June 23 2006 LRRcast

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Graham, Paul, Morgan, Matt & Lissette, laundry, G's messy room, Rapidfire, facial hair, Mario Bros, Tomb Raider, DotA, VG carpal tunnel, Mario 64 dissin', Casino Royale, being "mellow", going overtime.

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: Rapidfire: Episode 1

Date: July 14, 2006

LRRcasters: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Morgan vanHumbeck, Matt Wiggins, Lissette Arevalo

Runtime: 37:50


Graham's room might be a little messy. Discussion on clutter, laundry habits.

Paul lives on street level, is routinely part of Tally-Ho carriage tour while going out to do laundry. Lissette is afraid of laundry shed, tormented by Bill.

Rapidfire is a series in the vein of Little Britian, the Fast Show.

Same characters will be coming back in upcoming episodes, will somewhat develop.

Had to film all segments at once because of particular setups, particularly Antiques "Street" show part. Lots of pre-planning.

So much of the process was improv - took concept and made it work on the spot, discussion of detective skits.

Videos will progressively get better because you will know the characters, and the cast got more into the characters. Also, characters get more extreme.

For Antique bit, cast made up their own backstory. One-up-man-ship very apparent for backstories at the series goes on.

Each episode will have one thing through it to tie it all together - clown joke this time.

New camera is not discreet for filming on buses.

Needed to do many different characters, Graham shaved in order to more easily switch characters.

Discussion of male casts ability to grow facial hair, discussion of what Paul looks like without goatee.

Discussion of ugly new James Bond in Casino Royale, Bond movies in general.

Bill has carpal tunnel from playing DotA, Jer was banned from using D-pad fighting games because of carpal tunnel.

Discussion of history of game system ownership.

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What We're Playing Now

Graham - 2 player Super Mario Bros. on DS with James.

Paul - Tomb Raider Legend (not Angel of Darkness). Very good, fun game. Similar to Prince of Persia games but with guns. Has brutally killed more people in Tomb Raider than in Hitman. Hitman more virtuous than Lara Croft, she just kills people that get in her way.

Morgan - the greatest game of DotA anyone has ever played since the dawn of time (if you were on Morgan's team). XG3 racing.

Matt - New Super Mario Bros., WoW (playing WoW until further notice).

Lissette - the original Super Mario Bros.


NES cartridge in video was Bad Dudes

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