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James Turner
James Turner
James' About Page Picture
Date of Birth: October 26, 1983
Family: Ashley Turner (wife), Neil Turner (father), Bobbi Turner (mother), one sister, one niece, one cousin
Duties: Actor, Producer, Editor, Merch
First Appearance: Tennis (24 October 2003)
Last Appearance: Crapshots Ep.654 - The Throwback (5 November 2019)
Recurring Characters: The Guy Who Is Super, Officer Rodriguez
Desert Bus
First Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 1 (22 November 2007)
Last Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 2019 (8 November 2019)
Website: Slide to Unlock, 12 BOOKS 52 MOVIES 365 SONGS, Trombone Toss
Twitter: @James_LRR
Mastodon: @James_LRR@mastodon.social
James gets stuff done.
- Kathleen De Vere

James A. Turner was born October 26, 1983. He first appeared on LoadingReadyRun with the video Tennis. He is in charge of uploading and editing the LRRCasts and the Iron Stomach Challenge videos.

He is the former roommate of Adam and Duncan Hauser. He currently lives in a condo with his wife Ashley Allman. According to the LRRcast for Santa Rings Questionable Death, he kills hobos professionally.

As a result of Operation: Kill James during Desert Bus for Hope 3 (in which James promised to drive the bus for twelve straight hours), James was the first LRR crewmember (and likely one of the only people in the entire world) to get a point in Desert Bus all by himself. Morgan and Jer both achieved this during Desert Bus for Hope 4. Having covered 20 additional hours at the end of Desert Bus 4, and thirty additional hours during Desert Bus for Hope 5, he is almost certainly the most well-driven Desert Bus player in the world, an accolade he is satisfied with.

James got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Ashley Allman, sometime after Desert Bus for Hope 6. They married in April 12th, 2014.

James as Nerf Gun Bongo


  • He is a sensible guy.
  • Excluding himself, he has had the most family members appear in LRR related media with 4.
    • However, for just the weekly LRR updates, he is tied with Graham with 3.
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