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Transcript for Krogslist.


{Scene opens with caveman Graham sitting on a rock, scraping stones together. Caveman Beej walks up to him}

Torg (Beej): Hello Krog. Me need pelt; old one have hole.

Krog (Graham): Oh, me sorry Torg, pelts all gone.

Torg: All pelts?

Krog: Yes. Krog trade them for food and stone with shiny speckles.

{Both admire the speckled stone}

Torg: But Krog always give pelts to rest of village. Why you trade them?

Krog: Hunting and skinning hard work. Krog decide need consideration for time.

Torg: How villagers know trade for pelts? Torg not know.

Krog: Torg need pay attention. Me invent Krogslist: Selection of pelts anyone can look at. Save Krog the work.

Torg: How rest of village supposed to read list?

Krog: Krog put list up on net.

{As Krog points to the net, the camera pans toward it}

Torg: AAH! You put stuff on Torg's fishing net!

Krog: Torg not use net.

Torg: Not matter! Is Torg's net, not Krog's net! Even though you say: Krogslist, is Krog's list on Torg's net!

Krog: Krog trade for use Torg's net. Here, have stone with shiny speckles; worth two pelts.

Torg: Why give stone? Why not give two pelts?

Krog: Krog entrepreneur.

Torg: What that mean?

Krog: Me don't know. Krog don't speak French.

Torg: Herc!

{Scene shows caveman Alex walking by with an animal leg}

Torg: Look, Krog ruin Torg's net with list. Net useless now.

Herc (Alex): Krog ruin net, but Krog also invent written word, thousands of years before Sumerians. That not nothing.

Krog: Yeah, Krog pretty proud of that one. Me even disrupt newspaper industry before it exist.

Torg: Torg not understand words: News, paper or industry.

Krog: Look, Krogslist already very popular. Villagers use it for own things, all fiber maxed out.

{Torg grabs one of the notes on the net}

Torg: {Reading} Want trade to you: pointed stick, hardly used, good for kill mammoth.

Krog: Mm-hmm. Look at that one.

Torg: {Reading} You: Pretty lady at fire pit. Me: Man carry bison skull. Glance each other ove fat-rendering pot. Look in eyes from horrible stench of bison or something more?

Krog: Krog think pretty cool. People meet better now.

Torg: What this one? {Reading} Open-minded 18 year old girls wanted for artistic film project.

Krog: Yeah, Krog not understand that one either.

{Krog joins Torg at the net and hands him a note}

Krog: Look Torg. This one good for you.

Torg: {Reading} Me trade pelts. Trade two pelts for shiny stone. Three pelts for mammoth heart, no early birds.

Krog: No one ever want Krog's birds.

Torg: Me still mad you use Torg's net! It principle of thing.

Krog: Torg never use net. Torg not hunt, only gather. Torg crap at hunt!

Torg: Well what you expect me do with net!

Krog: Try trade net on Krogslist.

Torg: But where Krogslist go if Torg trade net?

{Krog looks at net}

Krog: Look it not perfect system.


Krog: Ooh, Krog have idea for use early birds.

Torg: What that?

Krog: Use bird's tweeting, tell people what Krog doing!

Torg: How? Bird no talk.

Krog: Watch.

{Krog throws bird at Herc. Herc is surprised as bird hits him}

Krog: {To Herc across the field} Krog having mammoth for first meal! Look at mammoth Krog eating!