January 4 2007 LRRcast

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We chat about a couple videos, learn what we are playing now and we answer more of your questions

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: Three PS3s, It's a Wonderful Game, Ways to Get in Shape

Date: January 4, 2007

LRRcasters: James Turner, Matt Wiggins, Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Bill Watt, Morgan vanHumbeck

Runtime: 1:04:33


They discuss the three videos of the 2006 holiday season. They discuss getting three PS3s to shoot with, filming outdoors, a Morgan-less Whatever Thing, and Kathleen's opinion of Fat Graham. James briefly claims to be gay.

What We're Playing Now

  • Graham: RealMyst for Mac, Super Swing Golf for Wii, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis and 'watching Kathleen play FF12 for the past week."
  • Paul: Break Quest (it's hard to hear him) and The Dig. He intends to play Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
  • James: Gears of War, Rainbow six: Vegas, Bejeweled, Guitar Hero, FF12, WOW, DOTA...
  • Bill: WOW (specifically Battlegrounds)
  • Morgan: DOTA and all the games that come with his cell-phone.
  • Matt: DOTA, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Zelda: Minish Cap, FFIII.


January 4 2007 AskLRR


  • This is the first podcast of 2007.
  • James has his laptop back.
  • Paul's hand has healed.
  • Bill's not hung over.
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