List of Forum Ranks Issued

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This page is a list of all the forum ranks issued to LoadingReadyRun forum members.

User Rank UID
Graham Super Moderator 3
Kathleen LRR Crew 4
Morgan LRR Crew 6
Matt LRR Crew 16
Allen! Uwe Boll Fanboy 18
Bill LRR Crew 27
Jer LRR Crew 29
James LRR Crew 31
Tensen01 Sketchasaurus Rex 98
Captain_Anarchy FOOLED YOU!!! 150
Paul Super Moderator 213
Lord Chrusher Can't Drink Possible Beers 224
Kneuronak Doink 347
AmazingPjotrMan ...and all I got was this lousy rank. 353
dark_realm Aussie Auto Annihilator 394
Lavos Lavos 404
NiceMiss The Chosen 671
NecroVale Card-Carrying Cool Person 792
Melendwyr Grand Wiki Theodore 971
Emma CAPS LOCK! 1280
Master Gunner Defending us from The Dutch! 1297
Lacerta Affable Marmot 1360
eiopqrtuwy Smartest SpamBot Ever 1368
Misty The Goddamn Batman 1413
blackdragontaz The Goddamn Batman 1563
StoneageRocker Ret-con'd: Correct 1734
CyberTractor Member of Alpha Flight 1866
Sable The Master Chef 1873
Alja-Markir Trebuchet Enthusiast (Formerly "Will One Day Get a Rank") 1885
Anachronism Ret-con'd: Incorrect 1892
Corax Hangleyman 1921
tak197 Feito Com Fruta 1937
Wingedcheif The Goddamn Batman 1955
Pretzelcoatl The Feathered Pretzel 1963
_=Nate the Great=_ Or should I say, Nate the So So. 1972
jtaylor ASCII Ninja 1980
holygiblets Can't Be Arsed 1990
Cake Magically Delicious 2069
florn It's Over 2000!!! 2173
Tim Proudfoot 2340
AlexanderDitto Better Than the First Alexander 2377
JohnyMcmuffin THERE'S Waldo! 2432
AeroCmdr Requires Additional Pylons 2451
King Kool Quality and Quantity 2476
Smeghead Bear Hunter S 2634
Aztec Cowboy Mafia The Man With Human Flesh (Owed, 16 Nov 08 LRRcast) 3013
AfroJ The Man 3167
Nevrmore Supreme Testicle Manager 3210
kikkas Better Than Hallmark 4835
Kroze Filled with Regret 1961