Kebabs, Capybaras and Cows

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Some day Alex and Jeremy will manage to stay on topic, and that episode will be the exception that proves the rule.

Vital Statistics

Gary, the fourth grade teacher next door.

Date: August 24, 2011

Category: Feed Dump

Host: Graham Stark

Cohosts: Jeremy Petter, Alex Steacy

Editing: Graham Stark


  • Jeremy can't quit Phailhaüs.
  • News Word of the Week: News
    • No, seriously. It's not a word with "News" overlaid. It's actually just, "News."
    • We are talking about news.
  • The mayor of Citadela (a town in northern Italy) has banned selling kebabs because they smell.
  • A Ukranian zookeeper plans to spend 5 weeks in a lion enclosure to raise funds for the zoo.
  • The police in Idaho Falls, Idaho have asked a man to stop wearing a bunny suit.
  • Is it playable? Is it not? Let's ask Jer and Paul/Alex!
    • South American capybara spotted at a waste water treatment facility in California
  • A man in Texas who broke into someone's house and tried to suck her blood was found cowering in a parking lot and claimed to be a 500-year-old vampire.



Shots with Hats: 10.45%.

Shots with Wigs: 8.96%.

Shots with Prescription Eyewear: 37.31%.

Shots with Other Eyewear: 2.99%.

Shots with Hatless: 49.25%.

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