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Transcript for Killer Instinct.

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{Scene opens with Tally entering her dark house, and turning on the lights}.

Ken (Graham): Ah!

Michelle (Tally): Oh!

Ken: You startled me!

Michelle: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

Ken: No that's fine, I'm sorry I jumped.

Michelle: No no, my fault. Uhm, I have to ask...

Ken: {Looking at bloody knife} Oh right. I guess... {Pans to dead body (Paul)} I guess you would be wondering.

Michelle: Uh-huh. Did... did you kill my husband?

Ken: Uhm. I did a bit, yes.

Michelle: Oh.

Ken: Sorry about that.

Michelle: Well I should hope so, I mean, it's pretty galling if nothing else.

Ken: Yeah, no no, I completely appreciate that. I suppose I should, uhm... Well to start off, my name is Ken.

Michelle: Michelle. {Reaches for handshake}.

Ken: {Looking at bloody knife} Yeah I would, but... Ken, right, and I used to work for your husband over at the plant, but he laid me off last week.

Both: Recession.

Ken: So, uhm, well, murder, really.

Michelle: Revenge. No, it does make sense.

Ken: Yeah.

Michelle: {Looking at dead dog} Is that Sergeant Furface?

Ken: Oh, is that his name?

Michelle: Uh-huh.

Ken: Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, I was afraid he might raise an alarm, you know, so...

Michelle: Right.

Ken: It's my first time, obviously.

Michelle: Is it?

Ken: Oh goodness yes, I'm not a serial or anything.

Michelle: Oh. Well, it seems to have gone rather well.

Ken: All in all, yeah, yeah, obviously I hadn't planned on you seeing this, so I'm sorry. I imagine it's pretty unpleasant.

Michelle: Yeah, well, he is the father of my children.

Ken: Oh. About that... Were they upstairs?

Michelle: No, they're still in the car.

Ken: Oh, phew! Sorry, I came in the upstairs window. And, all the adrenaline, blacked out. I was afraid that maybe I'd... {mimicking stabbing}. But anyway, it doesn't matter now, so...

Michelle: Yeah, no, uhm. My mother should be upstairs, but...

Ken: Oh yes. She was actually already dead when I got here.

Michelle: {sighs} Of course.

Ken: Yeah. I'm really sorry. I know how it could be to lose a loved one.

Michelle: Well, you know. She was not well, it was probably her time to go.

Ken: Everyone has a time, right?

Michelle: Right, right.

Ken: Yeah. Well, I feel just awful about this. Can I at least help you clean all this up?

Michelle: No no no no, you know, I should probably let the police do that.

Ken: Yes, right, the police.

Michelle: {Looking around} This isn't my house.

Ken: What?

Michelle: Oh. I do this all the time. It's because we live in a development, all the houses look the same. Same layout, you know?

Ken: But you are Mrs. Sanderson, Bill Sanderson's wife?

Michelle: Oh yeah, yeah.

Ken: Well then who... And what about... {sighs} First time, right?

Michelle: Right, right.

Ken: Oh wow. So you live..?

Michelle: Next door.

Ken: Next door! Oh. And would Bill be home at this time?

Michelle: He should be.

Ken: Really? Wow, okay. Well, great to meet you, but I really should, uhm... Yeah {Runs away}.

Michelle: Hmm. {Realizing} Oh! {Leaves}