June 2 2006 LRRcast

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Graham, Kathleen & Paul, bears, Digital Devil Saga, Hell, writing styles, selling out.

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: OMG! Bears!

Date: June 23, 2006

LRRcasters: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, Paul Saunders

Runtime: 29:50


First half recorded with Kathleen in Chetwynd, second with Paul in Victoria.

For clarification, Kathleen wasn't stoned last week. She just thinks Graham is hilarious, and also wants him to be a wizard.

OMG Bears was written in a Vancouver bus station, based on Kathleen's real fear of bears. In related news, Kathleen almost hit a bear on her way home from work at a gas plant.

Paul's theory - all creatures should make the sound of their name.

Talking about how ideas build off of each other. Graham came up with lines about "kung fu your ass", bear in a firefight. Graham came up with idea for - Bear Bear Bear and Grr, Kathleen came up with slogan "Need legal advice/horrible mauling?"

More discussion of Chetwynd.

Newsroom bit was shot at the same time as the one for Underpantaloons. So much foresight and planning!

Talking about video games is officially a new segment called What We're Playing Now.

Part 2 - now with Paul

Hell, Michigan is having a big party for evil's birthday (June 6, 2006). Discussion on towns that change their name for marketing purposes - why not change from Hell to anything else? "Come visit beautiful Hell, not as hot as you think!"

Graham also has evil's birthday.

Pretty positive reaction to OMG Bears!

LoadingReadyRun now has a Wikipedia page, started by Random on the forums. Contains awards won, some trivia. Looks like a real Wikipedia page! Use Wikipedia a lot as a resource, particularly for Story Guy.

Season 2 DVD update is coming sooner than last mentioned. DVDs printed, working on covers and inserts. Every DVD will come with authentic Graham sweat.

This week's video will have a change. Bought out by MTV? Wouldn't be so bad. Paul and Graham would totally sell out for a million dollars, but with standards. Wouldn't sell out to fascists, mostly because they probably wouldn't want funny videos.

Ideal - for someone to come and give them money to keep doing what they're doing. Send an email (or money!)

Potential new slogan: LoadingReadyRun - it's kinda neat

What We're Playing Now

Kathleen - Digital Devil Saga - part of Shin Megami Tensei series. Explanation of gameplay - heavy strategery. Awesome battle system, very fun. Likes to pair groups of enemies that have different weaknesses and strength. Good story, very interesting, very strange. A++ Not easily available, but worth playing.

Graham - nothing mentioned.


This is the first official instance of What We're Playing Now.

The change mentioned in the podcast was that videos would be posted in HD.

Graham and Paul's ideal solution of having people pay them to keep doing what they do seems prophetic in light of the Kickstarter 8 years later.

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