viewer suggestions) and forces Alex to play it, without any preparation or recourse. Watch two grown men rendered sick with laughter! Show Page


These shows have no fixed schedule and may be spur of the moment streams.

Bonus Stream
Check Broadcast Schedule Why do we stream? Sometimes it's just because we can. These are the Bonus Streams. Show Page
Chit Chaff
Check Broadcast Schedule LoadingReadyRun, and the various members of, have some extensive Magic: The Gathering collections. Collections that require maintenance, whether that be re-sleaving or purging. Join us to chit chat over this draft chaff. Show Page
Dice Friends
Check Broadcast Schedule LRR plays tabletop RPGs! A mix of both campaigns and one-shots, with a variety of players, DMs and even RPG systems, join us for Dice Friends! Show Page
Check Broadcast Schedule LRR vs LRR vs LRR competing to win the most MtG games. Show Page
Check Broadcast Schedule Paul talks about, and sometimes makes, the technology that runs LRR. Show Page
Check Broadcast Schedule LRR Produced event for Wizards of the Coast to show off new MtG sets. Show Page


18 Games ...and Counting
James and Paul host this experiment in streaming: Every Thursday at 9AM local time, they’re going to make note of whatever game is #18 on Twitch’s “Browse” directory… then at 11AM local time, they’re going to play that game, whatever it may be! Show Page
A Swiftly Tilting Cameron
As far as Cam is concerned, there is one correct difficulty for strategy games: punishing. Whether it’s “hardcore”, or “extreme”, or “iron man”, you’re not doing it right if your entire squad isn’t one bad roll away from paving the save file and starting over. Show Page
Adam's Gamehaüs
Adam’s enthusiasm for gaming is infectious and his stream is a blast to watch because of it. Some days it’s hard to pull him offline, since he routinely streams for many hours at a time. Action games, RPGs, shooters, the Gamehaüs has it all! Show Page
Beej's Backlog
Beej has a pile of Nintendo-console crap he’s been meaning to get to — some of it dating back to the SNES — and you’re going to watch him grind through it, even if it kills both of you. Also, you’re going to like it because Beej is a funny guy. Show Page
Games of Chance
Every week, at the end of an episode James and Paul will name a genre of game for next week. People can submit nominations at lrr.gg/goc. They will then make a short list of 6 games, and roll a dice to choose one. Show Page
Graham & Paul Let's Play (GPLP)
Graham & Paul bring their Unskippable sensibilities to GPLP, mercilessly riffing on all games, good and bad (but mostly bad). If you’ve ever wanted to see two men constantly disappointed on a deep, personal level by bad combat mechanics and interminable cutscenes, this is the place. Show Page
Heather's Handhelds
Sure, other streams dabble with handheld gaming from time to time, but to Heather a mobile console is serious business. Join her as she introduces you (and co-host Kathleen) to some of her handheld favourites, new and old. Show Page
House of Stark
There are many games that Graham wants to play and mock, but he can’t really validate the personal time to do so because they’re awful. Luckily for you, the knowledge that you’ll be sharing the “experience” with him is exactly the excuse he needs to work through his hit list. Show Page
I, Horner
Join Ian, a master of ephemera, for an adventure in the obscure. It could be an import game that never got across the Pacific, or just a game that never got fair dues in its day, either way, iHorner will guide you. Show Page
Watching Alex play games is its own pastime. Look forward to Minecraft shenanigans and nutty adventure maps, “Let’s NOPE!” survival horror playthroughs, FPS games with mods you’ve never heard of, and maybe even game genres Alex hasn’t played before… You won’t be disappointed. Show Page
Kathleen Saves the World
JRPGs are usually awful. But sometimes they are… less bad, and once in a while, there is one that is actually excellent. Wherever a JRPG falls on Kathleen’s proprietary quality scale (from “this is an abomination unto gaming” or “I will prod you with a stick until you put it in your eyes”), she loves these turn-based delights with a fervor that verges on addiction. Join her as she plays and discusses JRPGs new and old, everything from Shin Megami Tensei to Final Fantasy. Show Page
Matters of Import
Join resident Japan… “experts” Beej and Ian as they fumble their way through an untranslated import game, and discuss the game’s culture and trivia along the way. (Games might not always be Japanese, but mostly). Show Page
NewDay TewsDay
Tuesday is traditionally the day for new video game releases, so every Tuesday a rotating host—or hosts—will play whatever recently released game they’re excited about! Show Page
Now Kiss!
In this show, Kathleen and a rotating special guest host take a look at dating simulators. At the end of each episode, the Twitch audience gets to vote on the game for the following week, Tinder style: Swipe left to try a different game, swipe right to keep playing the current one. Show Page
The Book of Passwords
When Jer was a kid, he wasn’t allowed to have an NES. Instead, he had to go over to friends’ houses to get his game fix. Gaming was social, full of controller-passing, catridge-cleaning and password scrawling. Join Jer—and a rotating co-host—every week as they dig up, play and reminisce about their favourite games of all time. Show Page
The Crapshoot
Join the LRR crew as they write, record and edit a Crapshot. Show Page
Things on my Stream
Paul rides solo as he hangs out with the chatroom, and shares games he loves. Action, strategy, point-and-click adventure titles: all these things are on Paul's stream. Show Page
Video Games with Video James
James is a man of many skills, and one that he plans to master is Minecraft. He’s going to play other games too but… he’s really into Minecraft, you guys. He’s even going to get the other LRR crew to play with him on a special server, and you can join in too! Show Page

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