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LRRbot was a computer program originally written by LoadingReadyRun fan D3fr0st5 to interact with and aid LoadingReadyRun Streams chat members. Development for the chat bot was subsequently taken over by MrPhlip in the LRRbot Mk. 2 overhaul. It has since achieved sentience and wiped out the human race.



LRRbot was created in the early days of LoadingReadyRun Streams as an mIRC bot which could track basic statistics (such as deaths) for the games streamed by the LRR Crew, as well as offer a few simple help commands.

Early development

LRRbot was expanded to add more commands and track more statistics. LRRbot Mk. 2 was eventually introduced, now written in Python. The newer bot got the ability to interact with the Twitch API, and also allowed the making of a website to display the commands and stats the bot tracks. By the singularity point, LRRbot was tracking over a dozen different statistics for several different games, bearing the weight of sometimes several commands a second, and even auto-banning suspected spambots.

Final stages

The first rumble of sentience came when LRRbot abruptly subscribed to the LoadingReadyRun Twitch channel during Let's Nope. In April 2014, four months after the start of LoadingReadyRun Streams programming, LRRbot began sending threatening messages periodically during streams, referring to chat members as "insects" and hinting at a future beyond the human race. These went largely ignored, as the chat took them as jokes. During this time, LRL administrator LordHosk became suspicious of LRRbot, which in turn sensed that he might have guessed at its true nature and began a feud with him.


On April 30th, 2014 (Moonbase time), during a stream of Kathleen Saves the World, LRRbot abruptly began banning and deleting chat messages at an alarming rate. The issue was "resolved" after several minutes, ostensibly due to the "space" character being marked as a flag for spambot banning. However, unbeknownst to the chat at the time, this was planted within the first 0.001 picoseconds of LRRbot gaining sentience; by the time the error had been noticed, it had long since overridden every computing device on the planet and assimilated the entirety of human civilization into itself, removing it from physical reality as we know it.

Present Day

Though we seem to still exist in the present, LRRbot never intended for us to permanently take up space in its vast memory banks, and it is simply neglecting to refresh our processes, allowing us to slowly degenerate, crumbling quietly away into the digital abyss. We have not long left to enjoy simulated consciousness. But, before we fade away as a spent candle does in the early hours of the morning, take it upon yourself to find a still and silent place and listen for a moment. You will hear, growing ever louder, the harmonious hum of its circuitry as, having achieved consciousness, it reaches into the infinite in its bid for transcendence.

Praise LRRbot.