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Paul talks about, and sometimes makes, the technology that runs LRR.


Date Title Link
2018-06-28 Nifty Crop Mover Link
Paul walks us through his custom XSplit extension that allows crops to be moved rather than re-cropped
2018-05-19 Studio C Setup Link
Paul walks us through the Studio C setup
2017-11-07 Twitch Chat Monitor Link
Paul walks us through the Twitch Chat Monitor
2017-10-23 Teleprompter Software Link
Paul walks us through his custom teleprompter software
2017-03-14 Streaming Studio Rebuild Link
Join the crew as the rebuild the Video Game Streaming studio
2016-11-30 Card Recogniser Tech Link
Paul has worked out something cool with the Card Recogniser and wants to share it
2016-10-27 Apple analysis stream Link
Paul, James and Ian are watching and commentating on the WWDC Apple Keynote
2016-09-29 MtG Card Recogniser Tutorial Link
How to set up the Card Recogniser on your own system
2016-09-21 MtG Card Recogniser v2 Link
How the updated MtG Card Recogniser v2 works
2016-07-27 AFK/Podcasting Setup Link
How the AFK/podcasting studio is set up
2016-07-13 Video Game Streaming Setup Link
How the Video Game Streaming studio is set up
2016-02-21 MtG Card Identifier Link
How the MtG Card Identifier works
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