Leon's Grate Adventule

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Title for Leon's Grate Adventule

Leon's Grate Adventule was a film project by brothers Alex and Raymond Steacy. It features Leon using his "Jus-tise" powers to seek revenge against the evil Chaos and his assassins. It was submitted to their high school film festival in 2001, where it was rejected for its violent and inappropriate content.

The sequel, Leon's Grate Adventule 2, was made in in 2005. Taking place three years later, trouble finds Leon and he must summon his "Jus-tise" again.

Both Leon's Grate Adventules were shot with action figures in place of actors. The cast lists the characters as played by the action figures, E.G., super Leon is played by a Kenshiro action figure from Fist of the North Star. The plot is deliberately nonsensical and all signs are full of typos, most commonly switching R's and L's as in the title.

The sound design in Leon's Grate Adventule is reminiscent of the style Alex would bring he would edit for LRR such as Extreme Battle Challenge and The Return of the Bill.

Leon's Grate Adventule 2 is on Alex's personal Youtube here. It's predecessor is not online.