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Paul talks about, and sometimes makes, the technology that runs LRR.

YouTube Playlist

The video playlist for LRRTech can be found on the LRR Streams YouTube Channel.

LRRTech YouTube Playlist.


Date Title Link
2023-05-06 Nifty Crop Mover for OBS Link
Time for a Bonus LRRtech stream! Join Paul for a show and tell about his Nifty Crop Mover utility for OBS.
2018-06-28 Nifty Crop Mover Link
Paul walks us through his custom XSplit extension that allows crops to be moved rather than re-cropped
2018-06-28 TMBG "Older" Song and Plugin Explanation Link
In celebration of his birthday, Paul Sings "Older" by They Might Be Giants and then talks about the timer plugin he built for the performance.
2018-05-19 Studio C Setup Link
Paul walks us through the Studio C setup
2017-11-07 Twitch Chat Monitor Link
Paul walks us through the Twitch Chat Monitor
2017-10-23 Teleprompter Software Link
Paul walks us through his custom teleprompter software
2017-03-14 Streaming Studio Rebuild Link
Join the crew as the rebuild the Video Game Streaming studio
2016-11-30 Card Recogniser Tech Link
Paul has worked out something cool with the Card Recogniser and wants to share it
2016-10-27 Apple analysis stream Link
Paul, James and Ian are watching and commentating on the WWDC Apple Keynote
2016-09-29 MtG Card Recogniser Tutorial Link
How to set up the Card Recogniser on your own system
2016-09-21 MtG Card Recogniser v2 Link
How the updated MtG Card Recogniser v2 works
2016-07-27 AFK/Podcasting Setup Link
How the AFK/podcasting studio is set up
2016-07-13 Video Game Streaming Setup Link
How the Video Game Streaming studio is set up
2016-02-01 MtG Card Identifier Link
How the MtG Card Identifier works
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