June 16 2006 LRRcast

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Graham, Paul, Matt & Morgan, Life is Like a Video, more Hitman, WoW, human pachinko, off-topic, DS Lite, Matt's VG collection, Tokyo Drift, Nacho Libre, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: Life is Like a Movie

Date: July 7, 2006

LRRcasters: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Matt Wiggins, Morgan vanHumbeck

Runtime: 31:32


Morgan is wearing a loud argyle hat, has become addicted to argyle.

Everything in the video is a simile, not a metaphor, but metaphor sounds better. First video shot with new camera, shot just prior to Now in HD!. Triumph of lapel mic - could barely hear each other at the fair but the mic picked everything up fine. Weren't actually lying in the grass in the middle of the fair, it would have been messy.

Matt got to run "boom", the lapel mic hanging off of a bamboo lattice. Had to be the tripod later that night for Now in HD.

Morgan was constantly drinking caramel tea during the shoot because his throat was hurting.

Cast notices that they didn't have trouble with the longer lines in this video, even though they frequently have to redo shorter takes for other videos. Graham suggests that maybe the difference is that it's easier to do back and forth banter rather than longer individual lines.

Discussion of carnival rides and prizes. Sperm hat? Same hat as one worn in year one retrospective, originally came from same fair last year.

Discussion of Fast and Furious movies, drifters. Other movie talk - Thank You for Smoking, Nacho Libre.

Big Announcement - This year at Victoria Fringe Festival, LoadingReadyRun will be presenting LoadingReadyLIVE!. A lot of new material, all of it is really good. New song by 64K, new song by Andrew Cownden. Will be recorded and released on DVD.

Matt is the Goldilocks of actors.

What We're Playing Now

Paul - still playing Hitman. Trying to get better and make everyone's death in the game an accident. Would like to play enormous game of pachinko with live people. Matt and Graham mention that this actually exists in Most Extreme Challenge.

Morgan - watching Graham play Hitman. Every mission degenerates into sneaking, messing up, and shooting everyone. Thorough approach. Also playing punching Matt for playing WoW. Also, punching Bill for playing WoW. For real, playing DotA, Graham's copy of Burnout.

Graham - Hitman. Over 100 kills in Mardi Gras level (not very subtle). Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, New Super Mario Bros. on his new DSLite.

Matt - WoW. Lots and lots and lots. No one is surprised. Just dinged 29. Quarterly game of Super Metroid (greatest game ever made). Discussion of other Metroid games.


Matt owns 37 unopened video games.

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