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Korea is a webcomic drawn by Kathleen. Set in Christchurch, in Kathleen's native New Zealand, it features the adventures of a pair of convenience store employees and their friends. "Black humor, capers, philosophy, douche-baggery, and less ass."


Korea is set in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. Most of the comics occur in and around the convenience store that Quinn and Trevor work at.


Quinn El-Azmi

Curmudgeonly, irritable and generally unpleasant, Quinn is the assistant manger of a Bee Mart dairy. At 25 , he has dropped out of university has no appreciable plans to anything except pop out to the chemists and buy some smokes. Quinn is self destructive, depressed and quite possible alcoholic. He would be a goth if it was not so much work.

Jane Cheng

Jane is short cruel and bossy . She is just finishing up her masters in economics, but is thinking about converting to a PhD simply to avoid getting into the real world. She is a younger than Quinn because she skipped a grade when she moved from Singapore. She loves British music and has a small shrine to Damon Albam hidden in her closet.

Trevor Ramirez

Everyone knowns someone like Trevor - he's loud sarcastic and obnoxious. Obsessed adding more notches to his headboard, he is always chasing tail and trying to get girls to take up his offers of free bedtime aerobics classes. His moral compass may point south but he's still a likable guy.

Emma Davison

Emma is 20 years old, in love with Elliott Smith and very idealistic. She is very tall and has an ... interesting take on personal style. The bigger, the clunker, the better in her mind. Emma is secretly looking forward to being 40 years old and wandering around in caftans and large sunglasses.

Eric Pendergast

Eric has lofty dreams and knowns a lot about writing yet he is not terribly motivated. He prefers to live in his head and when real life does not measure up to his expectations he gets discouraged or very rarely cranky. Eric has secret crushes on Emma, 1978 Debbie Harry and Kari Byron.


It all starts with a suicide...

The repercussions of the suicide of a delivery boy in the store. Quinn, Jane and Trevor introduced.

Rhino Sweat Adventure

To help deal with Quinn's depression, Trevor plans to steal some rhino sweat. Only problem is that rhinos do not sweat.

Come Dance With Me

Emma moves away from the farm to the big city, moving into a flat about the Bee Mart. Eric and Emma introduced.

Quinn's Very Bad Day

Quinn tries to kill himself. Eric follows Emma to Christchurch.

We are full of Good Ideas

The five main characters go on vacation and visit the Ranforly and its Art Deco festival. Everyone dresses up in 1920's clothes and gets drunk. Eric meets a girl, Penelope, and they find a broach that a drunken Jane earlier dropped. Trever and Quinn and dragooned into returning the broach which results them being beat up and Quinn falling off a roof, hurting his back. Jane finally attempts to take the broach back herself before learning it was from Penelope family that she originally borrowed the broach.