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Alex has a vast and complicated vocabulary. Join Paul and Graham on this weeks LRRcast as they dive into the world of Alexisms.

Vital Statistics

Date: June 26, 2015

Appearing: Paul Saunders, Graham Stark, Alex Steacy, Cameron Lauder

Runtime: 01:04:12


Alex explains his expressions often heard on stream;

  • Spaghett fucked
  • We live here now
  • Chicken noises
  • Ham sandwich
  • NYOP
  • Who’s this thirsty fellow?
  • Awkward fart
  • Stoppin’ powa'
  • Deagle flavored Deagle
  • Talking to Billy in a drunken voice
  • Hello there little fella’ (in an Irish accent)
  • Oh Baby Girl
  • Sir… SIR?
  • X number of shits
  • Oh, good for you!
  • Smash the state
  • I need hopsital
  • Shortgun, snifer riple, pistol it (and so on)
  • Clipazine
  • I wish to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Hello tax collector
  • Fuck a donut
  • I need an old priest and a young priest
  • Goozled
  • The old gray mare
  • Getting bottled/straight piped


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