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Date of Birth: Circa. 2003
Duties: Cat
First Appearance: The Gay Chicken (17 May 2010)
Last Appearance: Friday Nights: Fantasy Pro Tour (28 July 2017)
Desert Bus
Only Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 7 (16 November 2013)
This cat's a jerk sometimes.
- Graham during a LRRcast

Khaavren was one of Kathleen's cats - a male tabby Maine Coon that was abandoned as a kitten. In the tradition of Kathleen never naming any of her cats herself, her then-boyfriend named the cat after a character in the Khaavren Romances by Steven Brust.

Kathleen has described him as "a loveable, but entitled little shit."

Graham announced his passing on 16th October 2020, from kidney trouble at the age of 17 (he'd been receiving daily injections for several months).


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